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Top 100 Christmas Presents 2012: For Everyone On Your List

Updated on October 14, 2012

Present Ideas for Everyone On Your Christmas List

Wondering what to get aunt Selma, sister Greta and what about little Billy and niece Amanda? I was scratching my head to know which presents to put on my list of Christmas Presents for 2012....What`s popular with the kids of today? How do I shop for a teen, never mind a senior?

So, I did my homework....I studied the trends of 2012, the top gifts that people from each age group, female and male would appreciate most.

This lens is a summary of my research for you to benefit from....

Please enjoy and relax, if you follow the advice in this lens you will get overjoyed responses from each person on your list!

Top 10 Presents For Babies

1- Villi Sophie the Giraffe Teether:: Sophie the Giraffe, full of discoveries and activities to awaken baby's senses. She is perfect for soothing baby's sore gum when teething and is completely safe. Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint.

2- Baby Einstein Take-Along Tunes: Promote music appreciation and auditory development by introducing your little one to baby-friendly versions of classical masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini with the Baby Einstein take along Tunes.

3- Disney Sing-a-long Choochoo: Babies can join Dumbo, Simba, and Lucky on an exciting adventure fueled by imagination--and more than 15 sing-along songs, tunes, and phrases, including a familiar tune from the movie!

4- Angel Dear Blankie- Brown Monkey: Angel Dear Blankies are sweet, charming characters, machine-washable and cashmere-soft. 14" square with just the right simple details to soothe and delight.

5- Angel Dear Blankies are sweet, charming characters, machine-washable and cashmere-soft. 14" square with just the right simple details to sooth and delight.

6- Apple Park Little Picnic Plush Doll Bunny: These little pals are right out of the pages of the Apple Park Picnic Pals Book Series. Each Pal

comes holding their favorite food to eat and share.

7- Happy Horse Musical Toy: This adorable giraffe plays a charming rendition of somewhere over the rainbow when its tail is pulled. This super-soft collection features vibrant colors and a modern design that invite little ones to cuddle up.

8- Kids Preferred Goodnight Moon Plush Playmate: The Goodnight Moon Plush Playmat offers thirty-eight inches of warm and fuzzy fun. This classic will introduce tummy time to a newborn, and calming comfort to him or her as they grow into toddlers.

9- Tiny Love Take-along Mobile Animal Friends: is a fun, colorful mobile that can travel everywhere you and your baby go. Featuring five soothing melodies and fun colors to keep your baby relaxed and entertained, the engaging mobile secures with a simple snap to most pack-and-plays, car seats, and strollers.

10- Fisherprice My Little SnugaBunny Ultra-Comfort Musical Gym: It’s ultra-comfy, with an extra-large mat of soft, luxurious fabrics. And it’s ultra-entertaining, with a motorized mobile, music, lights, toys and more.

Top 10 Gifts for Kids

1. V-Tech Spin & Smile Camera: Turn your child into the family photographer with Vtech's Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera. Durable and easy to use, this 2.0 megapixel camera lets kids take and edit photos, record digital video, and play games

2. Furby: Feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it, and shake, tilt or turn your FURBY upside down. But be warned - how you treat your FURBY will shape its personality! Are you ready to handle a FURBY?

3. Fijit: Fijit Friend, is an interactive toy that'll become your child's new best friend. With supple skin that enables amazing movement, this trend-setting purple Fijit Friend has several interactive features, including voice recognition, beat detection, dance mode, and over 150 built-in responses.

4. Glow Book Crayola: lets kids create glowing, moving, animated art. Six glow marker colors and four removable drawing surfaces allow kids to draw, layer, and arrange images, and then light them in sequence so that the images appear to move.

5. Leap Frog Learning Aids: hi-res graphics, a stylus to practice writing, and a powerful processor that allows for action-packed gameplay and the ability to download games, e-Books, videos and more through LeapFrog's online Leaplet store.

6. Science Museum Toys: Very lovely miniature models. Nice painted, highly detailed and capturing the spirit of the scene. Come with display stand. Full color and easily snap together. No glue.

7. Fur Real`s Interactive Pets: Put your new little friend on the ground and she’ll walk in a circle and back to you, just looking for some love. And how will you know when she’s as happy as can be? When you pick her up and pet her back, she’ll bark and make puppy sounds — just like a real puppy.

8. The Moshi Monsters Monster’s House by Mega Bloks is a buildable playset that lets you keep all of your Moshi Monster friends in one place. Create and customize your Monster’s House for your included Poppet, or any other monster, however you want.

9. Octonauts, Octopod Playset: There's awlays an exciting adventure on the Octopod as you explore the incredible undersea world of the OCTONAUTS! Playset comes with over 10 play pieces

10. Adventure Science Series Kit: Young Scientists become true meteorologists when they build their own wind meter, scientifically measure rainfall, and use a real thermometer to read daily temperatures. Also available in magnets, nature, recycling, etc...

Top Presents for Kids

Top 10 Presents for Adults

1. Kindle Fire

The hottest present of the year. It is the world`s most advanced 7in. tablet. You can watch movies, surf online, email, read Kindle books, magazines, use it to Skype, etc... Simply the most amazing new piece of technology this Christmas. (besides the iphone 5)

2. Spa Therapy Kit Stress Relief

I don`t know an adult who doesn`t need stress relie especially after all the preparations necessary to have a successful family Christmas. This gift offers pampering and relaxation in lavender scented soap, lotion, massage oil, etc...

3. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets:

What is it about gift baskets that make them such delightful gifts to receive? Like a treasure hunt, every gourmet and treat basket beholds the promise of yummy treats and the presentation is just so special. Every adult I know (and I was a florist for 15 yrs so i prepared many a gift basket) loves to receive a gift basket

4. Amazon Gift Certificates:

You can buy almost anything on Amazon which is why this makes such a great gift. You can buy in denominations of $10 to $2000

5. Vacu VIn Wine Sealer;

The pump extracts air from an opened bottle of wine to slow down the oxidation process. An ingenious "click" sound lets you know when the optimum vacuum level is reached-no guessing! When sealed with one of the two accompanying rubber stoppers, your wine will keep fresh for an additional 7 to 10 days.

6. Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7 piece whiskey set; Made at Bormioli Rocco's headquarters in Parma, the gift set provides six rocks glasses and a 33-1/2-ounce decanter with a stopper for whiskey or another spirit. The 9-1/2-ounce glasses also make great vessels for various mixed drinks, such as amaretto sours or White Russians.

7. Restaurant Gift Card; Most adults will enjoy a dinner out at their favorite restaurant. A gift card is an ideal present for adults.

8. Gift of the Month Club: whether it`s beer, wine, chocolate or magazines, any adult would enjoy a monthly subscription that will also remind them of you and of your wonderful gift.

9. Tickets to a Show or Concert: Art lovers will enjoy tickets to a local play, a music concert or an orchestra.

10. Custom gift: Customize a t-shirt, a baseball cap, a plaque, a calendar, a photo album, a sign or a mousepad for a unique present that will be remembered for years to come.

Top 10 Presents for Boys

First off, it was very hard to limit this category to only ten since there are many ages of boys and the toys for a 3 year old will not appeal to a 10 year old. So, for more ideas please click on the big arrow below.

1. Hobbit Lego

Hobbit games, legos, video games and books are popular this year. There are many types of Hobbit lego games that hobbit fans will enjoy such as Hobbit Gandalf arrives, Shelob attacks, and Urak-Hai Army.

2. Lego Lord of the Ring Video Game; Available in xbox, playstation, wii, nintendo and pc, lord of the rings video games will delight fans.

3. Imaginext Dinosaurs: Imaginext's dinosaur toys turn imaginary play into a "roarin'" good time. Each dinosaur comes with a figure, removable armor and fun kid activations. Available in Triceratops, T-Rex and other fun dinosaur characters.

4. Trash Pack for Boys: Most boys like really gross things and this gift indulges in this tendancy. There are lots of add ons available for this garbage dumpster game.

5. Web Shooting Spiderman: This incredible figure is more than a match for whatever villains cross his path! This Motorized Web-Shooting Spider-Man has not one, but two web shooters for double web-blasting action. Set up the included target that looks like his arch-nemesis, The Lizard, and start the web-blasting. He's not just a hero, he's a two-shooter web-crawling dynamo

6. Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch: Help Ben 10 unlock the secrets of the Omnitrix! Three play modes for awesome roleplay fun. Create your

own Ben 10 Omniverse sound effects! The pop-up touch pad allows you to discover over 20 sounds 3 different play modes. Mode one allows you to hear 7 alien voices, while the second mode has sounds that you can use to create your own sound effects.

7. WWE Wrestling Superstar Action Figures: Wrestling action figures along with a wrestling ring may be the perfect gift for any little wrestling fan as many boys are.

8. Moshi Monsters Toys: Moshi Monsters is a brand new online game where you can adopt your very own pet monster. Each one has a lively, unique personality that develops the more you play. Players of this game enjoy collecting Moshlings.

9. Elite Hail Fire: It's the highest capacity NERF blaster ever. The N-STRIKE ELITE HAIL-FIRE tops out at an astounding 144-dart capacity (with the purchase of additional clips and darts). It holds up to 8 clips, and delivers a semi-auto barrage of darts as fast as you can pull the trigger.

10. Go mini Stunt Launcher GB Toys: Age 3+ Go MINI : Stunt Launcher Get ready to rev up your Stunt Launchers to the max for high speed stunt action. Pump the gearstick and watch the rev counter climb. Press button and watch the car speed ahead or performs a wheelie.

Top 10 Presents for Girls

1. Monster High Dolls

These dolls are different than other normal dolls since they are inspired by horror movies and monster movies. They are made by the creators of Barbie. Choose from many dolls such as Venus McFly Trap, Rebecca Steam, Draculaura or many more.

2. Happy to See Me Pup

Hasbro and FurReal have both created a happy to see me pup. These puppies are special because they respond to people. With a simple wave of your hand or a gentle pet on her head, she'll playfully jump in circles, and bark with excitement like a real puppy!

3 Dizzy Dancers

These spinning toys are fun because they can perform tricks and they are fun to collect. You can twirl them, spin them or do all kinds of tricks with these fun toys.

4. La Dee Da Dolls

Much cuter than Monster High Dolls, these popular precious dolls are fun to play with and fun to collect. Little girls will love styling her hair and designing their own custom looks with clothing, leggings, shoes, etc...

5. Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van

Minnie loves her precious pets so much she even takes them on the road with her. Included are a Minnie figure articulated at the waist, Figaro and a Puppy. The tour Van opens to reveal fun features for Minnie and her pets to enjoy. Your child can find exciting additions on the side panels for many hours of play. Minnie also fits in the driver's seat so she can ride around in her fabulous van.

6. Barbie Puppy Play Pack

Skipper and Chelsea dolls are having a fun family moment while Skipper teaches Chelsea how to train their puppy, Taffy. This puppy will learn to shake hands in no time, especially when it's rewarded with a dog bone.

7. Squinkies

100's of Squinkies to collect! Squinkies - the hottest toy around! Only small doll that comes in a surprise capsule. Offers the fun of gumball dispenser play and the traditional fun of small doll play.

8. Baby Butterscotch Magical Show Pony

Baby Butterscotch pony responds to you when you touch the special sensors on the sides of her head, her muzzle and on her body. When you pet her she'll move her head in your direction or nuzzle up to you to show you how much she loves you. She'll also respond by moving her ears, and when you speak to her she'll respond with sweet pony sounds!

She comes with a brush so you can groom your beautiful pony as you both get ready for the big pony show. She loves her special carrot and will make real munching sounds when you place it in her mouth.

9. Morphy Richards Kitchen Set Casdon

Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house - just like the grown-ups! This Morphy Richards' Kitchen Set has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail so your little cook will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.

10. Walking Snuggimals

Whether you are in the mood for a cuddle or you are on the move, this adorable, cuddly Snug-A-Lopsy basset hound pet is just the buddy for you! She really walks when you press her back, so put her leash on and head out for an adventure. When you come back, you'll both be tired, and her soft fur is perfect for snuggling!

Top 10 Presents for Women

1- Flowers

This is the perfect present for the woman who has it all. 98% of women would love a centerpiece for their Christmas dinner table. Red and white flowers with winter greens such as pine, fir and cedar bring the warmth and fragrant aromas to the home along with the cheer of Christmas.

2- Pamper Me Baskets

Most women will be super stressed out by the time Christmas comes along. A pamper me basket filled with treats such as bubble bath, creams, oils and salts will hit the spot and help the special woman to relax and recuperate from the craziness of Christmas.

3- Gift Certificate to the Spa

If you can afford it, a gift certiicate to the spa is an even better present for that stressed out lady.. She can choose a recuperative massage, a facial, manicure, pedicure, body wrap, or any other service offered by the chosen local spa.

4- Gift Certificate to her favorite store

Does your lady enjoy shopping for clothes, housewares, books, shoes or food, a gift certificate to her favorite store is an excellent way to show your appreciation to her during the holidays.

5- Kindle e-reader

There is no better way to read books these days than on a Kindle reader. Easy to read, easy to download new books on, Kindle books are taking the world by storm and if the woman on your list doesn`t have one yet, a kindle will be the ideal gift for her.

6- Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

So sexy, so fun to read, this trilogy will capture any woman`s undivided attention as long as they are open minded and love men. Such popular and easy to read books.

7- Vibrator

Adult toys could be an ideal present for an open-minded woman. Sometimes passed off as a joke, a well chosen vibrator or other adult toy can bring much joy and release to women who are open minded.

8- Chanel no. 5 or her favorite perfume

Many women are fond of perfume and no other perfume is as well loved and as classy as chanel No. 5. If you know the woman on your list well in the sense of which scent she loves, this may be a great gift!

9- Lampe Berger Candle Lamps

Cleans and adds lovely fragrance to the home. Neutralizes, fragrances and decorates. Many lovely models to choose from and match her home.

10- Essential oil gift set

Essential oils are healing, fragrant and can cure most ailments. If the special women on your list enjoys healing and natural health, a gift of an essential oil gift set might be perfect for her at Christmas.

Top 10 Presents for Men

1- Fish Finder

Any man who enjoys fishing needs a fish finder. And a portable fish finder is the latest in technolody. It is ideal for the man who fishes in different boats and will help him come up with better fish stories than ever. Reads from 1.5 to 99 feet deep to detect fish wherever your man fishes.

2- Sports Watch

For the man on your list who is sporty and enjoys working out, a sports watch could be a wonderful gift. Keep your man focused during his training with a stylish multi-function, performance sport digital watch.

3- Polo for Men Cologne

This cologne has been introduced in 1978., this fragrance has the scent of leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss. It is definitely a masculine scent. that is meant to wear casually as an everyday scent.

4- Beer of the Month Subscription

Did you know you can send more than magazines as a subscription to that special man. instead of just one gift, send 6 to 12 monthly gifts to show your appreciation of that special man. A popular guy favorite is a beer of the month subscription.

5- Golf Target Practice

Putting is often a handicap in the golf player`s game. If the man on your list loves golf, this tool can help him with his game which will mean so much to an avid golf player.

6- Cuddly Sweater

If you`re the kind of person that has good taste in clothes and if you know the special man on your list, you should be able to choose a cuddly sweater that will please and make him look hot and cuddly. What a perfect gift!

7- Tools

Tools are like toys for most men. Whether you choose a drill, a socket set or a screwdriver set, men all over the world would love a tool for Christmas.

8- Gift Certificate

Gift certificates come in many kinds and one is sure to please the man on your list. Whether you get him a gift certificate for a restaurant, a diy store, a tool store or a sporting equipment shop, there is a perfect gift certificate for the special man on your list.

9- Kindle E-Reader

Kindles are the best way to read books these days and if the man on your list enjoys reading and doesn`t have one of these by now, this will be a wonderful gift for him.

10- Amazon Gift Certificate

If the man on your list already has a Kindle E-Reader, an Amazon gift certificate will be ideal since he will be able to buy Kindle books to load automatically on his Kindle reader.

Top Presents for Teens

1. Kindle Fire

This is the latest and greatest tablet and will delight any teenager that doesn`t already have a tablet. A Kindle Fire allows the lucky teen to watch movies, browse the internet, read books, write email, do research and so much more, all in brilliant hd color.

2. Sphero Robotic Ball (for gamers)

This is the world's first robotic ball you control with a tilt, tap, or touch on your smartphone. Sphero comes ready and eager to play. Weave in and around obstacles or feet, or just try to outrun the family pet. Test your skills in Sphero Drive, challenge friends. This gift will surprise and entertain any teenager who loves digital games.

3. Gift Certificate to favorite clothing store

Most teenagers are into fashion and would love a gift certificate to one of their favorite clothing stores. The question is, which store... So ask his or her friends if possible.

4. Itunes Gift card

Music lovers will be delighted with an itunes card. You can never have too many itunes cards since it`s a guarantee that your teen music lover will be able to buy the latest music as it comes out

5. Words with Friends game

Have the wordiest fun right at home with the new Words with Friends game, based on the addictive online game! Take 7 tiles and create words vertically or horizontally that connect to previous words when it’s your turn. If you use all your tiles first, you get to add the points from your friends’ remaining tiles to your own score.

6- Amazon gift certificate

You can buy almost anything on Amazon so a gift certificate from this online shop that most everyone loves and trusts. Teens love buying things online so they will love this gift.

7- Spa Day

Teenage girls will no doubt enjoy getting pampered at the spa. For this reason, a gift certificate for a treatment at the spa of a whole day of pampering fior example getting a massage, a facial, a nordic bath treatment would definitely be a wonderful present for a teenage girl. Some teenage boys would also benefit from a massage especially if they are sporty and have muscle aches and pains.

8- Laptop

Well, this is a big gift since it is very pricey but it definitely needs to be included in a list of the top 10 gifts for teens. Any teen that enjoys technology will need a laptop. Even if they already have a laptop, an upgraded computer would be appreciated and enjoyed daily by the lucky teen.

9- Makeup

Obviously, this is a girly gift. Teenage girls take a lot of care and energy into making themselves pretty. Makeup and beauty products are thus high on the list of luxury items that are much appreciated. A makeup lesson at a spa that specializes in makeup with the purchase of the recommended products would be the ultimate gift for the teen that loves makeup. Otherwise, a gift certificate at a pharmacy or salon that sells makeup would also be appreciated.

10- Sports equipment

For the teen who enjoys playing sports, a gift certificate to a sports equipment store would be a great gift. A sports item such as a snowboard, a mountain bike, yoga mat, brick or yoga pants, if you have insight into what the teen on your list enjoys and is into, you can get them a specific gift that he or she will be thrilled about.

Top 10 Presents for Seniors

1- Scrapbook

A personal, custom made picture scrapbook filled with family memories is a wonderful gift for any senior. You can either make it from scratch or you can create a digital book that can be created online and shipped back to you for gifting.

2- Standers Handybar

Many seniors have a hard time getting out of vehicles. For this reason, standers handybar is a popular gift for seniors that will serve them well.

3- Games

Lots of seniors have a lot of time on their hands. Whether the senior on your list is into cards, board games, lawn games, darts or crossword puzzles, a favorite game accessory or equipment will be enjoyed and savored.

4- Flowers or Plants

Even if your senior doesn`t have a green thumb, a gift of flowers will be enjoyed and shown off. Just knowing that the family is thinking of her or him at Christmas will bring much joy through a live floral gift. Plants should be gifted to the most plant friendly seniors whereas plnts will be much appreciated by those who do have a green thumb.

5- Digital Photo Frame

You will need to set this up and load it up for the special senior on your list but a digital photo frame will be admired by the special senior in your life.

6- Restaurant Gift Certificate

Most seniors will be happy to receive a gift certificate to one of their favorite restaurants or coffee house. Going with them if they are single will make the gift all that much sweeter.

7- The Clapper

This is a classic gift for seniors and is still appreciated today even after so many years of being popular. Can be used to turn on lights, lamps, televisions and other electronics.

8- Medic Tag Digital Medical Alert Device

This is another gift that you will have to set up for your special senior but that he or she will much appreciate. It might even save a life so this is a very precious gift indeed.

9- Cleaning Slippers

These cute and comfy slippers are perfect for wearing and for cleaning so they will make your senior`s life a little bit easier.

10- Telephones

If your senior is on the go a lot, a cell phone and a lesson on how to use it may be a wonderful gift. On the other, if your senior is mostly home bound, cordless phones that come in lots of 3 to 6 are ideal for allowing the senior in your life to pick up the phone from wherever they are in the house at that moment.

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Anyone

1. Monopoly Millionaire

2. Kindle e-reader

3- iphone 5

4- Wow Hits 2012 cd

5- Star Craft Wings of Liberty II video game

6- Kindle Fire

7- 2012 Guiness Book of Records

8- Restaurant Gift Certificate

9- Cinema Passes

10- Ipad

Is there a Christmas you remember when you were a kid that stands out due to an awesome toy?

what are your favorite memories of a Christmas toy?

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