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Tim's Halloween Horror

Updated on October 29, 2015

29th October

Tim's parents were organising a Halloween Party for the 31st October and arranged for him and his sister Joanna to help sort out the decorations, invitations and food.

To help get into the spirit of the occasion Tim and Joanna decided to tackle a Halloween Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzle. They started it a week before Halloween and had managed to put at least half of the pieces in place to date. However the excitement of all this was too much for Tim. Read on further to find out what happened next!!

P s

A Wasgij Puzzle is one where the picture on front of the box is not the picture of the puzzle. The picture you create with the puzzle pieces is from the eyes of a person in the box picture you see.

The picture on the box of the Halloween Wasgij is of a street, cars, houses on both sides of the street and many, many people everywhere, either trick or treating, bulging out of car and house windows and doors or just doing crazy activities along the footpath. Some were dressed up in costume, others weren't. But every person had a horrified, shocked look on there faces and they were all looking the same direction.

Wasgij Puzzles - Here Are Some Other Examples

For hours of fun filled time.

I have just done this one!!
I have just done this one!!

What Happened Next

Stage 1

Tim's street was full of water. In fact it resembled a swift river with many small rippling waves. He was riding these waves lying down with feet first. At first he was having a good time as the speed he was traveling forward was quite exhilarating. However the the road or river carried on and on and on and on...The fun began to turn into a nightmare and Tim was thinking, "I want to get out of here."

Stage 2

Tim eventually reached an intersection. However, instead of moving forward as expected, Tim and all the water was directed down what seemed like an everlasting hole. It was like he was cascading down a huge waterfall within a long deep dark hole. He toppled and turned and yelled out, "Help Me" millions of times. There was no one around . All he could hear was the violent sound of water falling....falling....falling.

Stage 3

He then reached the bottom. Well not exactly the bottom. He was submerged in still water. All he could see were green and white bubbles as he began floating upwards towards the surface. He felt at peace, at least for a minute. When Tim broke through the surface he gasped for air and he began panicking again.

He was on the surface of water like in a swimming pool, but instead, in a medium sized room with walls ,ceiling and floor covered in brightly coloured, horizontal stripey patterns. What made it worse is that the water level was rising towards the ceiling and the room between the top and his head was lessoning until his head actually touched the ceiling. Tim was scared, breathless and in extreme panic mode.

Stage 4

To Tim's huge relief the water then all suddenly disappeared in one quick second. He was left standing on the ground. He looked all around. "Where's the door?" he thought. This is getting very spooky. Tim began getting really hot and screamed out "Help, Help, Help", getting louder with each word.

Suddenly he heard a creepy voice say,

"Come out and follow me

I'll show you and you'll see

Then you do and let it be"

This voice reminded him of Chucky from the Chucky series of Horror Movies.

Stage 5

A door opened and Tim stepped out and lost his balance to a sitting position. It was completely dark. All of a sudden he started zooming forward.

He seemed to be in a boat thing which moved along rails. As he moved forward it was getting slightly lighter and there were creepy characters appearing from above, behind and from the side of Tim. They were doing scary things and made scary noises. Tim jumped out of his seat in fright on several occasions.

He was completely freaked out at this stage.

Stage 6

The moving boat then came to a complete halt. And there it was. A Giant Chucky Doll glaring at Tim in a disturbing, evil manner.

Behind Chucky there were all these zombie like creatures moving slowly towards them in a zombie-like manner.

Tim yelled, "HELP!!!!!" Chucky turned and attacked these characters with a huge, sharp sword cutting off arms, legs, toes, fingers, and ripping out the insides.

Tim thought to himself "F..K", especially since Chucky could not or would not cope with all the zombies and some were getting unbearingly close to him.

Tim suddenly remembered what the voice inside the coloured room said.

"Come out and follow me

I'll show you and you'll see

Then you do and let it be"

By this time Tim had a sword in his right hand and he immediately got into action repeating what Chucky was doing ---to save his life. He was soon covered in blood and guts and gore.

They eventually ran out of zombies to attack. Tim looked around and saw a sea of dismembered bodies on a dark lit ground.

Stage 7-The Finale

This was not the end. Tim turned back round towards Chucky. What he then witnessed was gruesome to say the least.

There were 5 people each sitting on a chair, with ankle cuffs on and a solid face mask with breathing hole over the mouth and nose -chained at the back of the head with a lock. They all had a springy rubber rope tied around their waists which was attached to a post behind their chairs.

Each person was separated by clear walls. There was a solid wall behind them and a clear wall about 5metres in front of them. Close to this clear wall was placed a black box with a slit on one side and a key inside. On the ceiling above each persons chair was a vertical guillotine.

Basically, as Tim viewed them from this front clear wall, they looked side by side and to his disbelief the person to the far right of him was his mother.

Chucky then spoke in his creepy voice.

The five of you have a little game to play. Listen carefully.

1. As soon as I say "GO", you have to find your way to a small box some distance in front of you.

2. You are to put your hand in and pull out a key. This will unlock your ankle cuffs. Remember to keep the key with you.

3. Then you will need to find another key which is wedged somewhere in your ankle cuffs. Pull it out and unlock you face mask.

4. Then you need to hunt round for a clear jar somewhere in your area. Place the 2 keys in this .

5. Sit down on the ground.

6. Once the 4th person has completed this task the 5th person will be pinged back to their seat. The seat will then move to a horizontal position and the vertical guillotine will slice off the head.

Tim was immediately thinking of a scene from one of the seven Saw movies. He could not remember which one as he had watched them all.

Chucky yelled out "GO!"

Everything happened so quickly . Tim's eyes bulged out of his head and then he screamed sooooo loudly as he witnessed his mother's head toppling onto the floor.

Saw Movies - -------To Grit Your Teeth Into -------

Dinner Time

Tim's screaming woke him up. He opened his eyes and looked straight ahead. He was in a complete sweat.

His sister and parents were all staring at him.

"Tim, what happened? Tell us what happened. You must have had a nightmare," commented Tim's Mum.

All he could say was, "Mum, I'm so sorry. I"m so sorry." And he bust into tears.

Tim's Mum looked confused but could tell Tim did not want to speak, so said, "Dinner Time" instead.


Tim told his family all about his nightmare later that evening and they all tried to analyse it with a dream interpretation book his mother has.

Gruesome Dreams

When people dream of gruesome things like dismembering bodies then this could indicate that one may feel wounded or hurt in some way and do not feel whole. Tim has to think "Where in my life do I feel wounded, hurt, incomplete ( not whole ) or disconnected (lopped off )."

Each part of the body has a function. No Head means that something is stopping you from thinking. It seemed that Tim's mother was stopping him from thinking about things----in fact she has been telling him things all his life instead of letting him think. No wonder he found it hard to make decisions. She even chose the university course he is to do next year.

Hence she was beheaded in this dream.

Dreams With Water

When people dream of water it could represent your emotions, like a raging torrent -as in the swift river road at the start or a calm lake -as in the swimming pool type area at the base of the deep hole.

Tim may need to look at his emotions, be it anger, love, grief, depression. Tim has been feeling angry and depressed about his inability to make decisions.

Other Dream Thoughts

Sometimes people dream the things they do because of what they have recently been doing. It happened to be raining on the 29th October and the forecast was for raging storms and floods in some areas. Maybe another reason to dream water.

Creepy Characters and Colourful, Stripey Room

His parents were organising a Halloween party and he was doing a Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle. Maybe a reason to have a scary dream with creepy characters involved.

The colourful room could have occurred because the Jigsaw Puzzle is extremely colourful.

As for the stripes, well, Tim went out with a few friends in the weekend and two of them were wearing

stripey t-shirts?!?!?

Alice In Wonderland

Tim and Joanna had just taken their younger cousin out to see Alice In Wonderland a few days ago. Maybe that is why Tim fell down a long, deep dark hole and ended up in a room with the appearance of nowhere to go??????


As for Chucky, well, Tim has watched all of the Chucky movies and got creeped out by every single one of them.

They were called

Child's Play made in 1988

Child's Play 2 made in 1990 

Child's Play 3 made in 1991 

Bride of Chucky made in 1998 

Seed of Chucky made in 2004 

You Can Grab A Copy Here

Then Tim had a thought as to what it was in the Wasgij puzzles that everyone was looking at. After dinner he had to complete the puzzle. And sure enough, it was a Giant Chucky looking at everybody in a disturbing evil manner.

Tim was pleased to have completed the Wasgij and was certainly glad his Halloween Horror was over.

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