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Taylor's tips for Victorian Dress for Halloween

Updated on July 18, 2022

Taylor's Beauty Tips

I love Victorian dresses and you may want to know more about this clothing style because you are looking for something new and different for Halloween, cool clothes for your everyday lives or what to do for a Victorian style play.

I did a good amount of research by the way of looking at antique clothing, touring Victorian homes and reading things online. I did this for a play I wrote and looking to promote this play I will be doing this in character. My name is Taylor Black and I was once a Victorian Tranny Nanny and I will give you the tips you need to dress like a Victorian Queen.

All these paintings are by my favorite Victorian Royal Artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter. A German born artist. All of his work is in public domain.

Victorian Wig

This is a gray Victorian style wig for your Halloween party or your production of your Victorian play. This is a lovely look for an older character in a play, movie or at the party.

Tranny Nannies

Tranny Nannies is about two sad brothers who fail at almost everything they do, except for working at a horrible theatrical bar and grill for a total headcase jerk. They Live with their aging Grandmother and try to get better acting gigs in town. Sick of their Burger Bunker Hell, the two actors decide to change their lives and their fortune by moving to the Big Apple and starring in a play on Broadway. Their musical closes almost overnight and they soon become carless, homeless and hopeless. They save the life of a creepy owner/operator of a Nanny Agency. With no way to get back to Ohio, they have no choice, but to become Tranny Nannies. They get their costumes from a friend who designed frocks for a discontinued drag queen play. They are Nannies for two strange children of famous actors. Happy and Read are as different as night and day. One is scary smart and the other is just scary.

Update Amazon has done away with this program and this link is dead, but my story lives on. I'm actually turning this into a book. this is the direct code to the protect Tranny Nannies all you need is a computer and Amazon account to read this script and judge it for yourself.

This script has two five star reviews so far and is the funnest script I've ever written.

Shirts and Dresses

High collar shirts with slightly puffy long sleeved blouses were all the rage in Victorian England. In the late Victorian age black was all the rage, but that is because fashion would follow whoever was in power in England and The Queen Victoria was in mourning over the love of her life Prince Albert. They had been married for around twenty years and had nine children together.

Black was worn in England, but that was not the case in all of Europe. Other counties royals would wear other colors. The most popular colors for these women were white and purple worn together.

Be A Queen

The shirts were very modest, but dresses like this one worn by a young Queen Victoria could be off the shoulder with a v neckline. Pants could be worn sometimes by working women who worked in Libraries and other proper jobs. The right to wear pants was part of the Women's Sufarge moment.

If you are a bit of a Halloween Drag Queen, go with a full gown. You can were normal underwear, socks and even flatter women's shoes. Stockings, high heels and corsets are very painful and in dresses like this you don't always need them, but you can if you want to.


This is great if you don't have any dresses like this on hand and Amazon is great at their selections for everyday things and fancy dress parties.

Elegant and Sweet

This is a great example of how being modest can be very pretty and awesome. Her hair is silky smooth, her skin is clear and her manners are as royal as she is.

I like this dress as an example, it looks elegant and almost comfy, even though this young royal was probably wearing a corset.

The lace, silk and satin look wearable and beautiful. I love this painting and this lovely easy look.


Accessories were important to dressing up and outfit. Hats adorned with feathers, flowers and jewels could all be worn.

A pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and cameos were popular jewelry items. Shawls, cloaks, lace fans, umbrella, long fancy gloves and parasol umbrellas are some of the best ways to dress up a normal gown or dress and make it look Victorian for your Halloween party or play.

Young Victoria Trailer

Victoria and Albert Trailer


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