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Top 5 Gifts NOT To Give For The Holiday

Updated on November 28, 2012

Top 5 Gifts Not To Give For The Holiday

Don't you hate getting the Holiday gifts that everybody hates to get... Hopefully this guide will help you out. Giving a bad gift is never a good idea.

Your loved ones will appreciate it if you learn the gifts they never want. The holidays should be a time of happiness and joy, not disappointment.

Toasters Suck

Any appliance is never usually a great gift

When it comes to gift giving appliances like toasters and vacuums are a gigantic no-no. The biggest reason why is most people already have one. The next reason is they probably don't want one if they don't have it. Even the most fancy toaster in the world is a bad gift if someone already has a toaster. The only time an appliance would or could be a good gift is if it is specifically asked for. Otherwise stay far, far away!

Remember nobody really gets excited over a carpet cleaner or a microwave under the tree unless theirs is broken... Look for gifts that will spark a smile in the children or light the flame in your relationship.


Partial Gifts

These are definitely horrible gift ideas

Partial gifts are any gifts that require extra spending before use. These are gifts like a new smart phone with a new contract. This is a bad idea because the phone's new owner will have to come up with the money to keep it in service. This is only a good gift if you are going to foot the bill. If not, this is a gift you should steer away from.

Other partial gifts would include things like a $20 gym gift certificate when you need a $50 membership to be able to use it. The giftee would have to come up with $30 out of pocket and if they don't want to pay the extra money it might get thrown away.

Everyone Should Be This Happy!

Everyone Should Be This Happy!
Everyone Should Be This Happy!
Workout DVD
Workout DVD

Gifts For Body Improvement

Ugh... Should I say more??!?

Nothing says you're fat more then getting an exercise DVD or a diet for the holiday. There is no in between on this one. If someone receives one of these type of items they will think that you are saying they are fat. (You probably are saying they are fat... but trying not to do it in a mean way)

Just pass the ball on any gift that can be looked at as a critic. If they can take it the wrong way... They probably will.

Sad Christmas
Sad Christmas

Trick or Gift

The proof is in the packaging

Trick or Gift! This is when someone gives a gift in the box of another possible gift.

What that means is don't give your kids a new jump rope packaged inside of an old PlayStation box. They will see a new PlayStation and become immediately disappointed.

This goes for any gift.

Don't package gifts in boxes that belong to other items. These will be very misleading to the person receiving the gift and cause potential unwanted sadness.


Last But Not Least

The number one gift you should never give on the Holiday

The last gift on today's list is the gift nobody wants. The sweater... When someone says "You shouldn't have...", they really mean you shouldn't have. Sweaters have been gifted on the Holiday for years since the beginning of ages and is and probably always will be followed by those exact words.

If you look at the history of the sweater as a gift you will find that it is the most unwanted Holiday gift EVER! Even if it was 20 below zero and all they had was t-shirts they still wouldn't want that sweater in your hand right now!

Put it down immediately and look for something else!

Please Comment - How was your gift giving or receiving experience?

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    • Starzz30 profile image

      Starzz30 5 years ago

      I agree, these are the top 5 gifts not to give for Christmas. The worst gift I ever received for Christmas was a long -wool skirt that was outdated and outshaped!