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Top 10 Christmas Party Themes

Updated on November 19, 2014

With Christmas always right around the corner, are you planning your Christmas festivities for this year? It’s never too early to start planning an awesome Christmas party!

One of the things that makes any party so awesome is having a theme. Christmas party themes are not too uncommon, but good ones are really hard!

Luckily, just having family and friends gathered together on this cold winter day is warming enough, but take a look at these Christmas party themes anyway:


Christmas Party Theme Ideas

  • Hot Chocolate Christmas: Everyone will have a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm their hands at this beautiful Christmas party. While we are on a chocolate kick, don’t forget the fondue fountain! Oh, and marshmallows are a must!

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party: We’ve all heard about these, and if you have actually been to one, you know how fun they can actually be! Everyone will showcase their ugly masterpieces, which is a total requirement. No ugly sweater, no entry!

  • Gingerbread Land: Everything gingerbread will be at this party including gingerbread house making contest, gingerbread man decorating, and gumdrops galore! Make it a dessert party with coconut snowball cupcakes and Santa strawberry shortcakes

  • Snowflake Social: Snowflakes should be all over the room with this fun theme! Color scheme should stick with light blue, dark blue, white, and silver. Have an ice cream bar with all your sundae fixings or snow cones of many flavors!

  • Snowman’s Land: This is an all out winter wonderland theme featuring one main star: The snowman! Feel free to be specific and use Frosty the snowman or just a general snowman. Make melting snowman cookies or melted snowman Christmas ornaments. If there’s actually snow, then a snowman making contest is officially on!


What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

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  • Merry Cookiemas!: Who doesn't love a cookie social? Each guest brings a a batch of their favorite homemade Christmas cookies to share with the party, as well as enter into a cookie taste contest. Everyone votes for their favorite cookie of the party, and the winner wins a set of festive cookie bakeware or dessert plates.

  • Costume Christmas: This is a general Christmas party of any theme you want, but everyone must arrive in costume! Not like scary Halloween costumes, but Christmas themed like Santa, elves, reindeer, snowman, and so on. Think characters from famous Christmas movies and fictional characters from Christmas stories!
  • Elf Wrapping Party: Calling all parents! Grab your elf ears and wrapping paper because this is going to be one big wrapping party! Everyone needs to wrap their Christmas presents, so why not make a party of it? Enjoy beverages and treats while wrapping the presents and socializing! Sounds like a good time to me!
  • Tree-Trimming Party: Don't feel like decorating your tree by yourself? Turn the task into a party by inviting some close friends and family to help you get those ornaments up. Make sure you have plenty of festive snacks and music to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit!
  • Christmas Movie Marathon: Especially a great Christmas party theme idea for the kids, especially if they're planning any sleepovers over Christmas vacation! From Home Alone to Elf, caramel popcorn and hot chocolate, what more could you ask for?


Elf on the Shelf Scrapbooking Party

Okay, this one is usually for the moms that are into scrapbooking, but it can still be fun (and I soo felt this deserved its own section)! Everyone who has an Elf on the Shelf takes pictures of where the elf was found hiding each morning and will later print these up the day of the party.

While making a scrapbook of the pictures, enjoy some eggnog, perhaps with a touch of rum (oh, how daring, I know!) catch up, and even springs for some chocolate-covered strawberries. Play some music, play some games; it’s still a party! Wrap some gifts if you can.

It’s not only for the moms, though! Other friends can be invited along with their significant others, but since the point of the party is making the scrapbooks, kids should not be there. You’re essentially making a Christmas present that will look as if it’s from the Elf, himself!

Party Tips

  • Take a good picture for the cover! Perhaps in the same place and pose as you plan on putting him on Christmas Day!

  • Share supplies! This will make it cheaper on everyone while having the biggest selection of supplies to use!

  • Take extra photos of the elf when your children aren’t around so you have more pictures to scrapbook!

  • Make a silly story rather than creating a typical scrapbook.

Doesn’t that sound like a cute idea? It is a lot of fun! All of the Christmas party themes are fun when there’s enough heart involved!


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