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Thomas Kinkade Wreaths

Updated on August 21, 2015

Seasonal Wreaths of Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade is among the more well-known and popular artists in the world today. For people who love his work, it doesn't matter what medium he chooses to express his art though. That's the case with this groups of wreaths I've assembled together for you to enjoy and look at.

There are a number of Christmas wreath themes, with many being very traditional. Other wreath themes include seasonal wreaths - one for each season - which look fantastic.

Typical of Thomas Kinkades works, there are also a number of wreaths with illuminated light included, a trademark of Kinkade's work.

Probably my favorites with the wreaths are the way he has them mounted in individual scenes as they go around in a circular motion. They really look fantastic and offer some terrific conversation pieces and scenarios to enjoy.

Seasonal Wreaths

These first couple of wreaths from Thomas Kinkade are nice in that they represent seasonal periods not associated with winter and Christmas; something not always easy to find when looking for wreaths.

i like the contrasts of the spring and fall season wreaths below, with the bright, colorful flowers of spring all around the first wreath, and the second wreath showing the autumn colors after all that spring and following summer growth is dying away. Nice detail.

Spring Wreath of Thomas Kinkade

Faith Mountain Wreath from Thomas Kinkade

This Thomas Kinkade Passion of Christ art wreath displays over 30 fantastically handcrafted figures in 9 separate but connected scenes, from His riding into Jerusalem on a donkey to His betrayal by Judas ... and ultimate trial, to His dying on the cross and ultimately His victory over the grave through his resurrection.

Wreath showing scenes from life of Christ

Thomas Kinkade John Deere Christmas Wreath

There are a lot of John Deere fans out there, and this John Deere wreath from Thomas Kinkade displays all sorts of images of products, especially tractors, that have appeared through the years. Great for farm and tractor fans in general.

John Deere Wreath

Seaside Village Lighthouse and Victorian Village Wreaths from Thomas Kinkade

I really enjoy this style of wreath where the scenes are shown in a circular display around the wreath. This one of the lighthouse in the middle seeming to give light to the entire seaside village, along with passing ships, is full of terrific detail and a great wreath and work of art.

Below that is a nice Victorian village set up in the same manner, although looking competely different.

Seaside Village Wreath

Victorian Village

Christmas Nativity Wreaths from Thomas Kinkade

Both of these nativity wreaths from Thomas Kinkade are wonderful to me. The first one showing all the elements of the birth of Jesus Christ, from the angels, the wise men, shepherds, and of course Mary and Joseph protectively close to baby Jesus, are terrific. Add the barnyard animals and the dove on the upper left, which represents the Holy Spirit, and it's a fantastic work anyone should enjoy.

The nativity wreath below that has all sorts of parts of the story you can use to explain and tell to your children and/or grandchildren. That's my favorite part of the wreaths Kinkade has made this way, in that they are great storyboards you can use for explaining the meaning of the images, as well as terrific Christmas decorations.

Nativity Wreath

Christmas Nativity Wreath

Christmas-themed Wreaths from Thomas Kinkade

There of course must be some Christmas wreaths included in this wreath article on works of Thomas Kinkade in order to finish off these wonderful creations. Below are four that are very much in celebration of the Christmas holiday, and very different from one another in look and feel.

Immediately below is the 'Seasons of Joy' scene from Kinkade, and I absolutely love that horse-drawn sleigh. What a great piece! This lights of the home also typify Thomas Kinkade works, and they look fantastic here.

The second Christmas wreat is called 'Silver Bells Musical Christmas Wreath,' where within each silver bell includes one of Kinkades more famous paintings. It of course plays the song, "Silver Bells."

Similar to the silver bells wreath, the snowman wreath also has a scene from Thomas Kinkade within each snowman's belly. There is also music connected here, as it plays "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Lot's of fun.

'Seasons of Joy' Christmas Wreath

Blown Glass Ornament Illuminated Christmas Wreath

The idea of this final and gorgeous Christmas wreath from Thomas Kinkade is to create the illusion of carved ice. Seven ornaments strewn around the wreath and surrounding the wonderful village in the center include a scene from Thomas Kinkade. Beautiful Christmas wreath.

Extraordinary Wreaths from Thomas Kinkade

What an extraordinary group of wreaths based upon the work of Thomas Kinkade. There's not one I wouldn't want in my home; that's for sure. Every one is different and unique. That includes the nativity scenes which can be used to tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, to the last one displaying the beautiful village seemingly encased in ice. They are all stunningly beautiful.


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