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Thrill Chilling Halloween Party Planning Event: Darkness, Camera, Action with Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on October 14, 2014

Halloween Party Planning can be Fun!

Plan your party beforehand so, you can enjoy the festivities without a lot of worry.
Plan your party beforehand so, you can enjoy the festivities without a lot of worry. | Source

Halloween Party Event: Darkness, Camera, Action with Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you searching for a great Halloween party event to plan for entertaining? This is an idea that was born while watching a cable station that I could have sworn was Sci Fi but is now called SyFy. I searched but I guess it's been so long ago that there is no mention of a Halloween movie contest or Halloween movie challenge. However, a few years back I was watching a sci fi station on cable, and they had advertised a contest for making your own Halloween movie and I got to thinking about a movie idea that sprang into party planning mode.

Zombie theme Halloween party ideas

Zombie theme Halloween party ideas!

Happy Halloween

Halloween (Posters and other items available by clicking the source link)
Halloween (Posters and other items available by clicking the source link) | Source

Setting the Stage for Zombies

Way out here in the woods, what could we do that would make a great movie for Halloween? Since there are more children and teens around this area than there are adults, we could cast the teens and kids as zombies and have them slowly go after the adults on about four acres of ground that is mostly the remains of a pasture that has become overgrown as well as littered here and there with about four broken down vehicles.

Another plus: in late October the overgrown grass is mostly dead and laying on the ground and there may be various stocks of dead plant life still standing, these generally shake and quiver while the wind blows to offer another dimension of eeriness and death. This ground is terraced, since at one time it was a field, therefore there are about three different ground levels, which, if filmed just so in the late evening or at night during a full moon or with the aid of the two security lights that are located near the hilltop, may present a feeling of more ground to cover than not.

Dressing the Zombies

Working with about two dozen teenagers and some smaller kids, we planned to take some old clothes that were near tatters or tatter them if needed for dressing the kids up as zombies. Hair preparations were basically a good scrubbing to dishevel the hair to produce an uncaring appearance of the walking dead. Of course, most agreed to all of this while just a few decided they were not going to dress up like zombies and these few teens were of course, girls and this decision moved them into the live cast of characters to be run around and scared while dealing with the zombies in the cast of characters.

This was actually a good decision, since there are only a few adults and we would be the people directing and filming the Halloween home movie. Therefore, there was no need for the few adults to join in the cast of live characters unless they just felt the urge to do so.

Zombie Halloween Costumes

FunWorld Young Men's Teen Complete 3D Zombie, Grey, Junior 0-9 Costume
FunWorld Young Men's Teen Complete 3D Zombie, Grey, Junior 0-9 Costume

Super deluxe "Adult Zombie" is sure to scare away the ghouls and goblins. This complete ensemble features a tattered shirt with a pvc chest exposing the bones and other organs, tattered pants with pvc bones exposed, and a pvc mask with hair and Gloves.


Costumes are Fun to Wear

Dressing up in zombie Halloween costumes can be lots of fun, exciting and scary too! You can make your own or you can find them locally or online. Messing around in costumes can be fun, just remember that there are others out there who may easily be scared nearly to death. Be mindful not to frighten everyone who see you.

For instance, i love the look of this zombie Halloween costume. However, I know it could be quite frightful for others such as older people, children or just about anyone.

Can you imagine coming across this creature of the night unexpectedly? He looks hungry. Hungry for brains...

...ya gotta shoot em' in the head and then burn em'!

— someone who lived to tell about it

How to Get Rid of Zombies!

On this four acres of ground out in the woods, the two security lights sit on the northwest end of the property about 100 feet apart, I suppose, with a slim paved road between them. On the southwest end of the property is already a burn pile and we planned to build a large bonfire for the kids to enjoy as well as making a few zombie effigies to toss into the fire as a symbol of killing and getting rid of the zombies bodies by means of burning them.

Wandering Zombies

So the event is that of creating zombie hill with a cast of teenage characters as mostly zombies along with a cast of live people a.k.a. teenage girls. The cast of zombies with sunken dead faces wearing tattered clothing would wander around as if in a daze while searching for and finding live victims who were actually dressed to the tee of fashion for teen girls to attack and maim. Most likely this would mean the wearing of tight blue-jeans and fashionable tee-shirts, according to the girls' wardrobe choices.

Take Your Time while Planning your Party

Halloween party planning should be fun.
Halloween party planning should be fun. | Source

Zombie Party

The live teens and the zombies would have four acres to enact their tale of terror and then later enjoy burning zombie effigies and then roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over the open fire.

Continuing the party events by adding the fun of a Zombie Costume Prize for the most gruesome zombie, the deadest zombie as well as best actor and actress and so on.

Adding Halloween prizes to a Halloween party and contest are always winners! Consider keeping with the zombie Halloween theme as well as adding other Halloween party favors.

Reel Characters: A Quick Reference for Creating Out of Kit Feature Quality Character Make-ups
Reel Characters: A Quick Reference for Creating Out of Kit Feature Quality Character Make-ups

Reel Characters was written as a reference to help create a dramatic Character Make-up. This book was intended to aid educators, directors, producers and make-up artists alike. Included are 12 Character make-ups, an education in contact lenses and everything you need to know about wigs and hair pieces.


Zombie Makeup and more...

Using shades of brownish blusher and gray and greenish eye shadows, the faces would be shaded accordingly to make a face appear to be sunken and hollow as is common for the appearance of most zombies. Finding old clothes in tatters may not have been so hard to find; however, many of the boys commented on their willingness to tear and tatter any clothing old clothing as well as anything they might decide to wear, just as any boy may consider. Of course, the adults did object since we knew of no real need to tatter or tear perfectly good clothing for such shenanigans. Of course, when it comes to dressing zombies just about anything may go these days, so we had no doubts of finding them tattered attire.

Another good idea is to get tips, advice and information about creating character makeup is by reading books. I would really love to have this Reel Characters book. It seems to me that it will be chock-full of all sorts of great ideas for creating character makeup.

How to Celebrate Halloween like a Redneck Zombie! excellent choice for a Halloween event!

However, the event Idea has never been filmed. I suppose we could also give this article the title of how to celebrate Halloween like a Redneck Zombie!

Have fun this Halloween regardless of your plans and stay safe, you never know where zombies might be lurking this holiday season.

Actually, considering that we recently lost a superstar in Michael Jackson, having an event complete with zombies may be an excellent choice for a Halloween event!

So, all the ghouls and zombies hanging around our house way out in the woods are after you now. Ummm, no wait, no they are not.

They are all just curious what you might think about our Halloween party planning event with Halloween costume ideas. Leave comments below to let us know.

Happy Halloween!

The Zombies are Coming!

Be careful not to overwork your brains for the questions below... The zombies might just smell all that brainy brain activity and want to try a sample.

Oh no!

Back away!

Back away from the screen!

They are coming to get you now!

Must be all those smart brains of yours...

Zombie vs Vampire Poll

Which is Worse a Zombie or a Vampire?

See results


Vampires are Awesome too!
Vampires are Awesome too! | Source

The Zombies are After You Now!

The most important thing to remember besides food and water is that you will need some good shoes or boots to protect your feet while fighting with or running from zombies!

What do you think about all this?

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