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Top Photo Gifts

Updated on September 13, 2014

Top Photo Gift Ideas - Shades, Coasters and more!

With digital photography it is now possible to create an amazing range of photo gifts. You can put photos on shirts, on window shades, on metal, on coasters, on magnets, on wood - it seems limitless as to the ways you can use photos. This site will explore some of the best services for making photo gifts. If you find a style you like - like wood or metal - there are even more sites if you want to explore further. Also, many of these photo services are featured on Living Social, Groupon and other coupon sites so be sure to check for deals!

1. Professional Photo Enhancement - Available Worldwide - digital delivery

I love editing photos, but when you have the photos say from a wedding, a reunion or a graduation you might want a professional touch. Tucia can add a person into a family portrait or remove an unwanted stranger from your photo (or even remove an ex-spouse). Last holiday season I had Tucia turn photos of my kids into artwork based on their favorite comic characters - and everybody loved it! I have also used Tucia to create a great photo that I than used on canvas or for a mosaic as in the gift ideas shown in the following sections. Before you create a huge canvas or photo shade - start off with the optimal image!

2. Create a 3D image! -

In early 2012 launched a new patent-pending product line to turn a standard 2D photo into a full-color 3D relief sculpture. You can capture special memories and freeze them in time-and-space with this one-of-a-kind personalized photo art, There was a time when only the rich and famous could afford to have bas-relief or cameo sculptures carved in stone and hand-painted. takes this cncept and makes it available to the masses. All you need is a high quality digital photo of people, pets, landscapes and does the rest.

Design Mosaic
Design Mosaic

3. Photo Mosaic

Stunning photo mosaics make unique photo gifts--ones that'll keep wowing everyone who sees them for years to come. At Design A Mosaic, they make it easy for you to take your favorite digital pictures and create your own personalized photo mosaic. Simply upload your images (as few as 20 is fine though in practice I have found you really need 50-100 for a decent sized mosaid), select your options, and they'll take care of the rest. You will get a digital preview of your photo mosaic. Each photo will be used to build a large mosaic based on all your images.

4. Photo Room Shades - Art Shades for the Artist in You

Photo Shades
Photo Shades

Put an end to boring plain white shades - we've all had them for years, indeed for too-long. A service called OrangePiel lets you create custom-designed window treatments and wallpaper using any digital photograph you choose. To get started, just upload a JPEG of the image you want-a photo from your trip to the beach or a scan of a drawing your kid drew in art class. Though, photos of vacation spots and outdoor image in particular work very well. I know folks who instead of buying expensive shades and even more expensive window furnishings - instead made custom window shades with images of their family and favorite vacation spots.

5. Photos on Canvas - A BIG Photo Idea

Canvas On Demand
Canvas On Demand

Print your photos on canvas pro style with Canvas On Demand. From any source, any resolution or size - and customized to your wishes - your photos and digital images become stunning custom art. Creating canvas art is very easy tin today's digital world. Upload an image from Facebook or virtually any other website and surprise that special friend with a beautiful portrait without having to ask them for the original source files.

Imagine your favorite photo in sketch, watercolor or oil painting! Their artists specialize in a variety of different photo to art styles and techniques. The selection of gift ideas seems to get larger every time I visit. From handmade traditional artworks, such as pencil sketches and oil paintings, to more modern digital custom art, like pop art 4-panels and caricatures, MyDaVinci provides all the tools needed to create beautiful and lasting personalized art!

7. Wallhogs - Custom Life Size Cut Outs


Wallhogs is a the pioneer of custom, lifesize, cut-out wall graphics. For the past 5 years and over one million square feet of wall graphics material printed, along with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, From experience, these type of gifts are best to be hung the night before after your gift recipient is in bed. Just rolled up they don't provide the wow effect that you get once they are on the wall. Wallhogs has become the premier provider of wall graphics for both personal and business use.

8. Wood Mounted Photography

Elementem's wood-block prints allow you to fill your walls with modern, organically inspired photographs split across three 20"x20" panels. The segmented but continuous images are ideal when they focus on natural subjects- cherry blossoms, a pier stretching over a sunset or a wave mid-crest. These images are digitally printed on vinyl and then mounted on medium-density fiberboard. To finish off the creation, a thin layer of laminate preserves the print's luster. They primarily sell stock images, but they make any picture you need. Just mail file and they'll have their graphic team look at it to tell you what sizes and options you have according to the resolution of the images that you have. I have seen their product, but still saving up for one. I dropped a few hints that it would be a nice gift - but nobody was listening....

9. Photo Coasters

Yup, it seems like you can now put photos anywhere. We don't know about the kitchen sink, but drink coasters is yet another option. Coastermatic will digitally print photos onto stone using a inkjet process. From what we've seen, if you look at them super close-up you may notice the dots from the printing. However, at a coaster distance they look flawless.

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