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Unique Thor Costumes

Updated on June 28, 2014

Thor and the Avengers

While many fans of Thor think he was created by storytellers and artists at Marvel Comics, he is in fact a mythological god that has been around for approximately 1,000 years in Norse legends (probably longer, and much further back with the Germanic peoples.

What is cool about Thor is he has an awesome costume he wears when going into battle, including a fantastic helmet, great hammer as a weapon, red cape, and arm bands, along with that cool tunic and boots.

That makes for terrific options for those wanting to wear or make a costume based upon this increasingly popular hero.

Thor has been introduced to a much wider audience than comic book fandom after starring in his own feature film. And of course even more so as part of the team called the Avengers, which is one of the top grossing movies of all time, with still a long way to run as of this writing. Actor Chris Hemsworth plays the role of Thor in both films.

Thor and Loki

A great hero is nothing if he doesn't have a strong villain countering him in wits and battle. Thor has all that in his adoptive brother Loki, who from his youngest years, was a thorn in the side of Odin's son.

Loki envied and despised Thor, and was always working in the shadows to destroy him.

That brought about a lot of interesting confrontations between the two, as well as bringing Odin himself into the frays at times.

For those not familiar with the comic book version of Thor, he was in human form as Dr. Donald Blake, who turned into Thor.

Blake was created by Odin as a host for Thor, stripping of his memory as a god in order to teach him humility and other traits. As Blake, Thor was a surgeon.

Thor Costume Photos

There are a great number of Thor costumes that can be bought, and they look fantastic, as you can see above.

But the costumes I'm going to share with you in this article are mostly homemade (with a couple of exceptions), and a range of quality, but all are either funny or interesting to look at. There are a couple of Thor costume surprises included as well.

Great Thor Costumes

The first couple of Thor costumes are among the best, and while the top one is superior to me, the bottom one is very impressive because it appears to be homemade, while the top costume is undoubtedly one bought from an outlet.

That doesn't mean it's any less cool though, as the man wearing the costume is what really makes it stand out, with the blond hair and beard, along with the stoic look. Too bad he didn't wear a helmet, as that would have produced an awesome Thor.

Below we have what seems to be a combination of store-bought and homemade costume pieces, with the helmet being the most probable. The rest seems to be all put together by someone very imaginative and good at what they do.

Both of these are fantastic Thor costumes that would stand out in any social situation.


Runners Dressed in Thor Costumes

These are really funny Thor costumes, and they're included in a more forgiving manner because they were used in two separate races, which included running in costumes as part of the festivities, along with costume parties afterwards.

What this reminds me of is there are a couple of ways to approach Thor costumes. You can do it with the purpose of looking realistic as evidenced in the above costumes, or you can do it with a sense of humor, as those below do.

That can be in the revealed in the design of the costumes, with it being close enough to know who it is that is being portrayed, but far enough away from reality that it brings a chuckle to those looking at the costume.

Last, it's the build of the person wearing them that determines a more serious, realistic Thor look, or one that looks so out of place because of skinny bodies that they make you laugh even if the costume is of higher quality.

For costuming and party purposes, both of these types of costumes work great.


Thor Costume Fail

Maybe I'm being a little harsh here, as the person designing this homemade Thor costume had the right idea, but it definitely didn't come out the way they probably wanted it to.

The shirt and pants look like this Thor just left the gym after a workout. And the circular objects on the outfit make it appear to be twisted sideways. They also look way too shiny, as if they were taken off an old time disco ball.

Another odd element is the hair, which looks like it was borrowed from his sister. Contrast that with the hair of the top two photos to get an idea of how different they look.

It was a nice try, but it can't be taken too seriously, and the fact it was at a Con of some sort means it was an attempt to be a somewhat serious costume, which results in the fail rating I'm giving it

If it was for a private party or home, I could see this being a more fun and okay costume.


Little Boy Thor Costume

Here's what the person who made this costume and its accessories said as to the material included and how it was designed:

Made from scratch using nothing but faux velvet fabric, craft foam and a lot of hot glue and contact cement. Not a stitch on the whole thing, as I don't sew.

The chest armor is built on kid-sized hockey pads - basicaly covered with faux velvet with foam disks attached and painted silver. The helmet was a felt beanie covered with sealer/sanded smooth with wings made of layered craft foam. Belt, flaps and leg bracers are made from craft foam with velcro closures/straps. Amd the hammer is foam cut to shape with a PVC handle wrapped in vinyl.

This is a great Thor costume for a child, and that helmet looks really great. There is a lot of cool stuff here to make any kid proud to represent the Marvel superhero.

little boy in thor costume
little boy in thor costume | Source

Dog Thor Costume

There are two things we love to see dressed in costumes: children and animals. As you can see below, the dog Thor, also known as 'Thorgi,' is really cute.

That helmet was made for the shape of his face, and those dark, shiny eyes peering out from beneath the helmet is terrific.

Add to that the red cape and the hammer hanging on his back for his needed accessories, and you have a very cool dog Thor costume.


Zombie Thor Costume

Once again it seems zombies are everywhere, as they have invaded the Thor costume theme, as it has with numerous others.

Fans of zombies are so committed that even when they have another character they like, it wouldn't be the same for them if it wasn't presented in light of being a zombie.

The hammer and helmet are actually very well done, in spite of the zombie look being the center of the design.

What zombie characters do allow is for the overall costume or character to not be up to the usual quality, as it would undermine the purpose of making them a zombie in the first place. That 's why I really like the hammer and helmet retaining their quality, as turning into a zombie wouldn't have any effect on them, unless they were destroyed.

One thing I would change would be to make the circular objects on the clothes silver rather than blue; something that would have been very easy to do with this Thor costume.

Still a pretty good job.


Thor Costumes

One thing that I didn't expect to find when researching Thor costumes was the range of costumes used by fans of the mythological Norse god.

Being described as the god of thunder, I had expected an attempt to be much more serious in the designs, as depicted more in the first two costumes. It was actually a nice surprise.

I especially liked the racing guys, who weren't attempting be serious in their look, but were good sports in laying it out there as Thor.

As you can see, Thor can be costumed by your pets and children as well, making the character a very versatile choice for those wanting a very cool and compelling costume, and one that can be used in a variety of situations.

In the end, Thor just rocks, and makes a great costume to wear at parties and functions. .


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