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Toddler halloween costumes

Updated on November 30, 2013

Halloween Costume ideas

The wonderful Halloween season is around the corner. And as much as toddlers would fancy getting lots of chocolate bars from the adventures of reverse trick or treat, they are not yet up to the task. Hence, the best parents can do for their kids between ages 1- 3 is to get them a cool costume for Halloween.

Toddlers may not be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the costume this October, but they could look at the photos from this year's Halloween several years from now with smiles if they are dressed up properly. This article highlights some of the best Halloween costumes for toddlers.

Fairytale Witch Toddler Costume

This costume represents a good fairy tale witch. The fairytale witch costume includes a hat and a dress, but it doesn’t come with shoes. You know good fairytale witches includes Glinda, Maleficent of sleeping beauty, Ursula of The Little Mermaid and Strega Nona. Whichever name you decide to associate with your daughter’s costume is up to you to decide. Ultimately, this fanciful outfit will surely stir up fun this season.

Little Garden Gnome Infant / Toddler Costume

The garden dwarf costume as it is called in Germany, the place where the garden gnome originated is an ideal costume for toddlers and infants. Unlike some other costumes were kids are made to wear the kiddies version of a real superhero, the theme of a little garden gnome just fits their cute small frame.

The package includes a red gnome hat with ears and eyebrows, a pair of booties and an attachable beard.

Super Mario Bros. - Mario Deluxe Toddler / Child Costume

Your kid can dress up like that cute creature that walks to and fro the tv set whenever the famous Super Mario song goes off. “Tin-di-tin-di-tin.....” you remember that beat, right? The costume comes with a red long sleeve shirt, a jumpsuit and an inflatable belly to make Mario plump.

The Super Mario Costume also includes is a large red hat with a white "M" inscribed in front of it, a large moustache and white gloves. People would probably mistake your child for the real hero in the famous Nintendo game.

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Infant / Toddler Costume

The coolest thing about this costume is that pumpkins are symbolic of the Halloween season. This cuddly costume features an orange body and a matching orange pumpkin hat that has a green pumpkin stem on top. Also included in this package are green arm warmers and leg warmers.

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