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Top 10 Most Elaborate Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 27, 2014

Amazing Halloween Costumes

I love HALLOWEEN and in my opinion Halloween is the scariest and one of the most creative holidays of the year. One of the best things about this holiday is to elaborate on what to wear this year and the next best thing is to admire the best and the most elaborate costumes of the year. In this article I feature the a list of the Top 10 most elaborate halloween costumes, which mean that in order to make to this list the costume must not only be authentic but it must also be extremely unique, creative and elaborate. Hope you enjoy my crazy Halloween costume selection. Have fun getting inspired and creating an interesting halloween costume for this year!

Last updated: 07/25/14

Costume #10 Walking Dead

For how to instructions check out

Elaborate on your costume

The trick for elaborating on a halloween costume is simply to add few extra steps of creativity. If you are planning to keep it simple and purchase a costume, but want to add an extra layer of creativity to it you can think of few ways of elaborating on the theme and making the costume even more fun. Few ways to do that is to wear accessories and accents that match the costume and goes with the theme. In addition a wig and make up can go a long in creating a realistic effect in any costume arrangement you choose.

Costume # 9 - Zoltar


Funny and interesting this Zoltar Costume is not only intricate but it also seams very comfortable to wear. If handy and necessary you can adapt a cup holder to it so you can keep the party going! This costume is very creative and meant to make a big statement or even win a prize. On the other hand this costume is not very practical since it is not very easy to walk around with a box around you, but it can be a fun idea to create one for the kids or if you are participating on a costume contest event.

Potato Head halloween costume.
Potato Head halloween costume.

Costume #8

Mister Potato head? Why not Mister Potato body instead? Check this contest winning costume at It is just a great and very cute halloween costume idea for babies and toddlers. It is also so adorable!

Potato Head for Halloween

The Dino Guy
The Dino Guy

Costume #7

The Dino Guy: This fun optical illusion costume really makes a statement. Very realistic the Dino guy is really a fun costumer since it gives the impression that the person who is wearing it is trapped inside a cage that is held by the Dino. This one is so creative that it will definitely become a conversation piece. Thank you to Andrew Sauter for showcasing this great idea on your site.

Costume # 6

Fully Functioning I-phone This is what taking a Halloween costume to the next level is all about! This guy made sure to construct a fully functional and operational I-phone costume for this upcoming halloween. He not only created the phone itself but he also wired the costume with electricity so it is functional as well. By connecting his iphone to the costume it self, the costume not only lights up but also showcase all the applications icons that you see on any iphone. If you interested in learning a little more on how he did it just click on the picture and you will be taken to its original article.

Optical illusion Costumes
Optical illusion Costumes

Costume #5

Optical illusion costumes can be very, very fun and often really scary given its realistic feel. This grim Granny is a great idea and anyone can learn how to create this costume step by step in this incredible optical illusion costume blog called There you can find a variety of step by step instructions on how to create your own optical illusion halloween costume.

Beaheaded Halloween Costume
Beaheaded Halloween Costume

Costume #4

Beheaded Optical illusion

Another great elaborate Costume Idea is the Beheaded optical illusion. This fun idea is not that hard to create and it will for sure plays a trick on anyone that comes close to it!

Which type of Halloween costume do you prefer

Which costume you would prefer

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Heidi Klum 2011 Halloween costume
Heidi Klum 2011 Halloween costume

Costume #3

One of the most famous Halloween costumes of all times is the one worn by Heidi Klum in 2011. Heidi Klum managed to be completely unrecognizable wearing a full body suit that had the anatomy of the human body as a print. She looked simply perfect and the costume really drew a lot of attention making her almost completely unrecognizable. Is that how she truly looks deep inside?

Picture credit:

Costume #2

Creepy Baby Doll??? Well a great way to create a stunning halloween costume is to use make-up. With very few resources and lots of creativity it is very simple to create a very interesting halloween costume concept that is quite intricate and that will create a splash. In this picture we feature a Creepy Baby Doll make up costume featured in The artist in this picture not only used the make up to create a baby doll face but also painted details in her body, such as the knee make up, to give the impression that she was made out of plastic. Attention to detail is a total must when using a make up inspired halloween costume

Which Costume is your favorite?

Which Costume is your favorite?

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      Lori Green 4 years ago from Las Vegas

      One of my favorite Halloween lenses. I pinned it to the Squidoo boards for you. Great job and blessed.