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Thundercats Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 23, 2014

ThunderCats - Ho!

In 1985, the ThunderCats cartoon debuted, becoming an instant hit. Featuring the adventures of Lion-O and his fellow Thunderians - Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro, WilyKit and WilyKat - battling against Mumm-Ra and his evil Mutants, the series received a reboot on Cartoon Network in 2011. Which ThunderCat will you be this Halloween?

Thundercats (Then & Now) - From Original 1985 Series to the 2011 Cartoon Reboot

The original ThunderCats cartoon was based upon characters created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf, and produced by Rankin/Bass. It debuted in January 1985 and ran for four seasons, producing 130 episodes along with a television movie, ThunderCats - HO!

The plot followed the cat-like humanoid ThunderCats, who inhabited a planet called Thundera. Fleeing their home world, they are attacked by mutants who are trying to acquire the Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundera, source of the ThunderCats' power. The fleet damaged, most of the ThunderCats are put into suspended animation and awaken on Third Earth, having crash landed.

Led by Lion-O, they construct a new home called "The Cat's Lair" but soon find the Mutants have tracked them to Third Earth. A demonic sorcerer, long since mummified, has noticed the two warring factions who have intruded upon Third Earth and recruits the Mutants to drive the ThunderCats from the planet.

The cartoon series was popular, spawning a toy line as well as comic books. Eventually its long standing popularity would garner it a rebooted version, which debuted in 2011 on the Cartoon Network.

The reboot switched the plot to a young Lion-O witnessing the destruction of the Thunderian kingdom at the hands of the Lizards. After a small band of survivors flee the ruins, including his brother Tygra, soldier Panthro, orphans WilyKit and WilyKat, cleric Cheetara, and Snarf, Lion-O must find the Book of Omens and keep the stones of power from falling into the hands of Mumm-Ra, an ancient evil sorcerer who wants to destroy the ThunderCats and rule Thundera.

So far the reboot has aired for two "books" (seasons) with a third to air in late 2012. Its popularity held steady for the first part of season 1 but has steadily declined. Whether or not it will received a second season is still undecided.

ThunderCats - Original Cartoon Intro

Thundercats on DVD!


Lord of the ThunderCats

Original Series
Lion-O was the next in line to be the "Lord of the ThunderCats", when the Mutants attacked Thundera. Put into a suspended animation capsule as a child, Lion-O awoke to find that while his mind had not aged his body had, into that of a grown cat. The series dealt with Lion-O learning to become and mature into a true leader.

Able to wield the infamous Sword of Omens, the sword also gave Lion-O "Sight Beyond Sight", and when paired with the Claw Shield, he was able to fire bolts of energy and launch three grappling lines.

2011 Reboot
As a misunderstood teenager and heir-apparent to the kingdom of Thundera, Lion-O holds a secret interest in forbidden technology, as well as in the existence of the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra. After his father, Claudus, is killed and Thundera is destroyed, Lion-O finds himself leading a small band of survivors on the quest to locate the Book of Omens as well as to uncover the stones of power.

Lion-O again wields the Sword of Omens and the Claw Shield, which give him similar powers as in the original series.


Lion-o's Second in Command

Original Series
Tygra was originally a warrior with a background in architecture and science. He became Lion-O's second-in-command and was responsible for the design of the new structures on Third Earth.

His weapons included a whip-like bolas, which gave him the ability to become invisible. Tygra was also able to create mental illusions to trick people.

2011 Reboot
As Lion-O's adopted older brother, Tygra holds a jealous streak and an inferiority complex. He tended to pick upon his younger brother, whom he knew would one day become Lord of the ThunderCats, a desire Tygra held for himself. After the fall of Thundera, Tygra has learned the truth of his biological father, that his adoptive parents truly loved him, and that Cheetara is in love with him.

In addition to his bolas, the abilities to become invisible and create illusions, Tygra is also a natural pilot and able to fly any aircraft.

ThunderCats - 2011 Trailer


Female Warrior

Original Series
Cheetara was the only female ThunderCat until the later appearance of Pumyra. A warrior, Cheetara had the ability to burst into incredible speed for short distances. Also gifted with precognitive senses, she could perceive visions. She originally was romantically linked to Panthro, before settling down and raising two children with Tygra.

A bo staff was Cheetara's weapon of choice.

2011 Reboot
As a member of the Thunderean Order of Clerics, Cheetara is the sole survivor after the downfall of Thundera. Attached to Lion-O, she later reveals it was an assignment given to her by Jaga and that she has no romantic interests in Lion-O. Her love is focused on Tygra, and they later became a couple.

In addition to the super speed all clerics have, Cheetara still has her bo staff.


Noble Warrior

Original Series
Trained in the martial arts, Panthro is the greatest warrior after Jaga, of all the ThunderCats. Also a chief mechanic and engineer, he helped to build and pilot all vehicles for use on Third Earth. At times a stone cold warrior, Panthro was known for his good sense of humor and his loyalty.

Panthro used his pair of nunchaku as his main weaponry as well as drove the ThunderTank.

2011 Reboot
Panthro in the reboot is much older, a former soldier and friend to Claudus, who went searching for the Book of Omens. Betrayed by his friend Grune, Panthro constructed the ThunderTank and returned to find Thundera in ruins. Now helping the new king, Lion-O, Panthro lost his arms after trapping Grune in the astral plane.

Panthro still drives the ThunderTank, and was outfitted with a pair of mechanical arms by the Berbils.


Ever-Living Source of Evil

Original Series
Having used sorcery to extend his lifespan, Mumm-Ra was a demon-priest who long inhabited Third Earth before the arrival of the ThunderCats. Normally perceived as a wizened and weakened mummy in old robes and bandages, Mumm-Ra could transform into a powerful being with the recitation of an incantation: "Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form... to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!"

While in the Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living, form, he possessed the powers of super strength and the abilities to cast spells, energy bolts and alter his physical form to deceive enemies.

2011 Reboot
Centuries before the present, Mumm-Ra enslaved the ancestors of the Animals by using technology and magic to force them to do his bidding. He sought the four Powerstones but was eventually overthrown by the the ThunderCat Leo and the other Animals. Mumm-Ra escaped and survived by hiding in his tomb after the pyramid spacecraft was sucked into Third Earth's atmosphere. Biding his time and recovering, he was released by Grune and masterminded Thundera's destruction. Still seeking the Powerstones, he has enlisted the Lizards, as well as enslaved other Animals, to help him.

Mumm-Ra has retained his abilities as an evil sorcerer, including the transformation, as well as regained the Sword of Plun-Darr with Pumyra's help.

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