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Best 5 Year Old Boys Toys Christmas 2015

Updated on November 13, 2015

Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

What are the best 5 year old boys toys? You'll find some of the top toys for 5 year old boys featured here! There's a great selection to choose from that are fun and will make the receiver very pleased whatever the time of the year!

You'll find remote control cars, like the one pictured here, board games, sports toys and so much more! Why not allow your 5 year old boy to look at this page, and tell you his favorites?!That way you will know you are buying something that will be appreciated.

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Stomp Rocket Toy


Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit

This toy is great for keeping your 5 year old boy active! You launch rockets by stomping on the launcher. This toy is best for outdoor use, or in a room where nothing will get damaged by the little rockets. You can purchase refill rockets for this, too. Keep you child active and entertained with a Stomp Rocket!

Battat Take Apart Airplane

Any 5 year old boy loves learning how things work and fit together. This take apart plane will allow your child to learn coordination, by taking the plane apart and putting it back together. It will teach mechanics and construction principals to your child. This toy comes with a power screwdriver and 3 bits, and runs on 2 AA batteries, that you must provide. This toy is a great Christmas gift for your 5 year old boy, and will keep him entertained for hours at a time.

Board game


Sequence for Kids/Board Games

Board games are always a hit with 5 year old boys. They are inquisitive, and they are eager to learn new things. Playing games with parents and peers is a great learning experience that will stick with your child for life. You'll not only be teaching them things, but creating good and happy memories for them, that they can pass on to their children.

This particular board game can be played by those as young as 4 and those as old as 7 meaning it will not be a 1 year wonder!

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Rover Remote Control Car

Most boys love cars and anything electronic, so a remote control car is a great choice for a Christmas toy for a 5 year old boy! He will love having the control of "driving" the car all over the house and even on hard outdoor surfaces (even dirt, sand and water) These remote control cars are durable and fun, and your 5 year old boy will absolutely love one for Christmas or any time!

Some more toys for 5 year old boys!

These are just a few suggestions for the best toys for 5 year old boys!! Below you can find some more gift options:-

Star Wars- my 5 and 6 year old nephews love Star Wars so basically I will be buying them official merchandise including toys for Christmas! I love the action figure packs available and found a 6 pack on Amazon for just over $50!! The figures are a decent size, 12 inches tall so will provide hours of fun for 5 year old boys! This will surely be a collectors item in years to come! As well as the figures I might buy a lightsaber blaster and a costume for them. They can share all the toys I can buy which is even better!

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Do you think these are the top toys for a 5 year old boys this year?

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