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Top 10 Women and Mother's day gifts

Updated on July 10, 2012

Delight your mother, wife, girlfriend, friend or relative with a gift

Women's Day is an international day of women, which in around 100 countries celebrated every year 8. of March. It's the day of the celebration of economic, political and social equality and women's achievements, celebrate it especially in former communist and socialist countries. In many regions, the day lost its political flavour, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day. The overall impression is, that the Women's day in last year losing to its value, many people are even asking about his true value and meaning. It seems that women have long ago reached that for which they fought for years: equal status in society.

But life in our society every day convince us that in practice it isn't so. And even if it was! Why not remember the girls and women, who with their effort, political activity and social engagement that equality and the empowerment achieved?

Let's celebrate the 8th March in memory of the times, when we are conditioned by the social status of bio-power and as a reminder of the fact, how we can be unfair, when when justify our stronger position ...

Therefore, delight your wife, girlfriend, friend or relative with a gift and in this way show them love, affection or gratitude.

- Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity. Gandhi

- God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met. Farrah Fawcett

- Somewhere out in this audience may even be someone who will one day follow in my footsteps, and preside over the White House as the President's spouse. I wish him well! Barbara Bush

- Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of a man at twice its natural size. Virginia Woolf

- A charming woman doesn't follow the crowd. She is herself. Loretta Young

Rose is a perfect choice

For many of us the first gift we think of for Women's day are roses. Gift of roses are great for women of all ages and are seen as special gift for the loved ones or a friend in your life.

Rose color meanings:

Red roses

There's nothing secret about the red rose's symbolism of love. The ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion, the red rose also conveys respect and the creative spirit of love. Representing true love stronger than thorns, the red rose is known universally as the lover's rose.

White roses

Representing, humility, purity and innocence, the white rose - often referred to as the bridal rose - is associated with young love. Also symbolizing truth and reverence, it sends a message of loyalty and says "I am worthy of you."

Yellow roses

While in Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, today it represents friendship, joy and caring. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection.

Pink roses

Symbolizing gentility, femininity, elegance and refinement, the pink rose also carries additional meanings depending on its hue. A deep pink conveys gratitude and appreciation, while pale shades connote grace and gentleness, admiration and happiness.

Orange roses

With their warm, vibrant tones, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. If you're looking for a way to express admiration and attraction - with an underlying message of passion and excitement - then send a bouquet filled with these fiery blooms.

Lilac and purple roses

Thought to be almost mystical in nature, with symbolism tied to enchantment, desire and even proceeding cautiously, it's not surprising that lilac and purple roses send a message of love at first sight.

Multi-colored roses

In some instances - usually when mixing red with another color rose - you can send additional messages with your choice of bouquet. For example, a combination of red and yellow roses conveys gaiety and happiness, while a mix of red and white roses symbolizes unity.

Meaning of Number of Roses

1 Rose - Love at the first sight; you are the one

2 Roses - Mutual love between both, deeply in love with one another

3 Roses - I love you

6 Roses - I wanna be yours

7 Roses - I'm infatuated with you

9 Roses - An Eternal love, together as long as we live

10 Roses - You are perfect

11 Roses - You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life

12 Roses - Be my steady

13 Roses - Secret Admirer

15 Roses - I am truly sorry, please forgive me

20 Roses - Believe me, I am sincere towards you

21 Roses - I am devoted to you

24 Roses - Can't stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday

33 Roses - Saying "I love you" with great affection

36 Roses - I will remember our romantic moments

40 Roses - My love for you is genuine

50 Roses - Regretless love, this is

99 Roses - I will love you for as long as I live

100 Roses - Harmoniously together in a century; remaining devoted as couple till ripe-old age

101 Roses - You are my one and only love

108 Roses - Please marry me!

365 Roses - Can't stop thinking about you, each and everyday

999 Roses - Everlasting and Eternal love

If you know her well enough, you can choose a perfume...

Buying perfume can be a quite complicated affair even when it is for one's own use. But choosing the right perfume for a lover or partner can baffle the most assured of buyers. There is not only different categories of scents to choose from but also decide what will go best with your partner's personality and preferences.

So... If you decide to buy her a perfume is here some of my favorite fragrances, which are mostly with wood notes, because i like it!

My favorits

Alien The Non Refillable Stone By Thierry Mugler Eau-de-toilette Spray, 2-Ounce
Alien The Non Refillable Stone By Thierry Mugler Eau-de-toilette Spray, 2-Ounce

Distinctive and mysterious, yet comforting and soft, Alien by Thierry Mugler conveys passion sensuality and the essence of absolute femininity.

A rich floral woody amber containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions.

A scent like no other it is irresistibly appealing and totally out of this world..

Miss Dior Cherie By Christian Dior For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1 OZ
Miss Dior Cherie By Christian Dior For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1 OZ

Miss Dior Eau Fraîche is a veil of freshness dressed in notes of chypre. François Demachy has now given her Patchouli, an essential note for her chypre signature. This Eau Fraîche creates a new clime, in which lightness and elegance come together. By associating Calabrian Bergamot and vibrant Gardenia with fresh and luminous Patchouli, François Demachy takes up a veritable fragrance challenge. He has created a fresh, sun-filled fragrance.

Diane Von Furstenberg Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.3 Ounce
Diane Von Furstenberg Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.3 Ounce

Diane created this Woody Floral fragrance by capturing the essence of a strong, confident, feminine woman.

The two key notes are violet and frangipani which contrast each other, a deliberate choice made by Diane to represent the ying-and-yang contrast in every woman.

These distinctive ingredients along with Patchouli, have been amplified in the Diane EDP fragrance enhancing femininity close to the skin with the unique character of the scent.

Diane's fragrance is built up like one of her dresses: it wraps up a woman's body and leaves with her all day long.

Reb'L Fleur by Rihanna, 3.4 Ounce, Eau De Parfum Spray
Reb'L Fleur by Rihanna, 3.4 Ounce, Eau De Parfum Spray

Heart notes: Heliotrope, Vanilla Orchid, Cocoa Absolute

Top notes: Plum, Strawberry, Ginger

Base notes: Musk, Coffee, Patchouli, Amber

Scent: Floral Fruity

Feel: Sassy

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women, Eau de Parfum, 3.4-Ounce Spray Bottle
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women, Eau de Parfum, 3.4-Ounce Spray Bottle

Feminine, chic, fantasy

The star of Sex and the City with numerous successful movies under her belt is known among perfume enthusiasts as a kindred spirit: Long ago, before creating her own range of fragrances, she was known for layering unusual and under-the-radar fragrances to come up with the scent she deemed "her own". Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker was thus the brainchild of a genius team who helped SJP realize her vision into a subtle yet intriguing floral woody fragrance that highlights the scent she likes best: musk! A hint of bright-city-bright-lights appletini (apple martini for you) and lavender open the scene for the romance of orchids and the intimacy of musk. The pink bottle, capped with a sphere on the base of which a grey ribbon gives a retro touch, is adorable.There is no other word possible to describe this fragrance; it's utterly lovely!

Top Note: Nectarine, Bergamot, Rosewood, Lavender

Middle Note: Patchouli, White Narcissus, Orchid

Base Note: White Amber, Cedar, Woods White Musks

Recommended Use: Casual wear


Perfume Quotes

- A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.

Christian Dior

- A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.

Coco Chanel

- Being stuck in airports, you always end up buying perfume and sunglasses.

Lexa Doig

- I'm very intelligent. I'm capable of doing everything put to me. I've launched a perfume and want my own hotel chain. I'm living proof blondes are not stupid.

Paris Hilton

- To attract men, I wear a perfume called "New Car Interior."

Rita Rudner

Does she like jewelry?

Buying jewelry as a gift for your wife, girlfriend or significant other is meaningful and romantic gesture. Few items can express your lasting love and devotion like a special ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Jewelry's magic, mystique and enduring appeal make it a natural gift for special occasions and milestone events in her life.

Tips to help you find a perfect jewelry gift for her:

- Consider her lifestyle and personality

- Look in her jewelry box

- Ask around.

Spa Gift basket is an option

Give her a spa gift basket. It can be done at home, which involved shower gels, shampoos, various scented soaps to oils for massage, scented candles, scented sticks, etc.. The choice is enormous. Besides you can give into a towel with her monogram and if the basket is for your partner, can add some CD with romantic music. Make sure though that you will give her favorite scents and music! And surprise her with romantic bath.

Is she always late?

Women tend to be late... so you can buy her a watch. Watch itself is a bit boring gift, even it would be interpreted as a criticism of her lateness. However, if you write and add a message such as: "Always have time for you!" Or "It's always time for love", will become a boring watch one of the best gifts ever. Besides... Some women's watches are more like jewelry than a device that measured time, so if you choose a stylish watch, which also corresponds to its character, it will not disappoint.

You will celebrate Women's Day?

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    • OliviaDaughter LM profile image

      OliviaDaughter LM 5 years ago

      Great ideas, my mom has passed but I celebrate it with other mother figures.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very nice choices for celebrating International Women's Day...and any other special day!

    • profile image

      Funny_Beekeeper 5 years ago

      Thank you for this lovely lens, you gave me many great ideas. Too bad I didn't notice your lens before, so I could use one of your suggestions ;)

    • KandH profile image

      KandH 5 years ago

      Thanks, I am definitely going to celebrate - going to get something for my mom & my girls and MYSELF right now. Happy International Women's Day!

    • cajkovska lm profile image

      cajkovska lm 5 years ago

      @borisvel: Thanks!

    • profile image

      borisvel 5 years ago

      Happy International Women's Day

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great gifts for Women.