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Outdoor Decorations For Halloween

Updated on October 5, 2018
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed is a freelance writer for a variety of subjects. She enjoys writing about home improvement ideas from DIY to purchased items.

Grave Yard Headstones

Decorate your yard as a grave site for Halloween.
Decorate your yard as a grave site for Halloween. | Source

Front Door Decor

Halloween is a spooky celebration of warding away evil by both adults and children. It is a fun night of knocking on household doors announcing "Trick or Treat" and receiving fruits, candies, and other sugary delights, An alternative to knocking on neighbors' doors is attending indoor parties with Halloween edibles.

There are many costumes born from imagination or inspiration from celebrities, horror, intrigue, history, ghostly and monster beliefs, movies, television, and more add fun, intrigue, and excitement to the festivities.

Decorate the front door area with a variety of pumpkins, black birds, bats, skeletons, a door wreath, garlands of Halloween accessories or streamers hanging from the porch eves. The decorated door and porch is the welcoming mat for guests which can be friendly and beautiful or hauntingly ghostly and horror suggestive.

Halloween Front Porch Decorations

A skeleton bride waiting patiently.
A skeleton bride waiting patiently. | Source

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Tips

Create a scary Halloween front yard or backyard with goblins, witches, and ghosts. Many of these items can be created with household items in your home, children's toys, Christmas lights, and so much more.

Walk around your house, yard, barn, storage sheds collecting items which are worn or broken to be used for Halloween decorations. Old items will add to the originality of the decorations. Mix and match available items with store bought items to make your backyard spooky.

How to use your findings:

  1. White garbage bags with heads from balloons can be hung from trees to represent ghosts.
  2. Black garbage bags can be used as dresses for witches.
  3. Old brooms can be used as props for witches or make an original Halloween wreath.
  4. Damaged dolls can hang from old fencing or tree branches.
  5. Stacks of hay, dry corn stalks and leaves, and old tree stumps accessorize the scenery.
  6. Make scarecrows from worn out clothing, straw, or newspapers.
  7. Insert light bulbs into old white gloves to glow in the dark.
  8. Assorted faces cut into pumpkins.
  9. Old furniture settings and props to add spookiness.
  10. Use flood lights to create shadows.

Halloween Characters and Lights

Lighting will help to create a surreal surrounding which finds a skeleton sitting on a bench beside a lamp post with black birds in the sky.
Lighting will help to create a surreal surrounding which finds a skeleton sitting on a bench beside a lamp post with black birds in the sky. | Source

Halloween Lights and Glow in the Dark Effects

Celebrate Halloween in your backyard from late evening and into the night. The darkness accented with strategically placed lights will make many items look eerie and spooky.

Create a spooky decoration painted on an old sheet with glow in the dark paint. Hang the sheet against the outside wall of the house or onto an old building or shed.

Place spot lights to shine on trees or objects to create shadows and eeriness.. Make a walkway with rope or chain to guide spectators through a maze of scary characters and objects.

The walkway will help to protect and discourage people from investigating how you had set up the sheet painting and other spooky decor. Add more drama to the walkway by placing skeletons, ghoulish creatures, spiders, bats, ghosts, and other spooky or scary characters to compliment the painting.

Lighting Tips:

  1. Paint silhouette items black and light up with a spotlight.
  2. Paint articles with glow in the dark paint.
  3. Insert glow sticks into containers.
  4. Place lit lamps at grave markers.

Create mischief for unsuspecting visitors. How do you do this? Be a part of the props. For instance, dress as the Grimm Reaper and stand quietly until a group of people arrive, then move about like a mechanical toy. This performance will scare some people and others will wonder how the mechanical doll knew when to perform..

R.I.P. - Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery gate sign.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery gate sign. | Source

Halloween Cemetery - DIY

I have a neighbor who takes scrap wood and cuts them into tombstones with inscriptions "RIP" and "Here Lies Joe shot by his own gun" and other crazy combinations of original thoughts he may have. He places the tombstones in his yard to create a grave site and chains in the cemetery so people will not be tempted to walk through the yard.

  1. Place horrors by some of the death markers to add to the spookiness of Halloween. Toys come in handy for this. Do you have old stuffed animal critters? Do you have toy rubber rats, snakes, and lizards or other critters? Stretch spider webs across the death markers or nearby trees. Hang bats from tree limbs.
  2. Make "T-shaped" graveside markings with tree branches and cardboard hanging signs with original inscriptions to duplicate an old western death site. Place dried weeds at the markers.
  3. Place rubber rats and snakes in between pumpkins on the doorsteps.
  4. Place a sitting scarecrow dressed for Halloween to greet visitors. In his hat insert a T-shaped clothes hanger with hanging bats floating above his head.
  5. Create spooky effects with black lights. Or place soft lighting behind objects which causes their shadow to appear against a large surface. The glow will add to the spookiness and mystery.
  6. Play Halloween music for passersby and guests.

Spider Webs

Decorate a window with spider webs and a spider or two.
Decorate a window with spider webs and a spider or two. | Source

Spiders and Webs

A Halloween celebration is a great time to expose spiders and their cobwebs. Hang spiders from trees. Spread spider webs over bushes and place a spider in each web.

Spread out a large white spider web purchased or do-it-yourself with clothesline rope. Spread the large spider web over part of your house, shed, tree, or attach it to the large painted sheet that you designed. (If your sheet is white you may prefer to use the black spider web.) Black spider webs may be created from black strips of garbage bags.

Make a spider web by spraying a white clothesline with black paint and weave into a web design. This can be a fun project involving the children. Or have the children cut strips from the garbage bags which will be connected and formed into a cobweb.

Paint cobwebs and spiders on pumpkins. The nice thing about pumpkins is their dual purpose. They are part of the Halloween decorations and later can be used for pies, cookies, and other goodies.

Grillo Halloween Decorations 2012 - Demonica Zombie, Guardian

Spooky Props

Do you like to make your decorations or purchase?

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    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 

      4 years ago

      I hope I gave you ideas that you will be able to use for this Halloween season or for next year's.

    • healthyliving10 profile image

      Jodi Patfield 

      4 years ago from Canada

      So many awesome ideas! Thank you! I really enjoyed the combo of video's and writing. Excellent hubpage.


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