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Tom and Jerry Birthday Supplies

Updated on March 18, 2015

Tom and Jerry Party Ideas

Ever since you were a kid you could not get enough of the antics of that crazy cat and that genius little mouse, and now its time to throw your very own themed Tom and Jerry party! Oh wait..this party is for a child, not for you, well better late than never. Tom and Jerry has withstood the test of time and its time to really have a blast with a Tom and Jerry party.

Featured here are a number of Tom and Jerry birthday supplies and party ideas anyone can use to create something special for a themed party. You'll find ideas for invitations, cake decorating, party food and games, decorations and even favors you can include in party bags.

Personalized Tom and Jerry Party Invitations
Personalized Tom and Jerry Party Invitations

Tom and Jerry party Invitations

For the invitations you can’t go wrong with the fun and cheesy invitations that are available on Etsy. This one (featured right) allows you to incorporate your child’s picture and captures the fun and whimsy of old fashioned cartoons.

Another great idea would be to get this set of Tom and Jerry invitations from Birthday Express. It saves you the trouble of having to print the invitations and find suitable envelopes yourself. Plus if you decide to get more party supplies from Birthday Express everything will match, which is always a great way to pull a party together.

Tom and Jerry Balloons
Tom and Jerry Balloons

Tom and Jerry Party Decorations

For some Tom and Jerry decorations the key will be to use bright, primary colors throughout the party area. So plenty of streamers and balloons are on for this party theme. As mentioned, Birthday Express once again eliminates the stress of decorating or party planning by having a great Tom and Jerry themed kit, which includes place settings, streamers, balloons, ribbon candles, a tablecloth and centerpiece, activity placemats, confetti and a foil balloon. It even comes with the invitations! It is a great all in one kit that you cannot go wrong with.

Catch My Party also has some great decorating ideas if you feel like going all out. This fantastic table could be easily recreated using a roll of white paper and a tracker or using a Tom and Jerry poster. Plastic table cloths can be used for the blue and red on the table and then plenty of balloons for the arch. Pictures of Tom and Jerry cut out and glued to cardboard could make your own standees for the table, and voila! A perfectly decorated food table!

Tom and Jerry Party Food Ideas

Now as for the food, meats and cheese are the perfect way to bring the favorite foods of the two characters together. A cheese tray is perfect and you can even use small cookie cutters to make them into great shapes. Another idea is to get cat and mouse cookie cutters and use those on the cheese, or with sandwiches or even Jello. For the meats, you can do chicken wings or lunch meat. You can also make like a cat chow mix of granola, fruit and chocolate chips. It is always important to include some of the favorite foods of the birthday child so make sure there is something there they will love too!

Tom and Jerry Cake
Tom and Jerry Cake

Tom and Jerry Birthday Cake Ideas

For a Tom and Jerry cake, there is a big problem. The problem is that the professionally created Tom and Jerry cakes that you can see by a quick internet search, are literally some of the cutest cakes ever seen. They are fun and quirky and capture the characters personalities. So if you know someone that can make cakes that adorable, it might be well worth the extra money for this party. The pictures alone of the cake and your child's face will give you smiles for years.

Another option would be this adorable cake topper from that features Jerry playing one of his usual pranks on Tom. Edible cake toppers can also be found on EBay if that is your preferred route for a great Tom and Jerry cake.

Making a Tom and Jerry Cake - Pictured steps video tutorial

Tom and Jerry Party Games and Activities

For some great Tom and Jerry activities the best idea is just to recreate some classic party games and give them a Tom and Jerry twist. You can print out a large picture of Tom and then either have guests pin the tail on Tom or you can have them pin hammers or mousetraps or any other fun gadgets that Jerry might use on poor Tom. The second option is especially great for little kids because it does not matter where they stick the items as long as it gets on Tom they get to play their own little prank. Peppers Polly Wogs came up with the idea to have a cheese eating contest. Have the kids use only their mouths to eat a piece of cheese, whoever finishes first wins!

If you need the kids to burn off some energy then what is better than a game of cat and mouse? Have one child at a time be the cat and the rest of the children are the mice. The mice run around and try to escape the cat. You can designate certain areas as mouse holes so that the mice can be safe from the cat and you can include some fun props to add to the game. Inflatable hammers can force the mouse or the cat to have to freeze if they are struck or you can have pictures of hazards that both the cats and the mice have to avoid. Have fun recreating different scenes from the shows to incorporate into the game so the kids really have a blast. Eventually have the kids take turns being the cat!

Prefilled Tom and Jerry Party Favor Boxes
Prefilled Tom and Jerry Party Favor Boxes

Tom and Jerry Party Favors

For Tom and Jerry party favors you can go as easy or as unique as you want. Once again Birthday Express becomes the go to party place for Tom and Jerry. Their Tom and Jerry favor box includes a glitter ball, noise putty, stickers, a noise maker, a whistle and a Tom and Jerry ring. The kids will be thrilled but the key to this favor is making sure the kids do not get them until they leave. One child with that many noisy toys is enough, and entire party full of them may just drive everyone a little crazy.

Into the Ether also came up with the great idea to turn plain white boxes into oversized presents that were filled with different toys and treats. They are a fun and cartoony way to finish out a great party.

Tom and Jerry Party Note!

With so many great ideas there is no way that your Tom and Jerry party will be anything but a perfect cat and mouse game of fun!

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