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Top 5 Movie Halloween Costumes

Updated on January 6, 2013

Top 5 Movie Halloween Costumes

When Halloween is just around the corner, people start wondering about the best movie Halloween costumes they can get. These are an ever popular type of costume to get you the attention you want this Halloween.

Halloween costumes from movies are popular since everyone wants a costume that is easily recognized. Sure there are the usual witches, fireman, and even more adult costumes like a "hot nurse" outfit, but some people like to show they are with the times by having an awesome costume based around the latest blockbuster movie of the year or even the last two years.

Movie costume ideas are great for anybody - from babies to adults! Some companies make bunting costumes for babies that are straight out of the movies and these have to be some of the funnest baby costumes. Of course teens and young adults will want to base their costumes on popular movies as well!

Best of all - there are many ways to adapt the costumes to make yourself unique as well!

#1 Movie Costume - Katniss Everdeen Costume From Hunger Games

It should come as no surprise that my prediction for the #1 Halloween movie costume this year will be from the Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen will make a great character to design your costume around. She was a never-stop-fighting-back heroine that saved humanity from the clutches of a population that was happy to let many people suffer. So many young girls and women found themselves identifying with Katniss that she will be very popular this Halloween.

Making a Katniss Everdeen Halloween costume is pretty simple. You need a black wig, a plain black T-shirt, a hunger games backpack, and a fake bow and arrow. This is pretty easy since she often war drab clothes in the tournament and in her home.

Alternatively you could try to make a fake version of her fire dress but I have not seen any costumes floating around that have this as the theme although that would certainly be impressive!

#2 Movie Costume - Avengers Team Costumes

The Avengers is another blockbuster movie from the summer! It is kind of like a superhero movie of all superhero movies. Kind of like the A-Team of superheroes. The main characters are Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Black Widow! There is pretty much a movie costume idea for everyone, whether man or woman.

This makes for a great team costume if you are going to event or going trick or treating together.

For me, I think I would choose either Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor - I know, not really narrowing the list down too much but they are all good choices! There are good, high quality costumes for all of these movie character costumes! Check above for the best options available!

Snow White And The Huntsman Ravenna Costume

I think Snow White will make a comeback this year at Halloween. This movie Halloween costume idea will be a popular twist on the old tale. Just like the popular movie Snow White And The Huntsman was this summer. Even better is that there will be two options to choose from if you want a Halloween costume based on this movie!

Snow White will be a popular choice since there were actually two (yep) movies based on the classic tale this year. One starred Charlize Theron and the other starred Julia Roberts.

Anyways, in Snow White And The Huntsman, the evil villainess is Ravena. She has blond hair in a french braid. A perfect wig is featured above and is designed specifically for this costume! Makeup should be basically icy-white for the face and any skin on the arms, neck, and legs. The dress should be anything impressive yet sinister.

A crown with sharp points (but fake) is important. Finally, don't forget a fake dagger to complete the look!

#4 Movie Costume For Halloween - Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight rises was a hugely successful movie this summer. There is no doubt in my mind that many people will make or buy costumes based on this movie. There are three main Halloween movie costume ideas from this movie.

The first is Batman! This is a bit of an ever-popular costume idea, especially for kids and teenagers but even adults will be Batman this year thanks to the success of The Dark Knight Rises! Batman costumes are pretty straightforward and you may even have one at home.

Catwoman was part of this movie too and this gives a fun choice for women to wear if they were big fans of this movie. Halloween costumes of Catwoman have been around for a long time thanks to the Batman franchise but are getting even better since she was featured in several movies in the last decade.

A creepy but great choice is the villain from this movie. Bane costumes are fun due to the unique nature of the mask! Check out below for the best deal on a Bane mask and costume this year!

Get Costumes From The Latest Batman Movie This Halloween

Let's hear your choice for the last movie costume to go on this year's Halloween Movie Costume list! Just comment and after a bunch of people choose I'll go with the most popular choice and update the list above!

#5 Halloween Movie Costume

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