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Best Gifts for Nurses

Updated on April 27, 2014

The Best Gift Ideas for A Nurse

Looking for a gift for a nurse? The occasions are nearly endless - Christmas and a birthday are the obvious ones. But there's also Mother's Day, National Nurses Week (May 6-12), graduation gifts, Valentine's Day and others! This lens is designed to help you find a gift for your favorite nurse.

In my mind, you can't show enough appreciation for nurses and all that they do. So I've taken the past few years of gifts that I've given to my wife and condensed them into one guide to save you time as you look for the perfect gift for the nurse in your life.

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A great nurse needs a great stethoscope. I'll quote my wife Jenny here: "If you want to give them the best stethoscope you get them a Littman." There are lots of levels to fit different price points but if you go with a 3M Littman you can be assured that you are getting a good quality piece of equipment. I would encourage you to look around on Amazon and do your research with reviews to find a perfect fit.

To personalize your gift and show a lot of thought and appreciation you can pick out specific colors and styles. One tip to take your gift to an even higher level is to get the stethoscope engraved with her name. Sometimes things get crazy at a clinic or a floor of a hospital. This can help make sure that no one walks off with your nurse's new stethoscope on accident!

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Stethoscopes on Amazon

3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch, 2201
3M Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch, 2201

This is what I got my wife, engraved with her name so she can't lose it - she loves it!

Dansko Shop
Dansko Shop


Shoes are one of the best gifts for a nurse. Why? Nurses spend a ton of time on their feet, lifting and moving. They need a durable and comfortable pair of shoes. Most nurses choose Alegrias or Danskos to fit this niche.

Once again I am relying on my in-home expert who says that Danskos are her shoe of choice. In my mind they're expensive and they don't fit my sense of style but she assures me that nurses everywhere wear them and love them. They are comfortable, easy to wash and clean and last almost forever! You can also take a look at Alegria brand. Don't buy something cheap that she'll never use - I've made that mistake before!

For super bonus points think about your nurse's sense of style and the wardrobe of scrubs she has and pick out a pair of shoes that fit her perfectly and she'll use every shift.

Photo: Amazon

Shoes Her Feet Will Love

Dansko Women's Professional Mule,Black Cabrio,37 EU/6.5-7 M US
Dansko Women's Professional Mule,Black Cabrio,37 EU/6.5-7 M US

My wife loves Danskos - she doesn't wear anything else to work.


Stocking Stuffers

Oftentimes I'm looking for a smaller gift for a nurse, maybe something for a friend I don't know too well or a Christmas gift to make Jenny feel just a little bit more special. These are inexpensive gifts that a nurse can always use, perfect for throwing into a stocking or a small package. They are great for any event!


Wisdom, Advice and Encouragement

Nursing is a tough job - really tough! What kind of gift can work to combat this? Maybe some advice from nurses who have gone before! This is perfect for the nurse who is just starting out but can really be great for anyone who needs a boost or is starting something new.

I've found books and calendars can be great items that provide inspiration and encouragement. Even a personal note or card can become a treasured gift. What do you think?

photo credit: o5com via photo pin cc

Relaxation You Can Wrap

First Year Nurse: Wisdom, Warnings, and What I Wish I'd Known My First 100 Days on the Job
First Year Nurse: Wisdom, Warnings, and What I Wish I'd Known My First 100 Days on the Job

This is a great book and one that I consistently see being given as a gift!



Scrubs are a great gift for nurses. Most nurses I know will appreciate another pair of scrubs, especially a versatile piece that goes well with what they already have.

My wife goes through scrubs like crazy and is usually looking for a clean pair, so it's hard for her to have enough pairs. She also works with children and likes to mix and match with different colors and patterns to infuse a bit of fun for her patients.

When picking them out, make sure you know what brand and size she needs. Then pick patterns and colors that work with she already has. Good luck!

Bonus Ideas for Nursing Students

My wife Jenny graduated from nursing school not too late ago and so I have some perspective on what a nursing student needs as well. If she's still in school you could offer to buy some of her textbooks - wow, those get expensive fast and even buying one could really help out!

Another great idea for a nurse's graduation is to buy her NCLEX study materials. NCLEX is the national exam that she will need to pass to be certified as a nurse and they take it after graduating so study materials will definitely help her as she completes her journey to becoming a nurse. If you're really feeling generous you could the 350+ dollar fee for her to take it!

photo credit: Aleera* via photo pin cc

How did your favorite nurse like your gift? What do you think I left off? Maybe you bought yourself a gift off the list (that works too!) I want to hear about it - write your comments below. Thanks!

Let Me Know How It Goes!

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    • profile image

      FlowerGuy 4 years ago

      I wonder if Nurses would like getting flowers once in awhile - especially hospital nurses. I can imagine a nurse thinking - "boy, these sickos get all the attention. I'd like to get something pretty at home once in awhile..." I have some promo codes listed on my site - - if you think it's a good idea. Maybe just a chocolate gift basket would be better with a note - "sick of flowers? Eat Chocolate!" Now you're talking.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great ideas.

    • profile image

      glutenallergy 5 years ago

      My brother's wife is a nurse, and I'm sure she would appreciate any of these gifts!