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Thank You- Two great words to express your Gratitude

Updated on August 9, 2016

Thank You- Two great words to express your Gratitude

It was a hectic day and I was already running late to office. I decided to ditch my car and take the train so that I can avoid the mad traffic on the highway and reach office without making my ‘late coming’ talk of the day. Luckily the station is a walk- able distance, but I remember I was ‘walk-running’ and thank god, took the train, just in time. My problem far from over, the moment I got inside I realised the train was unusually crowded. I was too tired to stand and wished that I had a seat to sit, relax, just peep into my presentation one last time, and sip some liquid that was tucked hurriedly in my bag. Phew.. I had to stand for the next half an hour. Life is a Breeze, What? Then something happened. A wonderful soul, seated two seats away from me, moved her bag aside to clear some space and looked at me. God sent Angel, let her soul be blessed. I remember, I would have said at least ‘Thanks’ thrice to her. She smiled back warmly every time I said that. We both for a moment felt connected. Strange. Oneness, Happiness or Gratitude or Just Human, we didn’t know. Later that day, when I finally found time to lie on the bed, I realised what a simple “ THANK YOU” can do to two people who were total strangers till that moment and will remain so the rest of the life. That’s the magic of the word. I suddenly realised that I should be using this word often.

Thank You, whats the story behind? Guess “thank you” derives from “think”. Probably it means “I will think and remember what you did for me”, interesting?

I decided to make the first move, why I should wait for a reason and occasion to thank people? Every day, every occasion is good to say THANK YOU to someone. I made a list, my parents, sister, brother, friends – old and new, teachers, roommate, colleagues, my neighbours to my surprise the list was quite big. Wow, I should be blessed to have so many people around me to show my gratitude.

I want to make it more special; I wanted to send them a ‘REAL PRINT-READY CUSTOMISED THANK YOU CARD. Luckily my search directed to so many sites including The next, What to write to.

THANK YOU for everything- This ought to be for my parents

Thank you Friend, I know you are there for me always- You know for who this will be

Thanks for your concern and ever reliable shoulders – This is for my elder bro

Thank you little angel – My sister

Thanks for all those good old days – My Special teacher

The list is getting very big, and I am feeling so great.

Thank you



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