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Top 10 Best Toddler Gifts 2014

Updated on April 11, 2014

Gifts for Toddler Girls & Boys 2, 3 & 4 years old

Toddlers love gifts! Watch their eyes light up with joy as they open their gifts and begin to play with them and you smile knowing that behind the fun and games, they are learning. Because the best toddler gifts today are fun, educational and really cool!

Inside you'll find the best toddler gifts for preschool 2ish, 3 and 4 year old boys and girls, rated entirely by our visitors like you! From shopping for toddler games and toddler toys to classic toddler gifts like horses, toy train sets, toy cars and musical instruments. Even new electronic toddler gift ideas like fridge phonics, the v-smile learning system and a digital camera specially designed for tots!

What are The Top Toddler Gifts for 2014? In addition to great shopping, this page has a cool interactive visitor poll with a quest to determine The Top 10 Toddler Gifts for 2014. Cast your vote below! Don't spend hours navigating the web, search engines and huge websites, that's my job! The best toddler gifts are all right here on one easy shop page! See the right gift, just click to order and there's another one crossed off the Christmas list!

DCMA Notice by Walter Baumgarten

Twilight Turtle turns baby's room into a starry night sky which comforts the child to sleep. Twilight Turtle projects a magical constellation of stars onto bedroom ceiling and walls with your choice of three soothing color options. Twilight Turtles shell illuminates like a nightlight to help ease children's fear of the dark.

This interactive and educational toy includes eight actual constellations (such as The Big Dipper) embedded in the star pattern. Parents can sit with their children and identify these major constellations using the wonderfully illustrated Twilight Turtle Star Guide.

Twilight Turtle helps make bedtime fun for children of all ages and makes the perfect gift. Each Twilight Turtle is individually hand painted for a unique, artful look that complements any nursery or children's room.

The bulldozer is pushing peas onto the lift fork. The fork is lifting to the mouth receptacle and it's GOOD! Make mealtime constructive and fun, even for fussy eaters, with our Constructive Eating Plate and Utensils! Mealtime can seem like a long haul, but with our Construction Plate and Utensils, shoveling food into our mouths has never been so exciting.

The Construction Plate has slotted parking areas for each utensil and also features built-in construction site ramps and sections to provide an enhanced eating project experience. This dishwasher and microwave safe Construction Plate and Utensils package contains one Forklift Fork, one Front Loader Spoon, one Bulldozer Pusher and one Constructive Eating Plate. Utensils all have realistic and textured handles that are kid friendly. FDA approved. Paint and lead free.

Constructive Eating Plate & Utensils

iSeeMe Personalized Childrens Books - A very unique personalized gifts for your child...

Try to remember way back when you were a little tyke, you sat in dad's lap and he read you those cherished, nursery rhymes and fairy tales? Those bedtime stories where shared with you time and time again. Are you reading bedtime stories to your kids? Maybe you should, doing so makes beloved memories for kids to look back upon when they grow up.

A personalized children's book is a thoughtful present for kids, and one that will be treasured. In this book, your boy or girl will have their very own adventure. Their friends can even be written in for a more personalized touch! Favorite foods, colors, and even pets can be included to make sure this is one story your child will adore. With so many theme choices your young one can be a hero, a princess, or even help their favorite super-hero save the world.

This gift for toddlers is amazing. Plus, personalized children's book can help encourage reading. Children seem more interested in reading when they can relate to the story in the book, so what better story to listen to than one that's actually about them?

Stop by our LEGO Store to see lots more lego ideas for toddlers age kids.
Stop by our LEGO Store to see lots more lego ideas for toddlers age kids.

When I was a kid I never thought about how much I was learning while I was playing with my LEGO's but now that I look back If your looking for a gift that stimulates the child and helps develop many skills during play. A LEGO kit helps kids visualize their stories and develop narratives to go with them.

LEGO's make a great toddler gift too, question is which LEGO's are appropriate for toddlers in this age group. The answer is that the LEGO

DUPLO series is designed for kids from 2-5 years old. Older toddlers who have already had a DUPLO set may enjoy the LEGO Bricks & More Builders Series with an age recommendation of kids 4 and up.

Train Interactive Dinosaur Arnie the Argentinosaurus - Watch Arnie rear back, stomp and walk!


ased on the Jim Henson PBS show, the Tomy Dinosaur Train.

Dinosaur Train InterAction Arnie Argentinosaurus
Dinosaur Train InterAction Arnie Argentinosaurus

Arnie the Argentinosaurus allows your child, age three years and up, to bring their favorite Dinosaur Train character to life.

(36 months - 5 years)


Even with all the innovative products over at Apple, they have yet to capitalize on the market for laptops for Little Tikes, so Fisher-Price, V-Tech and other companies have stepped in and below is this years top toddler laptops.

These aren't simply toys, they're friends, and the friendship begins the moment the toddler opens the electronic learning gift and plays with it. The toddler starts learning their ABC's-123's and a lot more. Electronic toddler toys that educate are a very good gift choice for kids because they are at that age when they love to learn. Electronic learning toys are among the top toddler birthday gifts this year. The number 1 learning tablet just got better! LeapPad2 inspires kids to imagine & explore with a faster

processor and 4GB for limitless learning fun! Ages 3-9 years.

Popular Fisher Price Toys

Fisher Price toys are popular gifts for babies, toddlers and children.

When it comes to well thought out toys with an educational twist, nobody does it better than the folks at Fisher-Price. You can count on a good safe gift choice for children. The Fisher Price Shop at Amazon features all the best gifts from Fisher-Price. Below are some of the top gifts from Playschool for boys and girls.

Find out more about this wonderful Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel at
Find out more about this wonderful Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel at

Arts and Crafts Supplies

You can't go wrong with these arts and crafts gifts for toddlers and kids.

Check out the nice variety of toddler arts and crafts gifts. This is a great age to expose them to artistic creativity. Kids are extremely proud of their art and crafts.

Order now to have it in time for the special day!

John Deere 21" Big Scoop Dump Truck

Giant wheels make even the most rugged sites accessible!

Here's an over-sized, extra tough dump truck that's ideal for outdoor sandbox play. Its durable actual steel dump box that is fully functional. Recommended ages 36 months - 5 years old.

Toddler sports activities help encourage good habits and a habit of exercise via fun activities that get preschool toddlers involved in non-competitive sports which more than anything improve flexibility, confidence, plus build strong bodies.

Toddler sports gifts are the perfect introduction into sports and group play at this tender young age. The child learns the basics of running, kicking and score in soccer, basketball and other fun sports.

Furreal Friends - Baby Butterscotch - Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony


aby Butterscotch gives young girls the experience of owning a show pony.

Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony Pet
Furreal Friends Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony Pet

This soft and cuddly pony is a loveable little filly that responds to her touch and voice.

(4 years and up)


Tips for Toddler Gift Shoppers

At this age toddlers are sponges for information, feed that curiosity with educational gifts.

It may be very good for toddlers to begin life with some excellent interactive educational toddler toys because of the receptive learning stage they are at this age. Toddlers have an

amazing capacity for learning. Take advantage of the large variety of new electronic toys, books, puzzles, and wooden toys available today. They will help you to teach as well as stimulate your childs imagination.

Learning Christmas gifts for toddlers help the child build abilities or skills that help them in academics when they get older, because children tend to do better later on when exposed to letters, numbers and sounds at a young age.

Board games for toddlers like Chutes and Ladders and The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game are a great introduction to the fun that can be had playing board games. To see more fun games click on any game and explore similar items at Amazon, they have a wonderful selection.

toddler music gifts
toddler music gifts

Musical Instrument Department

Does your toddler have musical talent? Don't laugh, child prodigies often show signs of talent at a very young age.

Every young person needs a good hobby. Music is an interesting kid hobby that will help toddlers learn as well as keep them entertained for hours. Music is also an important part of childhood development. From the first sounds of a lullaby to the repetition of basic nursery rhymes, each child will respond to the simplest forms of music.

Numerous studies report the basic fundamentals of music providing the foundation for learning math as well as building self-esteem and confidence. Music instruments are one of the best toddler birthday gifts. Give the gift of music! Hands on music instruments, designed for your little

star encourage musical development. Who knows? Your toddler may be a naturally gifted performer. There are a lot of wonderful toy instruments for toddlers, ranging from drums, guitars and xylophones.

WOW, there are some fun new electric ride-on vehicles including ATV's, sports cars, Jeeps and even Hummers for your little tykes.

Buy the special child a shiny powered new ride-on gift! Ride-on toys rule because they provide hours of fun. Wait till you see the joy on his face when he climbs behind the wheel of a brand new truck! It just doesn't get any better than this for boys...

Toddler Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy birthday gifts for toddlers...

We have selected gift ideas that really stand out from the pack for their quality, entertainment and educational value. We've assembled the most popular and highest rated products and we are featuring them in this toddler gifts lens for you to consider when choosing your unique gift.

It is a good idea to shop online early for the best selection of birthday gifts for toddlers. Many popular Toddler gifts will sell out early this year, creating the potential for a shortage of some of the most popular toys. For more excellent toddler gift ideas shop the Toddler Gift Guide at Amazon.

Teach My Toddler is the iParenting award-winning, first all-in-one pre-school learning system for toddlers 18 months+. The kit has 17 teaching tools to help toddlers master the basics; alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Each section is fully-coordinated with a total of 5 puzzles, 4 board books, 4 posters and 4 sets of flashcards.

The tools are neatly organized in a portable and storable carrying case. The aim of Teach My Toddler is to give toddlers a head start and to encourage one-on-one time between toddlers and their parents, grandparents and caregivers.

Toddler & Trains

Does the toddler for whom your shopping have an affection for choo-choo trains?

All aboard! It's time to go for a ride on the Thomas And Friends Train toys! Toddlers really love choo-choo train toys and the Learning Curve Wooden Railway is the perfect first train set for toddlers this Xmas. Learning Curve Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Accessories.

There are many wonderful Thomas And Friends optional add-ons your toddler can use to enhance his train set. Customize your toddlers train set with cool add-on's. Learning Curve Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Engines and Cars. This is a sample of the wonderful Thomas and Friends toy railroad engines offered by Learning Curve.

Toddler Gift Tip

A helpful tip for toddler gift shoppers.

Tip: Be sure that you are buying a gift that is for a toddler! Sometimes we may over-estimate them and treat them like bigger children and get a gift that's inappropriate.

Here is a wonderful gift idea. A kids digital camera is a fun and creative way to introduce photography to young children and photography is a wonderful way for toddlers to explore their creative side.

Have you ever noticed that for some reason, certain kids seem to be really drawn to photography. As soon as you pull out the camera, they get all excited and want to take the picture.

Why not encourage this by getting your child one of the many kids cameras that are on the market, so that they may have a camera of their very own.

Girls Gifts

Girls gift ideas. Fun gifts for girls.


ay we suggest a few lovely gifts for your little princess?

  1. Her first purse
  2. A shiny new bike
  3. A pretty pair of slippers.
  4. A new digital camera

Compare selected R/C toys for toddlers. Durable wireless remote control toys featuring easy controls specially designed with a toddler in mind.

Toddlers will entertain themselves for hours with these durable play props. They'll be cooking up lunch, having tea parties, BBQing and baking.

Toddlers love to role play and these toddler role-play set, gift ideas will fuel their creativity while at play. It doesn't take much for kids to pretend. These excellent props allow toddlers to create an imaginary world where they play and learn. A fun gift idea for toddlers!

The playset recognizes each Little People Disney princess and responds with her name, special phrases & a song! Cinderella and Snow White figures are included. Recommended ages 18 months - 5 years old.

Top 10 Best Gifts for Toddlers 2014 - Which in your opinion, is the best gift to give a toddler?

This is a nonscientific, survey of visitors just like yourself. This Top 10 Toddler Gifts for 2014 list serves as a guide for online shoppers. Many folks have been voting for the best gift to give a toddler and below are the current standings. Put your 2 worth in, it's quick and easy. Your vote counts.

Don't see a product that should be on the Top 10 Toddler Gifts List? Add it to the list! You Vote-You Decide VOTE NOW!!!

She really brightens the place up in her hip Heart Sparks from Skechers. The hippie chic, rainbow style, retro shoe. Stomp-activated lights transform this hip shoe into a glam extravaganza. (available in toddler & little kid sizes)

Toddler Hummer
Toddler Hummer

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