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This Is How I Am Saving Mother Earth

Updated on April 16, 2013

Found by Accident.

This article is written with the passion I have for return things to the earth, It is about how we can all give back and reap the rewards of the product. A few years ago, a very good friend of mine had started telling me about a product that was being developed by His Company. And every time we saw each other, it seemed as if another break through had been discovered.

And every time we saw each other the more I got interested in the affects it would have on the Earth and with all the applications that it could be used towards. So, come along with me and I will paint you a vivid picture of how the future could be.

The potentials are so vast - These are just a few of the products we produce.

Global Bio Group along with our sister company in Europe, Eko-GEA, we hope to spread this new revolutionary process to other industries as well.

  • Agriculture

    a. Compost

    b. Crops and Soils

    c. Fermentation

    d. Odor, Dust & Emissions

    e. Amonia Reduction using Global Bio Group

    f. Turf Grass

  • Animal health & sanitation

    a. Dairy Cattle

    b. Pigs

    c. Poultry

  • Aquaculture
  • Energy

    a. Biofuels

    b. Hydrocarbon Cleaning

  • Environment

    a. Wastewater Treatment

    b. Artificial Soil from Sewage Sludge

    c. Land Rehabilitation

    d. Sludge Bio-Remediation

    e. Water, Reservoirs, Ponds & Lakes

    f. Fire Control

    g. Water Cooling Towers

    h. Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG)

    i. Swimming Pools

  • Newgen range

    a. Biogas Production

    b. Wastewater Treatment System

  • All pictures are property of Global Bio Group and with verbal permission of R. Boyce, President of Global Bio Group, he has given me permission to use them.

for the garden.. - and more

Gardening supplies and much much more.

Fiskars Multi-Snip with Sheath
Fiskars Multi-Snip with Sheath

Trim the thorns off the roses.

Monterey LG6500 Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer 2.5 Pound
Monterey LG6500 Sluggo Slug & Snail Killer 2.5 Pound

Snail be gone....Organic to work with our product as well.


This is what our product has done for Golf Courses.

This is what our product has done for Golf Courses.
This is what our product has done for Golf Courses.

Imagine if you will..

A world with the greenest lawn,

Or even your swimming pool in your backyard with no slime on the bottom of the pool. And water that is so pure that you would not ever want to share it.

Well my friends I have seen such a thing. All the products I am writing about, will make our world just that again. Smothering fires with just a little bit of our product and putting the much needed vital nutrients back into the ground. In March 2006 there was a fire that had out broke in a landfill. Reported on RTL-TV see picture.

There are also applications in agriculture. Where they have gone somewhere in Africa where there was not much water. Used a hector of land and planted vegetables, and some other items such as wheat. They then basically walked away from everything and come back a month or so later. Having very little water they found that their crops had produced much more product than other farmers had, who were there to keep the maintenance up on everything.

Would you.....

If you could get a product that helps when there is droughts, help put out fires, reduce the toxins in the air. Basically help the thinning o-zone. Would you want to try this and see all the wonderful things that we can do?

If you could get this product, would you?

The biggest part we have come across

is in the Dairy Industry

Have you ever been driving along and then it seems out of no where you can tell that you are near a Dairy? Oh Gosh, how my eyes water, and I fumble to get my window up. I recently was able to lend a helping hand in the out come of what our product does for the Dairymen. No strong odor driving up to the farms. Happy Cows, and pigs, and chicken too.

What a difference it made. And the biggest part is that it did not take very much of the product to accomplish this. All of this was discovered by pure accident. It has gone beyond DNA testing and into the realms of RMA. I know that this must all sound like Greek to you, well it did to me too. Then I started reading more and more about it. The technical reports were coming across my desk at home and I would ask more about it. Since helping out with my friends company I have learned alot about this process, and well I am no Einstein, but it seems to make sense to give back to the earth.

Humanity has done so much to create the hole in the o-zone, that this just seems to be fitting to try and repair it.

If you are truly interested in learning more about our product, just let me know. The applications alone with this product is so very long and the potential is amazing at what it can do for our environment.

If you are really interested in knowing more - Let me know, and I will call you or have someone call you.

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