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Throwing a paintball party

Updated on October 17, 2014

Paintball Is An Excellent Theme For A Party!

If you want to throw a party that will have your guests talking about it for months afterwards, choose paintball as your theme. Hosting a game of paintball at a birthday party will keep your guests busy and excited all day long. The sport of paintball is popular enough so equipment is readily available and cheap enough to supply your party with everything you will need. As long as your guests wear protective paintball gear, this game is totally safe and extremely fun to play. Read this lens for some great ideas to throw the best paintball birthday party ever!

Paintball Birthday Theme

Great ideas for the perfect invitation

As far as a memorable birthday gift goes, paintball gear will undoubtedly be on the top of the list for any 10-14 or 15 year old boy. A new paintball gun and mask make excellent birthday gifts, especially if he can use them immediately - at his own party! If your birthday boy (or girl) has never played before, the best deals are found in paintball gun package deals. Package deals provide everything you need to start playing including a paintball gun, protective mask, hopper and CO2 tank for a discounted price.

Invitations to a paintball themed party are easy to make but even easier to find. The cheapest and most convenient way to produce a nice looking paintball birthday invitation is by using a service offered at some pharmacies. Looking up 'paintball birthday invitation' on Google will present a link to a website that will let you create a paintball birthday invitation. Submitting the form will produce professional picture photograph quality invitations you can pick up in 2 days from your local Wal-Greens or CVS.

Paintball Birthday Cake

And more creative party ideas...

What birthday party would be complete without the cake? Paintball offers many possibilities for interesting decoration ideas. From colorful paintball splats to a full scale miniature replica paintball battle, creating a paintball birthday cake can be as easy or intricate as you want. Gumballs make terrific mock paintballs for the top of a cake! Cupcakes are the perfect size for a big splat of paintball icing on top.

Consider buying a cheap priced paintball gun or accessory equipment, like a mask or air tank to give away as door prizes. You can also give them away as rewards/trophies to players winning the most games that day. Most accessories like paintball gun hoppers and CO2 tanks are fairly cheap and can be bought in bulk with very little money. If you're hosting an actual battle, it's smart to have several extra sets of paintball masks, hoppers and air tanks ready in case they're needed (and they will be!).

Setting Up The Party

What type of equipment you will need...

First decide how much equipment you will be providing for your guests. The cheapest and best option is to have a 'BYOPBG' (Bring Your Own Paintball Gun) party. This may somewhat limit your guest list to only people that own paintball guns, however it's the most cost effective way. Require your guests to bring their own markers, masks, air tanks and paintball gear.

To be a good host, purchase enough paintball CO2 tanks to provide to your guests; fill them up ahead of time and let them know you will be providing the air and ammunition for their guns. Buy several boxes of paintballs and also provide these to your guests. It's also smart to stock up on several low priced paintball masks, extra hoppers in case guests show up without them or to cover for a breakdown. Under no circumstances can you play paintball without protective eye wear; so players who's mask becomes unwearable can no longer play.

For 10 kids to play the majority of the day, they will easily go through roughly 8-10 boxes of .68 caliber paintballs (2000 paintballs/box). If you plan far enough ahead, some stores will give you a volume discount for buying so much equipment at one time. If your list of paintball party supplies is getting long, it never hurts to ask for a quote to see if a store will give you a cheaper price.

The War Is On!

Organize your battles for the most fun...

Rather than just releasing your guests into the open wild to do on their own, organize several paintball game events for them to play. Before the event, research several different variations that may work best with the location you'll be playing at. If you don't know much about paintball, you can always divide your group into two teams and play simple elimination rounds.

Most players enjoy using working strategies and communication skills with their team mates to conquer a mission. Give your guests a better time by offering games like Capture the Flag, where each team has to infiltrate the other's base, capture their flag and bring it back to their home base to win. A game called All The President's Men is also very fun to play; this is when 2-3 players must protect another, while the rest of the group has to try to eliminate the one.

Depending on how much work you want to put into it, you can even build makeshift bunkers for your guests to hide behind. These can be stacks of old tires, barrels, barns, sheds or simply a pile of wood. A field littered with big round hay bails makes a very good paintball battlefield. If you have a wooded hill, King of the Mountain is also very fun game to play; several players on top of the hill try to defend their position while being attacked by all the rest.

The Easiest Way Out

Paintball parties done for you...

Perhaps the easiest way to throw a paintball themed party is to have it at a commercial field. Most commercial fields offer this type of service should you book it far enough in advance. This is probably the easiest way because everything is already there.... the field is already set up, all the necessary equipment is there for rental; most fields also have a pro shop/repair shop that can also fix equipment problems right on the spot if they occur.

Depending on the number of kids you expect at your party, this may not be cheapest route, however if you're looking for the least amount of trouble, holding your paintball party at a commercial field is the way to go. Disadvantages include dealing with the hours of the facility, and settling for the packages they sell. Depending on what the field offers, you may be limited in being able to add your personal touch to the party; the field may only allow food offered at their facility. They may also have restrictions on paintball gear. It's common for a commercial field to only allow paintball equipment they rent to be used at their place; this would put a damper on the birthday boy being able to use his brand new paintball gun at his own party.

Cost wise, setting up your own party versus renting one from a commercial field can be fairly similar. If you're looking for the least amount of set-up work and hassle, booking a paintball party at a commercial field is the way to go. If you love decorating, organizing and setting up parties, and have the space to do it on, set up your own for a great day of fun!

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