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The Ultimate Christmas Survey

Updated on January 22, 2015

Love Christmas? Hate Christmas? Sound Off About Christmas Here!

Christmas is coming!

For many, it's their favorite time of the year: the gifts, the food, the music, the spirit of the season. What do you love most about Christmastime? What are your favorite Christmas traditions, and how do you feel about various aspects of the holiday? Here's your chance to have a little fun and share your opinions on all aspects of the holiday: what you love, what you perhaps hate, what you might wish is different for Christmas in the future. Most questions are simple multiple choices, although there are a few debates you can join and places to expand on your opinions as well. There are 50 questions in all - for now, although I may add additional questions in the future.

So jump in and see how your opinions about Christmas match up with those of everyone else!

General Christmas Questions

1. Do You Celebrate Christmas? - The Most Basic Christmas Question of All!

Of course, let's start with the basics. Is Christmas a holiday that is celebrated and marked by you and your family, or not? (Obviously if it isn't, most of the rest of this survey won't apply to you!

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2. Is Christmas the Best Holiday of the Year? - Christmas vs. Other Holidays

For many, Christmas is the best day of the year - and Christmastime the best season. But what do you think? Is it your favorite or do you enjoy another holiday more? Is Christmas your favorite holiday

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3. Christmas vs. Halloween - Which Holiday Do You Love More?

Probably the second most popular holiday next to Christmas is Halloween - and it is a holiday some people love even more, for various reasons. But what do you think? Is the "Spooky Season" better than "Tis the Season"? Would you rather carve Jack-o-lanterns than decorate a Christmas tree? Join the debate here!

Which holiday is better: Christmas or Halloween?


4. What Is Your Favorte Thing About Christmas? - The Gifts, The Food, The Spirit...What Means the Most To You?

What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season?

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5. Christmas Music - How Do You Feel About Christmas Music?

Every winter, it seems the radio stations are taken over with Christmas music. It's everywhere you go. Do you love it, hate it, or think it's just okay?

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Popular singer Michael Buble will treat fans this season with his renditions of Christmas classics, as well as a new original song, "Cold December Night".

Christmas In Diverse City
Christmas In Diverse City

This release is TobyMac's first Christmas album in 10 years and should be a truly exciting one. Blendig rock, pop, hip-hop and soul in his uniquely diverse sound, this will definitely be an album you'll be hearing a lot of this season.


6. Christmas Caroling - Do You Enjoy This Christmas Tradition?

Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?

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7. Christmas Eve Traditions - Twas the Night Before Christmas...and what are YOU likely to be doing?

How do you typically spend your Christmas Eve?

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8. Christmas Mass - Religion and Christmas

Does your Christmas celebrations involve religious traditions and observances? Do you go to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve (Midnight Mass)?

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9. Travel for Christmas - Would You Ever Get Away From It All for Christmas?

Do you always spend Christmas at home with family, or have you ever traveled somewhere far from home for the holidays?

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Great Christmas Travel Destinations
Most of us think of Christmas as a holiday to spend time at home with family. But have you ever thought of traveling somewhere special for Christmas? There a...


10. Christmas Stress and Strife - Coping With Holiday Stress

While Christmas is supposed to be about enjoying peace and love and celebrating good times with loved ones, sometimes it can be very stressful as well. Arguments over who goes to whose house, what gif

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11. Santa Claus - Is Santa Claus Coming to Your House This Christmas?

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

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12. Christmas Cards - You've Got (Christmas) Mail!

Do you send Christmas cards?

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13. Least Favorite Thing About Christmas - Because Not Everything About Christmas is Always Jolly

What's your least favorite thing about Christmas?

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14. A Working Christmas - When You Can't Take a Break - Even on Christmas

Have you ever had to work on Christmas Day?

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15. Solitary Christmas - Does It Make for a Blue Christmas?

Have you ever had to spend Christmas alone?

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16. Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays - The Controvery Continues

Some say it's not right to greet people with "Merry Christmas!" if you don't know what religious they are. But do you think it's too "politically correct" to not be allowed to say it in work and other

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Christmas Food and Eating

17. What Is Your Traditional Christmas Dinner? - What Will Be On Your Table?

For many, Christmas dinner is an important tradition where family favorite dishes must be prepared! And few things are more crucial than the main course, be it ham, turkey, goose or otherwise. What is

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Traditional Italian Holiday Treats
Italy is a country with a rich culinary history, and many traditions revolving around various religious holidays. And surely, no holiday has more traditional...

18. Christmas Cookies - A Traditional Holiday Treat

Do you make Christmas cookies?

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About The Feast of the Seven Fishes
If you come from an Italian-American family, you are likely familiar with the Christmas Eve tradition known as the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The exact origi...

Christmas Cookies and Treats - Recipes and Cookbooks to Bring You Inspiration!

19. Egg Nog - Your Opinion on This Traditional Christmas Season Indulgence

Egg Nog is...

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20. Fruitcake - Love It Or Hate It, There's No Avoiding It Around Christmas

Fruitcake is...

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21. How Much of the Christmas Dinner Meal Do You Prepare? - Are You Head Chef of Just a Happy Guest at the Christmas Table?

Christmas dinner: How involved are you in its preparation?

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Christmas Cooking and Traditional Recipes - Holiday Favorites from Around the World

22. Favorite Christmas Treats - Best Indulgence of the Christmas Season

What is your favorite special Christmas treat or food to enjoy?

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Christmas Shopping and Gift-Giving

23. Christmas Wish Lists - Do You Make a Wish List?

How do you feel about Christmas Wish Lists?

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24. Christmas Shopping - When Do You Shop for Gifts?

I do most of my Christmas shopping...

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25. Best Christmas Presents - Which Gifts Mean the Most to Receive - Or Give?

What do you think makes for the best Christmas presents?

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26. Black Friday - The Busiest Shopping Day of the Year

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States, many people go nuts shopping for Christmas gifts. Some even skip Thanksgiving entirely to camp out in department store parking lots all night to be the

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Buy Nothing Day vs. Black Friday
For many in the America, the day after Thanksgiving means just one thing: Black Friday shopping. Even while still digesting their turkey dinners, people will...

27. Gift Cards for Christmas - Love Gift Cards or Hate Gift Cards?

Receiving gift cards as Christmas gifts are...

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28. Returning Christmas Gifts - How Do You Feel About It?

Do you return Christmas gifts that aren't right for you?

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29. Is Christmas Too Commercial? - Has The True Meaning of Christmas Been Lost?

Has Christmas become over-commercialized in society today?

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30. The Cost of Christmas - Will You Be Paying Off Christmas Until July?

How much money do you end up spending on the Christmas season?

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Christmas Decorating

31. Holiday Shoping for Decorations, Gift Wrap... - When Do You Purchase These Christmas Necessities?

When do you shop for Christmas items like new decorations, lights, gift wrap, Christmas cards?

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32. Christmas Trees - The Most Popular Christmas Decoration

Do you decorate a Christmas Tree every year?

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33. Christmas Trees: Real or Fake? - Another Great Christmas Debate

For some, a Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree unless it is real and alive. Others prefer fake plastic trees - less mess, more consistency, or perhaps even required in some living spaces. But what do you think - is fake or real better? Make your choice and explain why below!

Which do you prefer: live or artificial Christmas trees?

34. My Christmas Tree... - Describe How You Decorate Your Tree

My Christmas Tree Is...

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Christmas Ornaments for Artists 2013
Are you an artist looking for some themed artistic Christmas ornaments for your tree? Do you know someone who is an artist and you want to get them a fun or...

Los Angeles Christmas Ornaments
Do you love L.A., or know someone who does? Want to decorate your Christmas tree in Los Angeles style? Then you're in the right place, because I've gathered...

2013 New Jersey Christmas Ornaments
Do you love New Jersey and want to show it off with your Christmas tree ornaments and decorations? If so, you've come to the right place. I've compiled an ex...

Philadelphia-Themed Christmas Ornaments for 2013
Themed Christmas tree decorations are increasingly popular and really let you express your personality, favorite hobbies, people and memories. If you live in...

Polka Dot Christmas Ornaments
Are you crazy about polka dots? Looking for some fun and attractive polka dot-themed ornaments for your Christmas Tree this year? Then you've come to the rig...

35. Christmas Tree Set-Up - When Do You Put Up Your Tree?

When do you set up your Christmas Tree?

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36. Christmas Tree Take Down - When Do You Pack Up Your Tree - Or Put It In the Trash?

When do you throw out or put away your Christmas Tree?

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37. Outdoor Christmas Decorations - Do You Light Up Your Neighborhood?

Do you set up outdoor Christmas lights and decorations?

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38. Christmas Nativities - Is a Nativity Scene Part of Your Christmas Decorations?

Do you set up a Christmas Nativity in your home?

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Our Fontanini Nativity
When my partner warned me that his Nativity set, produced by the Italian company Fontanini, was large enough to take up an entire room in his house, I didn't...

Nativity Scenes in Public Spaces: The Controversy Continues
It's a heated subject that comes up nearly every holiday season these days. Should nativity scenes of the Christian faith be allowed in public spaces such as...

Christmas Entertainment: Movies and Television

39. Christmas Television - What Do You Watch On Christmas?

On Christmas Day, I typically watch on TV...

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40. Christmas Movies - Old Classics and New Favorites - Which Is Yours?

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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41. "It's A Wonderful Life" - How Many Times Have You Watched This Christmas Classic?

How many times have you seen the movie, It's A Wonderful Life?

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42. Favorite Rankin/Bass Christmas TV Special - Classic Christmas Animation

Which is your favorite animated Christmas story from Rankin/Bass?

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Wow, you must really love Christmas if you made it this far through my survey! Thanks for adding your opinions - and if you've got anything left to say about Christmas, feel free to do so here!

© 2011 Nicole Pellegrini

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