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Top 10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for kids

Updated on October 12, 2013

Last Minute Costume ideas for kids

Looking for a last minute halloween costume for your kids? here you will find 10 easy ideas that can be improvised at last minute with materials, clothes and accessories that you already have at home. So have fund browsing and improvising. You will be amazed how fast you can great a costume and how inexpensive it can be as well.

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Little Indian
Little Indian

10 - Little Indian

A great last minute costume that can be really fun is the little Indian costume. Great for boys and girls this costume only requires a cute outfit that resembles an indian, a fun hairdo, two or tree stripes of paint or colored tape to the face and if you you want to get even more creative, you can always create a head piece with paper, glue and maybe even some feathers or glitter from your craft box.

The Entrepreneur
The Entrepreneur

9 - The Little Executive.

This costume is so adorable and very, but very simple. Have your little boy dress up as an Elite Little Business Man or have your little girl dress up as a corporate executive. Make sure to dress them up in formal attire, steel one of your husbands ties and accessories for the boys and capitalize on your accessories for the girls and they will be ready to close any deal this halloween. Good chances are that they will bring home lots of treats!!!

Superman last minute costume
Superman last minute costume

8 - Little Super Man

Another great and fast idea is to dress up your little boy as super man. But this time you do not have to purchase a full body costume, you can simply dress him up as Clark Kent instead. Just make sure to use few items that he already has in his closet, if he has a superman shirt that is even better but if not a blue shirt with a superman logo print out can be attached with velcro and that solution would work great as well. Add a button up shirt partially open , a pair of glasses and slick hair do and your little Super Man will be ready for trick or treating or any halloween party.

Quick ballerina costume
Quick ballerina costume

7 - Ballerina

Another great idea for little girls that already dance ballet or any other dance sports is to dress them up in a Ballerina costume. Put out the Tchu Tchu, the hair do and the shoes. Add some pink ribbon on the angles to give that extra magical touch. Transform your ballerina into a fairy by adding a handmade wand.

Little Monster
Little Monster

6 - Monster Ghost

Another great way to create a really easy last minute costume is to apply lots of make up to create an edgy ghost look. By giving your child a white powdered face, some details with eye liner such as scars, dark eyes, bright red or black lipstick and a funky outfit to complete the look. In few steps your child is ready to go have fun during his Halloween favorite activity!

5 - The Little Frida Kahlo

Another great idea for someone looking to create a last minute costume for their kids is to transform the child into a recognizable celebrity. In this picture featured at we see a cute little girl dressed up as the artist Frida Kahlo. Using her typical colorful attire, together with her signature scarf and flowers that often embellished her hair this little girls is dressed up just like Frida. One last detail? The make up! For this carather the most imporatnt detail was to use a pencil liner to create a uni-brown just lil Frida has. @0 minutes into creating the costume you have the most adorable little Frida Ever!

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