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Holidays in Tenerife

Updated on March 25, 2011

One of the most popular destinations for Norwegians, is the island of Tenerife. Where on this island should you go to experience the best vacation?

For over 40 years, Norwegians have gone on holiday to Tenerife and the reason is very simple. The Canary Islands boasts something most people miss in the winter, the sun and temperatures above 20 degrees. Most of the Norwegian tourists who travel to Tenerife travels it the winter, and they also usually go to the south of the island where the climate is the best.

The four most visited destinations on Tenerife is Los Christianos, Playa de las Americas, Los Gigantes and Puerto de la Cruz. The latter is located on the northwest side of the island and has a slightly more unstable weather, while the first three are located in the south, and have almost unlimited sunshine from morning to night. These four resorts can be divided into four types of holidaymakers, quiet and secure, fun, mountains and nature, and finally a little more culture.

Los Christianos is the first city you comes to from the Reina Sofia, which the airport in the south of the island. This resort is great for people who want lazy days and want to relax in a good climate, but without too much noise and bustle. Los Christianos has not only hotels, but is also a small town, where the Canarian everyday life are still part of the city. A ferry across to La Gomera is possible from the harbor at the bottom of the city, and the destination is suitable for couples with or without children. Playa de la Vista is the best beach in town, and it is more relaxed than its neighbor to the west.

Playa de las Americas is located to the west of Los Christianos and is a bit more touristy resort. You will not find as much local life, but a lot of fun. The town consists of a 15-kilometer coastline with hotels, bars, night clubs, shops and restaurants. The waterfront here is very nice to walk on, if you will look at other tourists, or just watch to be seen. Gota Canal and The Happy Viking is serving places where you can meet other Scandinavians in a festive mood.

Los Gigantes or the Giants is named after the famous cliffs of 450 meters that actually races out into the Atlantic Ocean. The city lies at the foot of these cliffs, and is a resort town with a very hilly terrain. The place is perfect if you want to do some hiking, while you enjoy your holiday in Tenerife. Most of the restaurants and shops lies by the port and marina, this is perhaps the area of Tenerife with the most beautiful sunset.

Puerto de la Cruz is located on the west side of the island, below Mount Teide. The pleasant town center with the square and pedestrian streets, compensates for the climate we have on this side of the island. The city is really charming and lacks only beaches to make it a perfect resort. The zoo Loro Parque is located here, a mandatory day trip for anyone visiting Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz is perfect for anyone who wants a good temperature, but do not necessarily have to be soaking up the sun all day long.

All in all, the island of Tenerife has something for everyone, and manage to satisfy most requirements for a nice holiday. Enjoy your holiday to Tenerife!


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