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Thomas Kinkade Christmas Works

Updated on October 26, 2015

Christmas Work of Thomas Kinkade

With his Media Arts, the company that licenses and sells the works of Thomas Kinkade, saying about 5 percent of all homes in America have a work of Thomas Kinkade in them, it's no wonder his name and art are so popular, as they always portray a sense of wonder and delight for those that own them.

With that in mind, below are a variety of Kinkade's works that include different Christmas themes based upon his art.

For me, I really don't care what anyone else says or what they may think of Kinkade personally, his works are of the sort I really like, and I've never seen anything of his that doesn't resonate and appeal to me.

It's a on a sad note that for the first Christmas since Kinkade burst upon the scene that he won't be with us, having passed away on April 6, 2012.

Most of us are familiar with Kinkade's paintings, and below are a number of products created which are based on his work, which are not as well known as his illustrations and paintings, although they look fantastic in the various ways they're displayed. All of those below will include a Christmas theme.

Thomas Kinkade Snowman

This snowman figurine by Thomas Kinkade looks fantastic, and his trademark lights emanating from the homes in the image in the stomach area of the snowman is awesome as always. My favorite of the snowman figure includes the glove and scarf, and my absolute favorite of it all - the wonderful lantern the snowman is holding. Great Piece!

Snowman Figure from Thomas Kinkade

Christmas Tree Skirt from Thomas Kinkade

What a great Christmas tree skirt to enjoy under and around the base of your Christmas tree. Again, the lights stand out magnificently and make you feel like they're three-dimensional because they're done so well.

This is the type of scenery and scene that made Thomas Kinkade such a beloved artist.

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree Skirt

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Clock

Here again is the reason the work of Thomas Kinkade is so popular among Americans. The clock is really just a prop to show off this fantastic painting from Kinkade, which most of us have probably seen before.

To me, Kinkade was very talented at capturing the essence of what it was ordinary people deeply desired, and this is one of those paintings of his that somewhere in the minds of many people they related to and wish they could be part of.

Christmas Clock

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Tree Train

It doesn't get much better than this fun Christmas tree train. What a terrific looking piece. You gotta love that Santa and his reindeer swooping off into the night!

And how wonderful to see those beautiful trains meandering up the tree as if it were a mountain.

Christmas Train

Thomas Kinkade 'Night Before Christmas House'

How fun to see this compelling home with Santa having landed with his reindeer and getting the presents spread around the tree. Nice detail everywhere.

This Christmas house is a little different because it doesn't include the usual bright, yellow light permeating the home. Instead there is a peak into what is going on inside of the house and how it's decorated.

Night Before Christmas House

Merry Christmas Flag from Thomas Kinkade

A lot of Christmas merchandise based on the works of Thomas Kinkade include this fabulous painting of his. Notice it's the same as on the clock above, although it looks unique on a different product.

Christmas Flag

Thomas Kinkade Music Box Village

Of all Thomas Kinkade's Christmas works here, this is probably my favorite. Part of that has to do with my love for Christmas villages in general, but the way this is put together in and with the box is very appealing and well done. I've seen this in a much larger photo and it's looks far better than the smaller photo seen here.

What a beautiful miniature music box that could be a terrific show piece Christmas after Christmas, while also having beautiful sound filling the room.

Christmas Music Box

Christmas with Thomas Kinkade

For fans of good art and Thomas Kinkade, this are great additions to your Christmas d├ęcor, and would make great gifts to any person who enjoys Thomas Kinkade and nice looking Christmas decorations.

If nothing else, Thomas Kinkade was able to successfully portray a traditional time and life style in his art, and there is nothing better than that when it comes to the Christmas holiday season.


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