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Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on July 11, 2015

If throwing a birthday party was as easy as sprinkling a little fairy dust, life would be so much easier! You might not have fairy dust, but you can have the next best thing by throwing a Tinkerbell themed birthday party!

Grab your fairy wings and get ready for some really cute Tinkerbell party ideas!


In a perfect world, fairies would make and deliver your party invitations, but since this cannot be the case, you’ll need to make a list of who you plan on inviting and then find some cute invites to go with the theme.

No need to fly out of your seat, either! If you’re reading this, then you have everything you need right at your fingertips. Shopping online may seem like it would be expensive, but rest assured that you can actually find a better deal on something much cuter and customized!

Look at this invite from PixelParade on Etsy; for just $9.99, you get a completely customized digital file, which means you can make as many prints as you’ll need. Not bad!



Fairy dust would be really nice for decorating, literally. You can’t have real fairy dust, but you can sprinkle glitter around to give the fairy dust effect! When it comes to color scheme, purple and green tend to work really well for a Tinkerbell theme.

Need some more Tinkerbell party ideas? Here you go!

  • Fairy wings: Stores such as Dollar Tree see dress up fairy wings, and these make terrific decorations! Hang them up in corners, or make a canopy with fairy wings in the middle, with ivy-wrapped tulle swagged out to the corners!

  • Balloon flowers: Flowers are really easy to make out of balloons. You take five balloons of the same color and join them together at the tied end for petals, with a sixth balloon in the middle of the color yellow to resemble pollen.

  • Logs: Decorated, of course, to be centerpieces or dessert plate holders. Dress them up with grass, moss, mushrooms, flowers, Tinkerbell, and her friends! Maybe even include Peter Pan if there will be boys at the party.



Kids seemingly have bottomless stomachs, so having plenty of food at the birthday party is a must! A party without good food would be like a fairy without its wings; it just wouldn’t do very well!

Cater the party with a feast fit for fairies and the rest of Neverland. Here are some Tinkerbell party ideas that will fly off the tables:

  • Fruit wands: Find some yummy fruit that’s in season, chunk it up, and place them in fun patterns on skewers. Don’t forget to add a star-shaped piece on top! You can use a slice of star fruit, or a small cookie cutter can easily cut pieces of melon.

  • Fairy berries: Take strawberries and dip them in chocolate that’s been colored pink, purple, green and any other fairy color out there.

  • Snails from Pixie Hollow: These are wrap rolls cut up into one inch thick slices and placed on a plate standing up to resemble snails. Cute idea, and tasty!

  • Fairy Fizz: You cannot leave the food table without a themed drink, so round up some mason jars, some cute eco-friendly paper straws, and a pretty ribbon to decorate the mason jar. What goes inside is green punch mixed with some lemon-lime soda!

Who's Your Favorite Fairy in Pixie Hollow?

See results


Kids need constant entertainment or else they will get bored very easily. At a birthday party, a few fun games are essential to having a great time. Here’s some games to keep the little fairies happy and playing:

  • Musical mushrooms: This is a lot like musical chairs, but with mushrooms instead. Using red poster board and white paper, create what looks like the tops of mushrooms. These will be placed on a circle on the floor and secured down. The kids will hop from one mushroom to the next, with one empty space in between.

  • Flower hunt: Glue one picture each of Tinkerbell’s friends, and a matching fake flower to a popsicle stick. Birthday girl gets Tinkerbell, of course. Each child will pick one of the sticks, and proceed to look for flowers that match only the flower on their sticks. Give them a time limit and whoever finds the most matching flowers wins!

  • Walk the plank: Oh no! Captain Hook has come to Pixie Hollow! Each fairy must walk the plank, or else! Set up a piece of wood on two baskets or cinder blocks to make a balance beam. Make it more fun by having someone dress up as Captain Hook!


When it comes to a child’s birthday party, favors are pretty much expected. Themed goodie bags always make a good choice. Want to give a bigger thank you to the fairies for coming? Instead of placing goodies in a plastic bag, use a nice cup that they can keep forever!

Want to do something even more special? Send each of your party-goers home with a vial of their own sparkly pixie dust! What better way to remember the fun they had at this fanciful fairy birthday!


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