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Top 10 Gifts for Scuba Divers

Updated on September 7, 2014

Scuba Gears: A Special Gift to a Special Person

Are looking for a gift for a scuba diver? Here is a list of scuba gears and accessories that will be of use to a scuba diver.

This list was created with the help of my husband whose hobby includes diving. It ranges from dive computers to dive lights. Check out our list and decide which is the best one.

Always remember, the scuba gears help the diver explore the vast underwater world. And with the proper gear, the diver can fully enjoy the beauty down deep.

10) Scuba Gear Bag

The Scuba Gear Bag (also known as dive bag) isn't just a regular bag. A Scuba Gear Bag makes it easier for the diver to hold and transport all his bulky gears. Hence, when choosing a dive bag one should find something durable and sturdy that can last for years.

# 1 Tip

Find a dive bag with a corrosion-proof zipper.

When selecting a scuba gear bag, first to check is the zipper --ask if it has a corrosion-proof zipper or corrosion-resistant zipper . If not, don't buy it. The bag won't last long as it is prone to rust especially in contact with salt-water.

The size of the scuba gear bags differ according to its purpose. Smaller bags are great entry level bags that can fit your fins, boots, and mask. These are perfect for local dives.

There are also scuba bags that can fit 2 gears which is made for you and your partner. They can also be used for long travels.

Mares Cruise Mesh Duffle Bag
Mares Cruise Mesh Duffle Bag

Mesh bags are my favorite. With mesh bags, it is easier to rinse and drain the gears right after dive. This Mares Mesh Duffle Bag is large enough to hold the basic gears like fins, mask, boots, and even the BCD.

Proven durable and sturdy to hold your items.

Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Deluxe Bag, Black
Mares Cruise Backpack Mesh Deluxe Bag, Black

For people who prefer backpack to duffel bags, this a good choice. A sturdy backpack mesh bag big enough to hold the scuba equipments. It has a lateral and sturdy zipper that ensures easy access to your equipment at all times, even when the bag is completely overloaded


# 2 Tip

Treat your zipper with wax to make

it last ... longer.

9) Dive Lights

Dive Lights are often used in exploring underwater wrecks, caves and cracks. It is also the main source of light during night dives. There are different bulbs used in dive lights such as LED, HID, xenon, etc. HID and LED provide brighter lights compared to xenon. However, they also cost a little more.

Learn more about Dive Lights

Christmastree worms By Al@in76

Christmastree worms By Al@in76
Christmastree worms By Al@in76

8) Underwater Camera

Capture the best of the underwater world in your camera. You can use either a point and shoot or a DSLR camera when taking pictures underwater. But before taking that first dive, it is recommended to complete your underwater photography equipment which includes the underwater camera, flash, underwater camera housing and a memory card.

Should you wish to take Underwater Photography Course, visit PADI

Below are the most commonly and highly recommended underwater cameras by divers.

GoPro HD Hero 960
Aside from 1280 x 960p high def video capture, the camcorder lets you shoot as deep as 180' under the surface, and it also comes equipped with multiple mounts for recording from just about any angle. With the 960 you'll get the quick-release housing, a curved mount, flat mount, helmet front mount, headlamp-style head strap, and a quick-release buckle.
Amazon Price: $239.99 

# 3 Tip

"Although many modern cameras are moisture resistant, none can withstand full submersion without an underwater housing to protect them from water and pressure." - PADI

7) Underwater Camera Housing

To protect your camera from water and pressure, it is always recommended to buy an underwater camera housing. This is just one way to prevent your precious camera from leaking.

6) Dive Fins

Dive fins is one of the essential items in diving. If you are a new diver, this is included in the first equipment that you should buy.

There are different styles of dive fins that you can choose from. Designs include full-footed fins, split fins and force fins. When buying a dive fin, the first thing to consider is your comfort. Buy a fin that suits you best.

# 4 Tip

Mares fins are the world's top-selling dive fins, with special patented designs that allow for more powerful kicks and swifter movement. - Lifetips

5) Regulator Set

Scubapro Mk17/a700 Regulator
Scubapro Mk17/a700 Regulator

Cold water divers or those frequenting harsh environments will appreciate this perfectly matched pair


4) BCD

BCD (Buoyancy Control Devices) gives the diver control of his movements underwater. It also holds the tank. Hence, before buying one, make sure it fits you perfectly.

To know more info on how to choose your own BCD, please refer to PADI's website.

Subgear by Scubapro BCD, MK2 Plus R295 Regulator, R295 Octo, Computer, Scuba Gear Package
Subgear by Scubapro BCD, MK2 Plus R295 Regulator, R295 Octo, Computer, Scuba Gear Package

Adjustable BC with super control from wrap-around bladder, perfect for travel and recreational diving and durable enough for diving schools.


2) Dive Computer

Dive computer is essential to underwater divers since it's basic use is to measure the time and depth of a dive. Dive computers can also display other data such as the required decompression stop depth and time and the estimated remaining air time.

Oceanic Dive Computers DataMask Integrated Nitrox-Air Comp
Oceanic Dive Computers DataMask Integrated Nitrox-Air Comp

1) Dive Mask

Dive masks are the most important equipment of a diver. It protects the eyes from water. It also enables the diver to see what is hidden in the underwater world. IT is important to purchase a good set of dive mask.

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