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Tinkerbell Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on August 20, 2015

Tinkerbell Halloween Costumes

Unless you've been living under a rock or out in the wilderness, Disney's fairies have become extraordinarily popular - with the young and older girls - and of course the most popular little Disney fairy of them all is Tinkerbell.

Consequently the cute wardrobe of Tinkerbell on TV and in the movies is a perfect theme to build a Halloween costume from, and even though the costume has to maintain a certain look to be recognized and identified as Tinkerbell, there are a lot of subtle changes that can be made to make it look a little different from person to person.

Some of the differences to look for in Tinkerbell Halloween costumes are the wings, colors, slippers, fringes, and sometimes the inclusion of a cap of some sort.

When I say colors above, I mean that along with the must-have green, there are all sorts of shades and additions which can add to the Tinkerbell costume, which you'll see in the Tinkerbell costumes below.

Baby, Toddler and Young Girl Tinkerbell Costumes

These first Tinkerbell baby and toddler costumes are just adorable. Tinkerbell themes really help a baby and toddler look even cuter than they normally do in almost any costume. Those little wings are especially cute, along with their gorgeous, tiny dresses.

Going down the little bit older girls also look beautiful in their little dresses with wings, and their different Tinkerbell shoes are really cute to look at. Get your cameras out for these little ones, you'll want to keep these memories forever.

Now you can see why Tinkerbell Halloween costumes are so fun to put on our children.

Cute Tinkerbell Baby Costume Photo

Tinkerbell Halloween Costumes for Tweens and Teens

In looking a the tween and teen Tinkerbell Halloween costumes, I thought we could look at the different styles there are out there, while still being able to identify each costume as Tinkerbell.

The first one below has those darker green colors which at first, I didn't like, but then after getting used to it, I found it growing on me and now really think it's a neat Tinkerbell look.

Going to the next Tinkerbell costume below that one, that's all about the darker green color on the inside of the dress with the traditional light green on the outer part. This one I liked from the beginning.

Now the third one down is definitely different, and seems to have a ballerina Tinkerbell look. The lower dress is also unique, but would go good with a certain type of figure. My only quibble is with her not having wings. That's a must with Tinkerbell.

Finally with the other teen Tinkerbell costume, you have the frilly and feminine look, which is really pretty, and I love how those sleeves hang down.

A lot of nice and different Tinkerbell tween and teen costumes to get ideas from.

Light Green Tinkerbell Costume

Tinkerbell Adult Halloween Costumes

I wasn't going to just stop with the young ladies now, as many of us adults love Tinkerbell, and it's a lot of fun to dress up as her. Here are three adult Tinkerbell costumes, each with a different style and look.

The first one below stands out because of the darker green on the sides, which really looks nice and complementary to the rest of the costume. Those purple wings are also great, and the wand really cute.

Below that is a Tinkerbell costume with very different shaped wings, and makes it very different, even though the dress is similar to some of the others. Again, little things like that make all the difference with costumes.

The last adult Tinkerbell costume is so cute. The green along with top of the wings, light color mixed in with the costume, and those wonderful wraps coming up from the shoes.

Tinkerbell Halloween Costume for Adults

You can see why Tinkerbell Costumes are so fantastic

What always amazes and astounds me is the way you can take a cartoon character like Tinkerbell who has one color in her wardrobe, and create all of these types of Tinkerbell Halloween costumes without losing the identity of Tinkerbell in the process.

Tinkerbell is a great Halloween theme, and add other fairies and characters to the mix any you could have a great party or family theme.


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