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Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Updated on October 12, 2015

Toddler and Pre School Gift Ideas for Christmas and Birthdays

Toddlers are kids age 1 to about 3 years old. Buying gifts for toddlers is great as they will tell you whether they like your gift idea or not. When my kids were about 2 years old, we loved interactive toys, toys that allowed them explore their physical attributes.

Gift ideas include blocks, stacking toys, riding toys, potty training, and trains.

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Tunnels and Tents for Toddlers

One of the best items we bought our children when they were toddlers was a tunnel and tent system. Kids love crawling through tunnels. They also love making forts. We use to do this with chairs and blankets when I was a kid. And now they have pop-up forts with connecting tunnels. These are great fun and have lasted over 15 years. In fact, my 5th grader still brings them out and creates all kinds of castles by adding chairs and blankets to the whole set.

Riding Toys for Toddlers

One great gift idea for toddlers, are riding toys. I prefer those that make the child use his legs and stay away from those that are mechanical. The idea is to develop the toddler's balance and physical movements. My favorite pedal toy as a kid, was definately the Big Wheel.

Toddler Gift Ideas from Public Television

Toddlers watch a lot of television, and should be watching less. There's no mistaking that Public Television shows the Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, Arthur, Calliou, and Thomas & Friends. The characters from Sesame Street, like Elmo, Kermit, Grover, Ernie, Burt, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Cookiemonster, and Count Drakula, are all favorites.

Potty Training Books for Toddlers

There are many potty training books that will help Toddlers getting out of diapers and into big kid underpants.

Thomas the Trains - Wooden train sets are a lot of fun

Boys love trains, and the Thomas the Trains wooden train sets are awesome. These sets lets toddlers explore putting tracks together using their hand-eye coordination. There are many bridges, curves, and buildings that add onto the basic Thomas the trains sets. There are many other wooden train sets, so be sure to buy the same brand like Melissa and Doug or Brio if you are adding on.

Blocks and other Building Sets for Toddlers

A great gift idea for Toddlers are blocks and other stacking toys, the higher the better. And toddlers don't necessarily like building as much as they like knocking things down. There are many types of blocks: wooden blocks, blocks with alphabet letters on them, and duplo building blocks. When buying stacking toys, find stackers that are at least as tall as your toddler.

What is your favorite toy for a toddler boy or girl?

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    • profile image

      ParentingAdviceGuru 3 years ago

      I like educational toys. They help develop a toddler's brain on logic thinking and reasoning. Alphabet blocks, shape sorters, mega sketchers and others are good educational toys. Toy figures are also included, except for little parts that are harmful and produce choking hazards.

    • profile image

      ParentingAdviceGuru 3 years ago

      The riding toys for kids are somewhat costly but I agree that they should be included in toddler gift ideas as they help develop a child's mobility to move around his/her surroundings. Other toys that are

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