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Top 10 Victorian Halloween Posters

Updated on January 6, 2015

Decorating with Beautiful Posters

Art by Victoria Frances is really interesting and decorative.
Art by Victoria Frances is really interesting and decorative. | Source

My Favorite Goth Posters

Everyone has particular things that he or she enjoys. One of these is in their tastes of posters from various artists or poster art that matches their home décor. Goth and Halloween art go hand in hand, I think.

This makes it easy for someone who has a fondness for Gothic art that appears to be vintage Halloween decorations. While checking out the poster art for Halloween, I found my top 10 Victorian Halloween posters. I think they would be lovely displayed anywhere at home for any occasion.

Most of these are posters from the artistic talents of Victoria Frances.

Happy Halloween

Halloween (Poster and other items available by clicking the source link)
Halloween (Poster and other items available by clicking the source link) | Source

Here are My

Top 10 Favorite Halloween Goth Posters

#1 Black Cat

A lovely choice for anyone who loves dark art and cats. I love the purples in this image, which is one reason why I like the way it looks and then added it as the top choice.

#2 Skull Girl

This one is absolutely beautiful with all these rich colors of autumn of chocolate, brown and golden rust. It will look lovely hanging on the walls of any home that highlights Gothic living home décor.

#3 Blood Tears

Blood Tears by Victoria provides a lighter side of goth art to decorate your bedroom or other living spaces at home. I like this print since, it is light, delicate and beautiful. I like the feminine curly swirls as well as the lovely purple violet flower. The image of the young girl is sweet and innocent in appearance as a single bloody teardrop runs along her cheek and face.

#4 Vampire Girl

Vampire girl is an awesome image that any vampire lover can appreciate. Is she yawning because she's bored, or is she near the frenzy of flight and bite? She will look hauntingly lovely hanging in your living room or bedroom.

#5 Bathony

Bathony by Ms. Frances is a nightmarish bloodbath. It is perfect for any goth home that features red home décor ideas. It is also a great image to display with your Halloween decorations, especially if you love gory vampire images of horror.

#6 Red Basque

Red Basque by Victoria Frances is lovely and mysterious. Can you image this lovely image hanging in your living room or bedroom any time of the year? You cannot help but, to wonder just what kind of enchantment this lovely lady will conger up with her chanting and candle magic.


Angel Death by Victoria Frances

Angel Death by Victoria features a lovely death angel cradling a dead cat in her loving arms. Grieving and blessing it soul for the trip to the rainbow bridge for pets and animals. It's deep, rich colors of black and blue are a great choice for anyone who loves blue Gothic living.

Echo of Death The Graveyard by Victoria Frances

#8 Echo of Death The Graveyard

A hauntingly beautiful image to decorate the home of any Gothic or Victorian lover. It is also a great choice to hang as decorations for Halloween. I have to admit that I've visited old cemeteries even as a child. Graveyards are interesting places where many individuals enjoy spending time. Here is a lovely lady who may wish for eternal slumber only to find for herself without the ability of resting in peace.


Azul Genova

I love the way this image looks. It is hauntingly romantic and lovely. The colors are eye-catching as work well to convey the feelings of deep contemplation and thought. Is she waiting for a lost at sea love? I like the image because of the ship at sea as well as the cave in the background.



This is a lovely image of a kiss or kissing lovers. On the other hand could this be a kiss of life? A lovely Victorian goth image to display at home or to give as a gift to someone special.

Which is Your Favorite Poster?

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