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Top 10 Halloween Monsters

Updated on December 15, 2014

Which Is Your Favorite - the Spookiest, Scariest, and Best?

Halloween monsters are the kind that go bump (and cackle and shriek) in the night during this very special time of year!

Have you ever stopped to think which is your favorite? It might be the kind that gives you creepy chills, the kind who you could see yourself having a raging good time with, or just the kind of monster who you think deserves some time in the spotlight.

Now is your chance to vote, and let your voice be heard! Halloween monster lovers, unite!

Recent Developments: The Zombie has staggered past the Headless Man and the Witch to claim the #3 spot on our Halloween Monsters list. The Mummy has moaned its way closer to the top from a position at #9.

Honorable Mention: Goblin/Troll/Ogre

Troll | Source

Ancient Mythological Beasts

Mythology is full of strange non-human, non-animal creatures that were used to explain the world before we had science and the Internet. None have stuck around quite so well as the trolls and the ogres. (In fact, "troll" is used as a derogatory Internet term to this day). Trolls and ogres have taken many shapes and forms throughout history; sometimes they're the size of a child, sometimes the size of a mountain. Sometimes they look almost like ugly humans, other times they're barely recognizable as humanoid at all. Just about their only persistent characteristics are their large noses, hairiness, and penchant for human flesh.

Honorable Mention: Satyr

Satyr | Source

Half Human, Half Animal

People have always had a fascination with wondering what it would be like if the bodies of humans and animals somehow became combined. The centaur, the Minotaur, and the satyr are all results of this fascination. The best part of these mental creations is that you get to combine the most interesting personality parts of the participants. In this case, the satyr tends to have the more, ahem, seductive parts of animal nature.

#10: Succubus/Siren


Sexy Female Demons and Immortals

Like the satyr, the succubus demon combines our fear of strange creatures with our attraction to the unknown. In this case, instead of being a half-human, half-animal, the succubus is a female demon who seduces human males. We're not sure exactly what the problem is there, except there might be something about sacrificing your soul thrown into the mix. These monsters can often take the form of beautiful women, then transform into the more frightening creature pictured above.

I've put sirens in the same category because, like the succubi, they like to lure men to their doom.

Do You Want To Be a Succubus For Halloween?

Succubus Costume - Adult Costume
Succubus Costume - Adult Costume

Choosing to dress like a succubus for Halloween definitely gives you a lot of options (although you might have to explain your costume, as not everyone knows what a succubus is, or is supposed to look like). Basically, anything that combines sexiness with some sort of demonosity, like the bat-wings pictured here, should do the trick.


#9: Ghost

Ghost | Source

Ethereal Leftovers

Ever since humans began talking about a separate spirit that inhabits the body and exits after death, they have pondered what happened to those spirits. And so, ghosts were born. In general, they were thought of as spirits that didn't end up going where they were supposed to go, for one reason or another. Humans have sometimes been able to help these creatures "cross over" and find final resting places. In other cases, the ghosts have done the same for the humans!

#8: Mummy

Mummy | Source

Preserved Skin and Bones

In ancient Egypt, mummies were the revered, preserved bodies of the dead. In creating mummies, they hoped to aid their deceased in finding their way to the proper eternal resting place. However, when mummies were rediscovered by explorers thousands of years later, all sorts of stories about curses and mysterious disappearances started to fly about.

If you think about it, it's hard not to believe there's something magical about a body that's still around thousands of years after its death. And if you've ever seen a mummy, they definitely have a high spook-factor. Just start thinking about details if you want some extra gore, like the part about people's brains being pulled out of their noses or the part about some people being mummified alive!

#7: Frankenstein

Frankenstein | Source

Reconstructed From Corpses

The original Frankenstein monster was created by a mad scientist who wanted to play God: he wanted to create life. So he picked up a bunch of dead body parts, sewed them together, and threw a few lightning bolts at his creation. Frankenstein is known for feeling utterly alone in the world, shunned by humanity forever without anyone to love or understand him, at least, until the advent of Frankenstein's bride!

The idea of creating life from death isn't a new one. Humans have always wanted to find a way to circumvent their final acts. However, no one in his or her right mind would want to come back like this.

#6: Devil/Demon


Dwellers of the Depths

Darkness was always a plague to humans. It was from darkness that most danger came. Add that to the fact that ancient humans dwelled in caves that sometimes wound down deep into the depths of the earth, and you can see how many cultures formed ideas about underground realms of the dead.

These realms needed someone - or something - to preside over them and keep all the dead spirits in check. And so arrived devils and demons, living in the darkness and fire and heat of the bowels of the earth. In general, they take vaguely humanoid form, often with animalistic additions such as hooves or horns.

#5: Headless Man

Headless Man
Headless Man | Source

Man...Without a Head!

It can be tragic when a person has to live without the use of a limb, for whatever reason. But when it comes to someone "living" without a head... that's getting into monster territory. When you lose your head, that's pretty much the end of the road for you, unless you're the Headless Man.

The Headless Man is a character, immortalized by Washington Irving's story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," who rides a horse and seeks to get his revenge on whoever cost him the loss of his head. No one knows whether this man is really a ghost, or simply a man in disguise trying to win a woman's heart by slaying her lover. Either way, there's a lot of spook going on.

#4: Witch

Witch | Source

Keepers of Magic

The history of the witch is actually quite a dark one, with all the witch hunts and innocent people getting burned at the stake. Of course, real witches were always smart enough and powerful enough to avoid that sort of thing. Although there are good witches out there, the ones associated with Halloween are practitioners of the dark arts, bent on using their powers for nefarious purposes and brewing potions that sure aren't meant to help cure the common cold.

#3: Zombie

Zombie | Source

Undead Human Flesh Eaters

The zombie has always been held fondly in human hearts - at least those hearts that have not yet been consumed. In fact, zombies are so revered in film that they've managed to evolve over time to better fit with popular taste. The first zombies were shuffling creatures, barely capable of staying together long enough to attack. Today's zombies, in addition to their original traits (highly infectious, numerous, and hard-to-kill), can be lightning quick and even intelligent.

#2: Werewolf

Werewolf | Source

Changing With the Moon

The werewolf is another example of a human who was transformed by the bite or scratch of a vicious creature. Werewolves generally feel and act like normal humans until the moon is full, and then their bodies and their minds change into some combination of human and wolf. They may or may not have memories of their ugly deeds when they return to human form.

And The Number One Halloween Monster Is...

#1: Vampire

Vampire | Source

Night-Loving Bloodsuckers

Stories of vampires have been around for centuries, winging their way into the folklore of all sorts of different cultures. They haven't always sucked blood; sometimes they've consumed human breath or "essence." A vampire most often comes into existence when another vampire bites a human. Although they've changed over the centuries, in general they fear the day and are immortal unless killed. To protect yourself, a cross, a silver bullet, a wooden stake or holy water will (usually) help.

Pick the Top 10 Halloween Monsters Here! - Vote Below!

If we've missed any, mention them in the comments section, and we'll add them to the list!

What Is Your Favorite Halloween Monster?

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      what about sirens?

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      Congratulations! You've been SquidBoo Blasted. Happy Halloween!

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      Great selection of halloween costumes. That zombie costume is really freaky.

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