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Repair that Heirloom Watch for a great Holiday Gift

Updated on September 4, 2013

Total Watch Repair - Christmas Gift on a Budget

If you have an old watch, why not fix it and give it as a gift?

Several years ago, it would've been considered "cheap" to either re-purpose an item as a gift or to give something used.

With the increased economic anxiety, many people have started giving old items. It has become very popular and is a very green thing to do.

I know that for many years, I had a drawer full of old watches. Whether they needed batteries or not, I no longer wore them. Some of them I liked a lot but moved onto a new watch. With this in mind, many people have old watches laying around. Some are from their family or some were intended to be repaired but just never made it to the jeweler.

If you have an old watch, why not fix it and give it as a gift? You may surprise someone with the watch that they love and it is actually a very economical thing to do.

I have been using a company for watch repair named Total Watch Repair and wanted to pass them on to others. They have a business that you don't find anywhere else today. They are very customer service oriented and if you are on a budget, they are especially economical.

Send your watch to them today. In fact, if you want them to pay the shipping, give them a call and they will authorize a free shipping label for your watch to be sent to them for a free estimate.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

piggy bank
piggy bank

Fix that Watch on a Budget - Nobody likes to Pay too Much!

I have been buying items for collecting and resale for several years.

A few years ago, I started buying and selling watches. I buy a lot of them at estate sales and found that if I needed to make basic repairs, I could learn to do so instead of taking them to a jeweler. However, the cost of a jeweler was prohibitive to me. I did not want to invest in a huge repair bill.

In my internet travels, I found a company called Total Watch Repair. While I was skeptical at first, I took them up on their offer to pay for the shipping to get estimates for my watches.

I was pleasantly surprised and found that they were very reasonable and could fix just about everything. They also sell watch bands and if you have that metal band and you have lost your links or had a little too much turkey during the holidays, they can make links so your watch will be functional.

Calling Customer Service, you will always experience a cheery and pleasant professional encounter.

I have used them for a while now and they come highly recommended.

Give them a call today and they will send you an estimate that is MUCH less expensive than anyone else you will try.

Creative Commons Photo Credit

Total Watch Repair
Total Watch Repair

The History of Watches

The History of Watches
The History of Watches

Ever wonder where watches originated and how they came into being?

This publication gives you everything you wanted to know about watches but were afraid to ask (or just didn't know who to ask).

No, the sundial watch from Fred Flintstone is not in this book!


Dexter the "Watch" Dog in his Natural Habitat - The offical mascot of Total Watch Repair

Dexter the "Watch" Dog
Dexter the "Watch" Dog

Dexter the "Watch" Dog Loves Total Watch Repair almost as much as Dinner - Well, Almost!

Dexter the watch dog
Dexter the watch dog

The Watch - A survey list of the finest watches available

The Watch
The Watch

Are you a watch aficionado and are curious about the best watches in the world?

This is an interesting little publication that will show you the finest and most beautiful watches available.


Have you ever Repaired an Item to Give as a Gift?

What do you think of watch repair as a gift?

See results

Is your Watch now Running? - Thank for visiting, comments are appreciated.

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      5 years ago

      I'm hoping I get something like this, this year!


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