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Top Ten Cigar Gifts and Accessories!

Updated on September 26, 2014

Find the best cigar smoking accessories for yourself or a friend...

Hey friend, why not help yourself to a rare, tasty, cigar? On the house!

That's what every cigar aficionado wants to hear. Because cigar lovers are united by one very simple fact: every cigar flavor and quality is unique. And once you've smoked a few, you will start to understand that there is no comparison to the flavor and aroma of a truly exotic cigar, indeed, a once in a lifetime smoke.

Well we have compiled a list of the top 10 Best Cigar and Humidor Accessories (and Gifts), just in time for your new hobby of enjoying a good quality and exotic cigar. So sit back and relax, but don't smoke yet until you finish this book.

You are going to want to read about some of these very enticing new offers first so that you can get more enjoyment out of each cigar, one at a time. The quality is in the little details.

So let's proceed by covering some of our favorite accessories!

Vector Tri Pump Lighter
Vector Tri Pump Lighter


Don't light your cigar with just any lighter. A poor lighter might sputter or spit out butane. Maybe it hesitates or lights your cigar in an uneven manner - an insult to a good cigar. Even missing by a centimeter can be a problem. What you want is that sweet glow. A lighter that emits a consistent flame that does not quit is what you need. And the Vector Tri-Pump is just what the bartender ordered for you.

It's a heavy duty lighter built for a table top. It's the poster child for torch flame technology because it has almost enough power for industrial uses but it's meant for that bog ol' stogie you've been aging.

The main canister of the Trip-Pump has a handle and a mounted torch which will provide you with the perfect flame.

You can also get this lighter in 10 nice looking colors!

But that cool thing about this lighter is that your friends will notice it, and want to use it - even play with it. They'll want to get that flame shooting out and watch like a kid in a candy store.

Your thumb won't get tired either. All you need to do is press the button and that's it. You don't have to flick a little rotary wheel hoping for a good flame.

It can also be a nice outdoors lighter because you don't have to worry too much about wind or drizzle. This is THE table top cigar lighter of lighters.

This lighter is of such high quality it comes with a 5 year guarantee! Oh and don't take it out to your shop or garage and see if it can help you on your metalwork projects. It's a little too classy for that.

Diesel Lighter
Diesel Lighter

Vector Diesel Torch Lighter:

Vector also carries a double-jet torch mini-table top lighter. A perfect pocket sized lighter, it has a large fuel capacity, friendly, push down ignition, and wind resistance.

What is the difference between the diesel lighter and ordinary butane? Lighter diesel is cleaner, allowing less sediment to build up, so that keeping your table top or pocket lighter clean is easier and insures great lighting action every time.

Don't spend your time frustrated because your butane refuel has clogged up your lighter. Use the cleaner fuel of Vector lighter diesel. Lighter diesel compresses rapidly, giving you that solid torch flame needed for lighting your cigar.

Vector diesel lighters come in three different sizes, with built-in punches for your convenience. When investing in the best, invest in the best fuel to keep your lighter working smoothly.

By the way, fill your Vector lighters only with Vector lighter diesel.



Don't convince yourself that any pair of cutters will do for clipping the end of your cigar. If the cutters have dulled or are not conforming enough to make a clean clip, the results will be ragged, tiny ends of tobacco spoiling the carefully blended flavor of your handcrafted cigar, or worse, a crushed end.

This Titanium Cigar Cutter gives you state of the arts technology in a beautiful, compact teardrop shape that fits safely and comfortably in your pocket. The Xikar Cutter XI comes in a large variety of design colors, from a soft, silver gray for the person who likes quiet, classical tones, to the get down -rocker patterns for the young high-roller.

You'll like the feel of this spring-loaded cutter, that opens up with a solid, satisfying sound, and snaps closed just as solidly, with a built-in locking mechanism to assure it stays closed when not in use. This is a cutter you can carry around with assurance; just the right size to fit into your pocket, with knowledge that it will not break and will not accidentally spring open.

The blades stay close together as they slide in for the cut, which is critical for cutting the cigar cleanly without pinching. With an aluminum body and stainless steel blades, you have a cutter that is lightweight, durable, and always has a fine, sharp edge.

Le Veil DCH-56 Gel Humidifier
Le Veil DCH-56 Gel Humidifier

Le Veil DCH-56 Gel Humidifier:

The DCH-56 Le Veil Humidifier is a top of the line humidifier. You want a top of the line if you have a quality humidor and cigars.

The Le Veil DCH-56 Gel Humidifier takes all the worry out of keeping accurate settings, with accurate digital displays reading of your RH minimum/ maximum for humidity, the three-day average, notifying you when you have centigrade/ Fahrenheit low water, and alerting you to the amount of humidity present.

Built for a bigger cabinet styled or end table humidors, the Le Veil DCH-56 uses a dual re-calibrating system, making maintenance of your high quality investments safer and easier. No more guess work. No more inaccurate readings. No more labor to keep your humidor in perfect working order.

Able to maintain up to a 55 cubic feet humidor, this humidifier comes with a water indicator the notifies you if battery is low and a powerful, dual fan (HD), so quiet you can barely hear it, which is as satisfying as knowing this fabulous piece of equipment really works without any tiring of laborious processes on your part.

The Le Veil DCH-56 Gel Humidifier uses a highly absorbent crystal gel. Gels are the ideal product to use with humidifiers as they will absorb 400 times their mass with distilled water. One ounce of gel will absorb almost two gallons of water, which means it has far more moisture to release than other standard products before having to be recharged.

The Le Veil DCH-56 Gel Humidifier works in any climate and is guaranteed to enhance your smoking pleasure all year long. There is never a dissatisfied customer. Those who have used it say that after buying one, they replaced all their humidors with the DCH-56 humidifier, and would not think of ever using any other. It is the most highly recommended humidifier on the market, works exactly as is advertised and is the best gift you could give anyone who needs an upgrade for his humidor. It's also the best gift you could give yourself. Take the labor out of keeping your humidor working perfectly by investing in a humidifier that does everything for you.

Cigar Mechanics Case
Cigar Mechanics Case


Are you a man on the go? Does your work often carry you far from home; even into foreign countries? Are you someone who spends a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors with sports, hunting, camping or fishing? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, and you enjoy high quality cigars, you need a travel case for them.

You’ll quickly find not just any travel case will do. You need one that is light, durable, and holds humidity well. This is what you will find with the Cigar Mechanics 30 Count Travel Case. This handsome case is rustproof, dustproof, waterproof and unbreakable. Wow! Just what you need for those exciting adventures or extreme climates. Not only that, its rugged but quietly designed exterior marks you as a man of good tastes.

But it’s the interior that makes it stand out as quality. Constructed from molded polypropylene, it’s shock resistant, guaranteeing no damage or crushing will ever come to your fine cigars. Have you ever had a humidor ruined by mold, and consequently, your high-end cigars?

Not anymore with this top of the line mold resistant construction, you’ll never again have to worry about mold creeping into your travel case. It also has a built-in pressure release valve and an airtight seal for optimum humidity. As a bonus feature, and a touch more of convenience, it also carries a built in lighter.

This masterfully built case can even be taken on board a boat without fear of damage or of seawater leaking into the case. Comfortably holding up to thirty cigars, it is the ideal traveling companion for any active man on the go, keeping his cigars safe, dust free, mold free and perfectly humidified.


Xikar Envoy 3 Cigar Case:

Even if you're not a traveler, there's a very slim chance you spend all your time at home. You probably have business meetings to attend, appointments to keep and errands to run. Like any smoker, you want to take along a few of your favorite cigars.

What you don't want is to see your fine cigars crushed or damaged. If you are carrying along only a few, the perfect protection is an Xikar Envoy Three Cigar Case. This elegant amada leather case comes in a color choice of black or cognac. Contrast stitching seals the case, making it both stylish and durable. The interior lining is made from authentic Spanish cedar, enhancing the flavor of your cigar and giving it optimum humidity. A metal cap covers both ends, reinforcing its natural strength and polishing up the look of contemporary style.

The Xikar Envoy can hold as many as 3 fifty two ring (guage), or 2 fifty four ring (guage Churchill style and length stogies, within its telescoping case. With the same technology, Xikar Envoy also offers a single cigar case. Built from the same construction and design, you can keep your singles safely without fear of crushing.

While you are looking at your options, you might wish to consider the Xikar Envoy Havana Collection. This beautiful set has a genuine fiber carbon liner and a Havana theme cap made of the finest cigar band art reproductions you will ever find on the market.

Accompanying the case is a matching lighter and cutters, both covered with the same Havana art theme representation. Go bold, or if you truly like things sedate, the Xikar Envoy also has a collection in matching black and dull silver. The choice is yours for aesthetic appearances, but make sure that choice is an Xikar Envoy to keep your quality cigars protected, rich with flavor and tastefully fashionable.

bump ashtray
bump ashtray


Face it. Finding an ashtray large enough to accommodate both your smoking pleasure and that of your friends can be a royal pain. They are usually too shallow, making it necessary to dump them every few minutes, or, if they are large enough, they are too large to look like a tasteful accessory.

What you want, is an ashtray modest enough that it doesn't take up your entire desk and deep enough to not have ashes flying all over the place. The Alec Bradley "The Bump" ashtray was built exactly with this problem in mind.

This limited edition ceramic ashtray stands on four squat legs, broad enough to prevent tilt, and with a bowl deep enough that you and your friends can smoke comfortably without having to empty the ashtray every few minutes. Its smooth, classical lines will compliment any home and office decor, and its roomy base is comfortable enough to even shelter your smoking utensils.

There will be no complaints of scattered ashes with this tray designed specifically for cigars. It's hard enamel surface will make for easy cleaning, keeping it shiny and new looking for years.

The ash tray is jet black, with the new logo of the Alec Bradley collection stamped inside the bowl, along with four well-placed cigar rests, just the right size for placing your Churchill's. Even the box, designed in gay, psychedelic colors is a collector's piece you won't want to throw away, and chances are, your wife won't let you. Feel like a king each time you sit down to smoke with the classiest ashtray ever designed for cigar smokers.


Xikar Portable Stainless Steel Ash Can:

We are not a stationary world. We travel; a lot; and like to carry with us those things we find most comfortable in our home life. Our vehicles come equipped with radios and DVD players, we carry along our cell phones, and if we are smokers, our tobacco of choice.

Most vehicles come equipped with ashtrays, but even cigarette smokers are hesitant to use them. The fumes and ashes can damage the interior, and even interfere with the electrical circuits. If you're a cigar smoker, the problem is confounded because the ash trays simply are not big enough. The most practical solution is to bring along your own.

As logical as this sounds, most carry on ash trays are built for cigarettes. There is no holder to keep your cigar firmly in place, and the basins are too small to contain the ash. You have still defeated your purpose even before you started.

The most practical carry-along ashtray is the Xikar Portable Stainless Steel Ash Can. Stainless steel is one of the easiest metals to keep clean, but this is not the only advantage of the Xikar ash can. This nifty gadget is just the right size to fit inside most cup consoles in a vehicle, ensuring that it won't accidentally tip while it's open. The inside design of this ashtray is ingenuous.

There are two spiral ring holders to place your cigars when you are not smoking, or even to keep change for tollbooths. Complete with a screw-on lid, your ashes are contained, as well as the fumes that could ruin your upholstery. Embossed with the Xikar logo on the outside, this handy ash can is a must for any serious traveler.



A humidor should be attractive as well as functional. It is a part of your home decor, a furnishing meant to last for years. The craftsmanship put into making an effective yet beautiful wood humidor is as exacting as the care placed in crafting your quality cigars. If you are a person who appreciates high quality, you appreciate a humidor that reflects your tastes.

This is what you’ll find with the Merger High Lacquer Burl 30 Count Humidor.

The only words used to describe this useful cigar accessory is “absolutely gorgeous”. The 11" X 9 “ X 4" box, able to store up to thirty cigars, and is perfect for your desk or coffee table. The high lacquer finish brings out the natural burl pattern, with swirling deep rose, golden and mahogany colors. The added touch of black edging serves to accentuate quiet elegance.

“It’s beautiful,” you might say, “but is it functional?” Absolutely! This prized baby, lined with Spanish cedar, has premium humidification and its own hygrometer. You’ll be the envy of your friends when you display this exquisite box and demonstrate its usefulness by pulling out a perfectly humidified cigar. It makes a perfect gift, but you won’t want to let this one go. This exquisite humidor is destined to become an heirloom.


Dumaine 60 Count Humidor:

A Personal Favorite!

You can find a humidor in just about any size and shape you can think of. You can get them in small pocket size travel humidors which range from cheap plastic to luxury leather, and then there's the medium desktop size (the most popular size), and finally you can get large end table and cabinet or commercial walk in humidors.

A humidor is a crucial tool for keeping your stogies nice and fresh, or for aging them nicely.

So if you want to store a small supply of cigars, or if you have a massive collection of the finest cigars, you probably want to have a quality humidor, right?

You can get cheap humidors that do a decent job, but they may require constant meddling with the humidifier. Or you can invest a bit more and get one that requires very little maintenance after properly seasoning it (yes you have to season most humidors. It's very important).

Most cigar aficionados require a humidor that is easily portable so it can be taken on the road, or to a party. That's why I am suggesting you get the Dumaine humidor. It has space for up to 60 stogies, depending on the size and shape. It's a luxurious humidor that not only looks good but is very good at aging and storing your stogies.

It's perfect for the desktop cigar situation, or to give as a thoughtful gift to a friend or client in need. You are sure to make a big impression with a humidor of this caliber....

The Dumaine has a gorgeous ebony finish and like all quality humidors it is lined with Spanish Cedar (kiln dried, no less).

The size of the Dumaine is just thirteen and one half inches by nine and a quarter inches, and only six and one half inches high, making it the perfect size for just about any desktop, as well as portable for events or traveling.

The Dumaine has a display made of fine glass, and in addition it contains a simple divider and a tray on the second level for necessary accessories.

This quality humidor comes with a humidifier, and you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

WARNING: This humidor sells like crazy so get it now before it sells out.


Bonus Gift Idea:

NEW YORK 150 COUNT HUMIDOR: Another Personal Favorite!

The New York 150 Count Humidor is not just any humidor. It's a 'man chest'. It's for the real man's cigar storage. OK, maybe it's not just for the real man, but it sure does look and feel manly. And it works well too!

This humidor and the Dumaine are a toss up. I like them both for different reasons. So why not get them both?

With brass handles that are ornamented in a way that gives it girth and providing you with the ability to lift it with three fingers on each side, it feels manly.

An inlay of gold color in a domed shape gives you a feeling that it's a pirates chest.

The New York 150 Count Humidor is a killer humidor. The finish is a cherry lacquer. My favorite. It has a Spanish cedar lining (kiln dried), and it also has dividers and a tray made of Spanish cedar. These allow for adequate air circulation in the humidor.

The top of this humidor has quadrant hinges made of brass, and they are well hidden. These types of hinges are made for pianos, to preserve the elegance and beauty of the finest pianos. But this humidor has a lock and key so you can be sure your stogies are not just well stored, but safe from envious fingers. There is a hygrometer that is analog, which gives it a timeless quality. And you can easily replace this with a digital one if that suits you.

The size of the New York 150 Count Humidor is fifteen inches by nine and a quarter inches, by eight inches. This is a very comfortable size for any desktop, and it's portable as well, if need be.

One customer said he was able to store ninety four cigars, but that it can store up to one hundred and fifty smaller cigars. .

The main features of this humidor is that it has plenty of room for your stogies, it's 'manly' looking and feeling, and it is a well functioning humidor.

sailing and a cigar
sailing and a cigar


I hope you have enjoyed reading "The Top 10 Cigar Accessories and Humidors (and Gifts)" list. We look forward to release more books and articles on our favorite subject, so visit us again!

And remember, slow down and enjoy yourself. Savor the flavor and the scent. And remember, don't inhale! It'll make you sick. It's all about getting the whiff without sucking in the smoke.

Have a good smoke, my friends!

Which Cigar or Humidor Accessory Do You Like The Most?

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