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Tinkerbell Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on November 26, 2014

Christmas Wallpapers of Disney's Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell, the friendly little fairy who has become a hero of many little girls everywhere, and a delight to watch and look at, has become the focus of a lot of art, and demand for wallpapers to put on computers and other screens has grown as she has become more popular.

In this article we'll look at Christmas wallpapers of the diminutive pixie, with her always attractive demeanor being included in the designs and images that will inspire a number of you to download her to enjoy for yourself and/or your children who will be thrilled to see her on their screens when they're interacting with their computers or other devices and gadgets.

Although there are an occasional exception to the rule, Tinkerbell in her Christmas wallpapers is usually dressed in a cute red outfit to match the season; although her normal green outfit, because it is also a traditional Christmas color, works just as well, although the red stands out nicely. There will be one wallpaper example of Tinkerbell in green to contrast the look to see if some would prefer that instead of Tinkerbell in red Christmas fashion.

Since Tinkerbell is such a tiny little creature, the Christmas settings she is placed in are a little different in looks, but overall, not in content. So if there are Christmas ornaments, we'll see Tinkerbell more as someone that is close in size to them rather than larger like we would picture a human to be.

That adds to the compelling part of who Tinkerbell is, and why she remains a character so many people continue to relate to after so many years of being in the public eye.

An entire new generation is discovering Tinkerbell, and that's why young and old alike appreciate the numerous general wallpapers and Christmas wallpapers featuring her in the starring role.

Tinkerbell Christmas Wallpaper

This first Christmas Tinkerbell wallpaper is a good one to see how she looks in a green outfit for the holiday season. It looks great because of the way the red flower ornament on the tree branch breaks up the green from the leaves so it doesn't clash with Tinkerbell's green costume.

It's a nice image to see Tinkerbell using her wand and being blended in with a realistic setting. That's always a lot of fun with cartoon characters to do.

In this case it takes nothing away from Tinkerbell or the wallpaper, and makes it look very cool.


tinkerbell wallpaper
tinkerbell wallpaper | Source

Christmas Wallpaper of Tinkerbell Sitting with Red Ornaments

Next is a good example of the little fairy being not too much bigger than the red Christmas ornaments she's sitting in the midst of.

It's an unusual rendering of Tinkerbell because she is dressed in a very different outfit than usual; different than the traditional Christmas colors of green and red. It takes nothing away from the quality of the wallpaper, and blends it pretty well.

That thin line of what appears to be garland wound around the line looks pretty cool as well.

You almost get the feel that this little being is there posing for an opportune photo. The pose is very cute.

Tinkerbell Sitting

tinkerbell and ornaments
tinkerbell and ornaments | Source

Wallpaper of Tinkerbell Christmas Card

This looks like an image of a homemade Tinkerbell Christmas card, with Tinkerbell being shown in a green outfit and a red outfit to include both Christmas colors.

Since gold is probably the next color most used at Christmas time besides red and green (with the possible exception of silver), this has most of the colors people use when expressing a theme specifically related to Christmas.

It looks wonderful, and having Tinkerbell appear in both outfits was a good choice.

One thing that would have made it look a little clearer and distinct would have been to made the background of the inner part of the card a lighter color so it didn't blend too much with Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell in Red and Green Chistmas Outfits

tinkerbell christmas card
tinkerbell christmas card | Source

Tinkerbell Wallpaper Sitting on Thimble

This is a cute wallpaper full of color as Tinkerbell strikes up a self-satisfied pose where she seems to be quite content with something she just did.

It's hard to tell if this is a scale of a tree and presents that would be tiny by our standards, or if it was just an artist's conception of Tinkerbell. It seems like she is sitting on a thimble, and if she is, the conclusion would be that this is a tree and group of presents for Tinkerbell herself. Maybe that's why she looks a little smug or overly confident in this circumstance.

Whatever it is, it is definitely a look at Tinkerbell in a little different light. It's very pretty and little girls would really enjoy this as as wallpaper.

Tinkerbell Sitting by Christmas Tree and Presents

merry christmas from tinkerbell
merry christmas from tinkerbell | Source

Christmas Wallpaper of Tinkerbell Wishing Everyone Happiness

To me this is by far the highest quality Tinkerbell Christmas wallpaper of this gallery of photos, and it may appeal to more people because of the general message that Tinkerbell is wishing the viewer "happiness."

But this is about the wonderful flowers and vibrant red outfit worn by Tinkerbell in celebration of the Christmas holiday season. That yellow rose standing apart is absolutely gorgeous, as are what seem to be a group of wild flowers she's standing in the midst of.

It's very cute and the colors would be pleasing to look at and enjoy by anyone looking for a more winsome experience.

Tinkerbell in Red Christmas Outfit


Christmas Wallpapers Featuring Tinkerbell

There is no doubt Tinkerbell is a cartoon celebrity that has lasted for decades, and if things keep on going as they are for the popular fairy, that is sure to continue on for decades into the future; and even longer.

Since Tinkerbell is thought of so positively by the majority of people, she is a good little person to spread and convey the positive message associated with Christmas.

After all, who's going to speak bad of this wholesome, cute, friendly little creature adored by people around the world? I'm sure not, and I'm one of those that love her in these Christmas wallpapers, and will always be on the lookout for new wallpapers starring our favorite fairy.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wonderful hub on tinkerbell. I love the wallpaper. I am gonna stick tinkerbell in my toddler's room.