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Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

Updated on August 29, 2013

Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips

On Halloween night, witches and monsters, zombies and demons roam the streets. But these aren't the only dangers you may encounter during the scariest night of the year. Here we give you our 10 top tips for Halloween safety, to keep you protected from - earthly - dangers.

#10 - Avoid Trick-or-Treating Alone.

Halloween Charlie Brown
Halloween Charlie Brown

This is an obvious one, but worth the reiteration. While trick-or-treating, always walk in groups or with a trusted adult. Halloween night lends itself to confusion (you know, all those costumes disguising people), so it is better to not find yourself alone, just in case those monsters try to eat you!

#9 - Always Test Make-Up Before Use.

Halloween Make-up
Halloween Make-up

Halloween make-up tends to be thicker than normal make-up. We recommend you to apply a little bit of make-up to a small area of your body to see if it will produce any allergic or damaging reactions.

#8 - Beware of Contact Lenses.

Halloween Eye
Halloween Eye

Sometimes, some cool contact lenses will make your costume even more awesome, but to lower your risk for serious eye injury we would advise to NOT wear decorative contact lenses. Save your eyes some serious soreness, and possible permanent damage, and go natural!

#7 - Wear Well-Fitting Masks and Costumes.

Halloween Bane Mask
Halloween Bane Mask

And shoes too! This way you can avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls! An injury-free Halloween night is better than one at the ER. Just sayin'!

#6 - Always WALK, not RUN from house to house.

Halloween Kids Running
Halloween Kids Running

These two little fellas didn't get the memo! But YOU should be cautious and walk to your destination. Better to be safe - and slow - than sorry! The candy isn't going anywhere!

#5 - Look both ways before crossing the street.

Halloween Sidewalk
Halloween Sidewalk

This is a principle that stands every day and night of the year, but we want to make sure you especially remember this during your trick-or-treating adventure. You should also use established crosswalks wherever possible, or walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic when you can.

#4 - Swords, Knives, ETC., Should Be Short, Soft, and Flexible.

Halloween Foam Sword
Halloween Foam Sword

This way you won't hurt yourself or others. Remember how UN-fun a Halloween night at the ER is? Yeah... Let's try to avoid that.

#3 Use Reflective Tape on Costumes and Bags for Visibility.

Halloween Reflective Tape
Halloween Reflective Tape

You want to make sure drivers and other trick-or-treaters see you. Reflective tape is a fast and easy way to get yourself noticed in the spooky darkness of Halloween night. You can also use flashlights or light-up necklaces! We also recommend you trick-or-treat in the daylight whenever possible.

#2 - Examine All Treats Before Eating Them.

Halloween Candy
Halloween Candy

This is something I remember my Mom doing when I was younger. Like my Mom, you should examine all of your candy for choking hazards and tampering before eating them. You should also avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers, and eat only factory-wrapped candies... after you have inspected them thoroughly, of course!

#1 - NEVER Enter a Stranger's Home!

Halloween House
Halloween House

Never, ever, ever enter a stranger's home, unless you are with a trusted adult. This is a simple tip that you have probably heard many times before, but guess what! Mom and Dad know best. And so do we! So follow this advice and you will be home enjoying your candy in the comfort of your OWN house in NO time.

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