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The National Day of Reason?

Updated on October 10, 2014

Remember the First Thursday of May

Is the National Day of Reason going to actually replace the National Day of Prayer?
Is the National Day of Reason going to actually replace the National Day of Prayer?

America Could Lose Their National Day of Prayer

A few months ago on one of the major television news stations a small note of concern showed up saying, "The National Day of Prayer is now being known as the national day of reason," What the heck is the national day of reason, originating in 2003?"

Apparently, the atheists are at it again through the American Humanist Association and the Secular Coalition of America. These two organizations are trying to erase The National Day of Prayer. They are working to replace the Day of Prayer with a day of reasoning on the first Thursday of every May so that this day can include those who do not believe in prayer.

This leaves a big question in my mind as to what the atheists do on this day. Do they sit and reason things out on this day?

Common sense tells me, on every first Thursday of May; all citizens in America will use common reason and reasoning, finally!

What this is telling me is that all the other days of the year, the remaining 364 days, is used as no nonsense days, where nothing makes any sense that anyone in the public and government domain does or says.

It seems as though this is where our United States stands today. America no longer remains built on Christian ideals, high morals and common sense, as it was in the beginning. I agree that America has always had their share of problems, even from the beginning. However, problems are getting worse.

I believe as many other people believe that the justice system of today has turned itself upside down with ridiculous judgments. Much of what the government and judicial systems does and says these days make little sense.

Yes, I know that many things that the government has said and done in the past have not made too much sense, but things continue to get worse. There are fewer levelheaded people, in leadership positions today than there are leaders with good old common sense.

Democrat Rep. Pete Stark from California has presented the proclamation for the last two years for changing the meaning of "The National Day of Prayer", on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, hoping it will pass this year.

Again, Rep. Stark had apparently said that the United States have too many problems and the way to meet these problems is through the application of reason and not prayer. Christian's, on the other hand, feel that it takes common sense, and an abundance of continued prayer, to overcome the problems that the United States faces.

I am confident that many Christians would agree in order to attain the highest level of wisdom to make these important decisions for the United States come good old common sense, coupled with the power of prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As an example: It is like a passenger on an airplane hoping to get to their destination without a pilot to guide that plane. The pilot has the wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions to fly the plane. A Christian is not going to go anywhere without God in the pilot's seat of the Christian's life, it would be like flying blind.

Just because, America has one day out of 365 days set aside for the "National Day of Prayer", does not mean that Christians do not pray the other 364 days of the year. Prayer is a big part of the life of Christian. Prayer reaps sharpened knowledge and wisdom, beyond what the Christian experiences in their daily lives without prayer intervention.

On the other hand, "The National Day of Prayer" given to Christians in America to ban together and pray for family, friends, strangers, our armed forces and the United States, and anything else that the Christian person believes that need prayer. The remainder of society who are not Christians spends this day doing whatever brings them comfort regardless of his or her spiritual background.

I do pray the atheists are not able to have this one day of the year set aside for the Christian populace. This one day, "The National Day of Reason", could replace "The National Day of Prayer" if it passes the House of Representatives.

If this proclamation passes the House of Representatives and "The National Day of Prayer" changes to "The National Day of Reason" this will not stop Christians from praying for everyone, including, Atheists, Christian brothers and sisters, our country and anything that God places in their hearts to pray, including the first Thursday of every May.

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