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Top 10: Weird Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Updated on April 9, 2014

Weird is great!

Searching for some crazy, special and unique Valentine's gift ideas? Don't want to gift something cliché? Browse through this selection of funky gifts and surprise your loved ones with a one of a kind gift!

Most of the time I like to stick to classic gifts but sometimes you just need to give something uniquely weird. Last Valentine's day my boyfriend has gotten a lollipop, a mug and a bag of crispy treats. Sounds casual doesn't it? Well the lollipop had edible ants in it (looked awesome), a mug had a sketch of a guy on it farting (will post the picture) and the crispy treats were roasted cricket, a speciality in Morocco. The lollipop was all his (don't know if the ate it), the cup is still in the cupboard and the crickets tasted great! Crunchy and delicious to be honest, they taste as potato chips.

*Gift these at your own risk ;) I bare no responsibility for any damage your partner might cause you after receiving any of these wonderful gifts.*

Is something BUGging you? - Something sweet for you darling!

Surprise your loved ones with some candy! Special kind of candy! Bug candy! My sweetheart got ant lollipops and they looked creepy.

Another fun buggy treat are fried crickets, they are a common dish in many countries and people eat them as you and I eat potato chips (the taste is similar to be honest). Once you get the courage to try one you will see they are quite crunchy and rather enjoyable.

Cricket Lollipop
Cricket Lollipop
These look even better than the ones I got as these come in colors and with much cooler insects. Crickets actually taste quite nice (yes talking from personal experience) but I do admit I would have a problem eating the larva one although I did drink a shot of tequila with larva in it but mind you that was because I had a few regular tequilas before and they can cloud your judgement.The picture shows 3 but you are only getting one - you can choose which bug to get and I recommend crickets (there are also scorpions though - never tasted those but they look awesome)

Fundies, undies for two - Get something both of you will enjoy!

There are a lot of things you probably already share but we are certain that underpants are not (at-least usually) not on that list. It might be the time to change that and try Undies - underpants designed for two. They might not be the best for a stroll in the park but we can think of a few occasions these could be used for (and we leave them to your imagination). Underpants for two a gift for you!

Cookie Sutra - a sweet version of Kama Sutra

A gift from the heart... A heart on a platter!

You would give your heart away for him or for her and it is not rare that we gift cute heart shaped gifts on Valentine's. Why not take it to a whole another level and surprise your sweetheart with this heart treat?

Heart Gelatin Plastic Mold
Heart Gelatin Plastic Mold
You can gift a mold but it will be more dramatic if you gift a home made gelatin heart.

Grow a boyfriend or a girlfriend - The perfect partner

If your significant other feels (and mentions way to often) that you two love-birds are not spending enough time togheter - the solution is at right here - a perfect gift - Grow a boyfriend or a girlfriend! These lovely companions will always be at their side, will always be willing to listen to all the troubles and will never argue. A perfect match... And in the meantime you can relax in the pub!

Just dip your new boyfriend or girlfriend in water and in 72 hours it will grow 6 times its starting size!

Share your love with the world

Let everyone know you can't live without your significant other. These shirts have glowing hearts on them and the number of glowing hearts depends on the distance between you two, close together and all hearts will glow, far apart the number decreases.

Everyone will see you two are meant to be.

Candy and bra... Perfect!

What more could you ever expect from a bra!

A ring of love...Cup

Not ready for the big step yet? Someone else is? Well this can be a compromise. A big gold ring with diamonds...Cup.

An interesting shape indeed!

What more to say about it. Girls love stuffed toys. Why not gift one! It's unique design is made to impress!

And when there is nothing else to give... Give nothing!

This lovely ball of nothing makes a perfect strange gift. They say intention of giving is the most important. Here is your chance to prove it! If the person who receives this accepts it gracefully you will know that there is true love involved!


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