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Top Halloween Costumes Trendy Tweens Will Love

Updated on October 15, 2016
Scroll down for info about tween girl's wolf costume shown here.
Scroll down for info about tween girl's wolf costume shown here.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Tweens

Tweens will love these Halloween Costumes! Being a tween can be difficult for kids and parents. No longer a child and not yet a teen, the 10-to-12 year old shares characteristics of both.

Not wanting to appear childish, but not yet as mature as a teenager, tweens want costumes that reflect the latest trends in popular culture while parents don't want the to wear costumes that are too revealing or too adult. The trick is to find costumes that are age-appropriate but still look "grown-up" enough to be acceptable to tweens.

Characters from the latest box-office smash hits and favorite TV shows are sure winners but not all of those are parent-pleasers. We have scoured the web to find the best deals on the most wanted tween costumes for Halloween that are also parental favorites. So, if you are looking for the most popular parent-approved tween costumes, you've come to the right place.

Enjoy shopping and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume
Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume

Tweens Give Top Ratings to Monster High Character Costumes

Monster High is one of the most popular tween franchises. We like it because its main message is that it is okay to be different. Tween girls love these characters and will be thrilled to wear the wild hair and make-up of their favorite "student." These costumes are also great for a themed Halloween for a group of friends.

We've chosen just 5 of the Monster High Denizens to show you here, but more characters are available, so if your tween favors Catty Noir, Abby Bominable, Draculaura, Elissabat, Laguna Blue, Operetta, Jinafire, Rochelle Goyle, Ghoulia Yelps, Clio DeNile, or Howleen, just click the link below to see the full line of Monster High Costumes, Wigs, Make-up, and Accessories.


Official Monster High Costumes. Above right : Clawdeen Wolf. Left to right above: Monster High Frankie Stein Sweet 1600, Skelita Calaveras, Twyla and Viperine are just a few of the many Monster High Costumes available.

Click Here for Everything You Need for a Monster High Halloween

Tween "Wear Wolf" Costume

from InCharacter Costumes

This top-rated tween costume, also shown above in our intro photo, comes with the wolf-printed shirt, skirt, vest, glovettes, hood hood with ears and fur pom-poms, and boot covers. (The denim leggings shown in the photo are not included.)

Choose from Tween sizes: Small (8-10), Medium (10-12), and Large (12-14). This costume is hand-washable and we know more than one neighborhood tween who wore the hood after Halloween throughout the winter too!

Chazz's Personal Tip: When new, fake fur tends to shed a little. If you spray the fur pieces lightly with hair spray it will minimize or even prevent shedding.

Click Here for More Information or to Place an Order

Added Bonus!

Most of the Costumes

Shown Here Qualify

for FREE Shipping

More Popular Halloween Costume Choices - For Media Savvy Tweens

Maleficent is a more mature (but still Disney-esque) film version of Sleeping Beauty that appeals to older kids and adults.

Because of the movie's success, costumes such as these will be in great demand so be sure to order yours early so you are not disappointed.

On the left: Maleficent Tween Costume by Halloween FX. A favorite of tweens and younger teenagers. Available in several sizes.

On the right: A more sophisticated Maleficent but still not too adult for tweens, this one is selling fast.

Order yours today at Amazon

Hottest Selling Marvel, X-Men, Superhero Halloween Costumes for Tween-age Girls

Left to Right: Tween Spider Girl Costume, Iron Man II Iron Ironette Avengers Costume, American Dream Girls Captain America Superhero Costume, X-Men Storm Costume for Tween Girls, Wild Thing Daughter of Wolverine, and Rubie's Justice League Wonder Woman Costume. These and more, including Wolverine, Thor, Batwoman, Robin, and Supergirl are Available at in a range of sizes.

Your feedback is very important to us. We appreciate all comments and look forward to reading them and responding to your questions.

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