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Top Ten Reviewed Black Nail Polishes 2013

Updated on April 15, 2013

The best black nail polish countdown

Black nail polish.

It's fashionable, trendy and has a "I didn't try too hard" look. Walking into a room with jet black nails is a style statement.

Nail Polish may not SEEM like a beauty product you need to research online right? It's easier to run to the drugstore and pick up a shade. But many "cheap" or "on sale" nail polishes are not good quality--they run, crack and clump.

This list (rated by hundreds of reviewers) rates the top 10 best black nail polish.

How this list was formed. is a website that allows makeup users to rate and review different products.

I went through the reviews and found you the top 10 reviewed black nail polishes for 2013.

Just for fun.

Would you wear black nail polish?

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The Countdown

Top 10 reviewed black nail polishes countdown.

10. Milani - Black Magic - 31 reviews---Average Rating: 4.4--- 80% would buy again--- Package Quality: 4.3


What the company says:

"Professional, long-wearing, chip-resistant, super glossy formula with a spectacular color range of intensely vibrant shades, from trendsetting, fashionable runway to traditional best sellers."

What the reviewers say:

"I went through a black fingernail phase about two years ago. I tried many, many, many black polishes and Black Magic was the best. Cheap, easy to find, a true black color without a blue or gray cast to it, and it had a nice shine to it! Great black color. If you need a black fingernail polish, this is the one to purchase!"

by Zevie

"This rocks. Dark, inky black. Looks so professional on short, shapely nails. Dirt cheap too, what's not to like?"

by suzi2qs

9. Sally Hansen - Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out - 30 reviews---Average Rating: 4.1---83% would buy again--- Package Quality: 4.0

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

What the company says:

"Match your manicure to your mood! Fun, trendy shades - collect them all and change your nail polish as often as you like!"

What the reviewers say:

"It's a super good price, And a good product too! I bought it for one of my halloween costumes one year and i've been buying it every sense then."

by Hxcookie

"This is a good cheap nail polish. I find that I only need one coat and it is perfect. It really does last well, too! Especially if you are using a clear base coat and top coat. I have very busy hands being a mother of a toddler and I find this outlasts most of my other polishes, in the way of chipping. If the name didn't is black.. as black as black can possibly get. No glitter, just a glossy finish.---I kind of wish it were matte, but otherwise fabulous!"

by miserlymom

Sally Hansen - Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out

8. OPI - Black Satin - 21 reviews---Average Rating: 4.4--- 85% would buy again ---Package Quality: 4.3


What the company says:

"A lovely, steely, charcoal nail lacquer by OPI."

What the reviewers say:

"Very pretty charcoal, shimmery , glowy color. It's not a true black and I'm glad. It's softer than black which is more flattering on the hands. I found this at Kroger just recently and was mesmerized. I would purchase again."

by sherryba

"I looooved this color when I randomly chose it for a mani/pedi. I hunted everywhere for it, until I realized it was discontinued so ordered it online. It's a great shade to try if you don't like the pure black thing. It's a dark gunmetal/almost black with lots of unique multi-colored shimmer to it. It's absolutely memorizing in direct sunlight! lovelovelove."

by lilgraci

7. Chanel - Black Satin - 84 reviews--Average Rating: 4.3--- 79% would buy again ---Package Quality: 4.4

What the company says:

"Classic and trend-defining shades with the state-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high-shine, chip-resistant colour. Applies evenly without streaking. All Chanel nail products are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free."

What the reviewers say:

"This is a great polish that looks good with everything. I love that it looks super dark and you only have to use 1 coat. It is worth the $25 i paid. I have to keep buying this shade..i love it."

by abbeylicious

"expensive but worth every penny. if you love darks you need to try...... im telling you all"

by karolcia

6. Milani - Black Cherry - 58 reviews---Average Rating: 4.4 ---87% would buy again ---Package Quality: 3.9

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

What the company says:

"Milani Nail Polish: Black Cherry #28. This Milani Nail Lacquer has a professional, long wearing formula. With an intensely vibrant color it is Chip-resistant, super glossy."

What the reviewers say:

"I love this color! This is the perfect fall shade that is sexy but still very professional and polished. Black Cherry is a glossy cool toned dark red almost black color. There are no sparkles or glitter in this polish. With one coat, it comes out a bit sheer but with two layers,it is dark and vibrant. I didn't notice any streaks and the color lays down like a highend polish. I love the thin long brush because it caters to very small nails."

by KeyWestBum

Milani - Black Cherry - Not black but still in theme.

5. OPI - Jade is the New Black - 83 reviews---Average Rating: 4.5--- 81% would buy again--- Package Quality: 4.4

What the company says:

"New collection comes with an exclusive ProWide Laquer brush. Polish spreads quick, even, and leaves itself streak free. The brush also has stacked bristles which apply more polish than regularly spaced bristles. OPI polishes are designed with quality and excellence in mind, and almost exclusively sold only to nail professionals."

What the reviewers say:

"The perfect green polish. That's all I really need to say. Application is wonderful, smooth and streak-free. The colour is bright yet understated and very flattering on most skintones. A colour to wear all year round."

by siobhanerin

"hands down one of my favourite polishes! the shade is absolutely perfect! it's a really rich colour and extremely flattering on my fair-asian skin. i have received many compliments on this and the formula is great too:)"

by xthrenody

4. Wet 'n' Wild - 424 Black Creme - 100 reviews---Average Rating: 4.2--- 84% would buy again--- Package Quality: 3.7

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

What the company says:

"Just like that favorite top in your wardrobe, it's always better to have it in more than one color.

Applies quickly and easily leaving a brilliant, super-shiny finish.

Formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalate free."

What the reviewers say:

"Would I buy again? Definitely! I love this nail polish! It's the perfect shade of pure black, and it has nice opaqueness. You just need 1 or 2 coats. It has a great brush that's the perfect size for me. The only con is that the writing wears off after a while, but clear nail polish can prevent that. Other than that, I love everything about it, especially the price. :)"

by LadyClaudia

"Consistency is great. The color is great. The price is spectacular (50 cents if I'm lucky - otherwise the original price is 99 cents)

However, for 99 cents, it does chip pretty quickly, even with a top coat. But for some reason, this is the only black nail polish I buy! Love the price and while the wear is short, I think it looks great."

by oresvesk

Wet 'n' Wild - 424 Black Creme

3. China Glaze - Crackle Glaze - Black Mesh - 54 reviews---Average Rating: 4.3 ---85% would buy again ---Package Quality: 4.4

What the company says:

"China Glaze Crackle Glaze is an innovative technology that allows you to play with a wide array of color combinations and achieve an edgy, new-wave look. This unique formula was developed to give nails a crackled design over traditional nail color. Contrasting colors are used one over the other to achieve a deconstructed, shattered look that takes place right before your eyes. .5 oz."

What the reviewers say:

"I have a couple black crackle polishes, and this one is by far my favorite. It was easy to apply, not messy, and crackles nicely!"

by Aliakatt

"As for all of the crackle polishes, I've found that you have to shake them really well. I have these in all the colors besides purple, btw. I haven't tried any OPI shatters but I still like this a lot and is the best that I've used (so far)."

by stephaniewu

2. Rimmel - Rimmel Lasting Finish 399 Black Satin - 21 reviews--Average Rating: 4.4--- 90% would buy again ---Package Quality: 4.1

What the company says:

"Up to 5 days super durable polish for nails.

Chip resistant."

What the reviewers say:

"I really wanted a black nail polish, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one, so I decided to try this one- I believe it was around 2.99. I am extremely impressed with this one-applies evenly, gorgeous shiny black color,last a very long time-unbeatable for this price!"

by keithy

"got it for $2.49 at target, and i lovee it! after 2 coats, it comes off opaque deep true black, and it's very shiny. definitely going to repurchase because it's such a great find. it dries fast doesn't chip for at least 5 days. i like it better than my black opi black polish."

by b3l0vEd

Rimmel - Rimmel Lasting Finish 399 Black Satin

1. Sinful Professionals in #02 (Black on Black) - 31 reviews---Average Rating: 4.7--- 90% would buy again ---Package Quality: 4.4

What the company says:

"Glorious, gorgeous colors on your fingers. It will complete your outfit and expresses your mood. Toluene, formaldehyde & DBP free. Made in USA"

What the reviewers say:

"I love a good cheap nail polish. Don't you? This was dirt cheap, and I love it even better than my China Glaze Liquid Leather. Completely opaque in 2 coats and dried just as fast as any other polish. I had no bubbling trouble with it, and dried to a shiny finish. I can't say how long it lasts, but after four days it was still chip-free when I took it off."

by DiscoverBeauty

"Truly surprised at how good this polish is. I used 2 coats, even though one is sufficient. This actually lasted a few days without chipping, which is literally unheard of with me. A great, cheap polish."

by kiraty

Celebs rocking black nail polish

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