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Toy Story Birthday Party - Where to Find Toy Story Birthday Party Supplies, Favors, Decorations and Ideas.

Updated on March 21, 2012

Toy Story Birthday Party

With the new Toy Story 3 movie being released this summer, it is sure to create a whole new slew of Toy Story fans who would love to have a Toy Story themed birthday party.

Luckily the timing for parents is perfect, because as a new movie is released so is the perfect merchandise to go along with it, which makes party planning that much easier.

Here are some great ideas for throwing the perfect Toy Story Birthday Party such as:

  • Toy Story Invitations
  • Toy Story Party Decorations
  • Toy Story Cake Toppers and Cake Ideas
  • Toy Story Party Favors
  • Toy Story Summer Party Ideas
  • Toy Story Indoor Party Ideas

Toy Story Birthday Party - Toy Story Invitations

As you can see there is quite a selection of Toy Story invitations to choose from.

There are invitations that feature Woody and Buzz Lightyear together, Buzz alone, Woody and Jessie together or the newer Toy Story 3 invitations that feature all 3 characters.

There is also a do-it-yourself Toy Story Print Studio kit where you can not only make your own invitations and thank you cards, but also a bunch of other toy story projects such as: Banner, Bookmarks, Calendar, Certificate, Coloring Pages, Door Hanger, E-Mail Project, Envelope, Growth Chart, Labels, Letterhead, Name Tags, Note Pad, Photo Frame, Place Mat, Postcards, Poster, Scrapbook Page, Stickers and Trading Cards.

This kit can come in really handy for your party, especially if you are having one indoors. You can have your childs guests make their own toy story party favor to bring home that they print right from your printer or print out coloring pages for younger guests to enjoy coloring in when you want a little quiet time.

(Just be sure to get yourself an extra printer cartridge because this is sure to be a hit.)

Toy Story Birthday Party - Toy Story Party Decorations

There are also a ton of Toy Story Birthday Party Supplies to select from as well.

You can buy the smaller 16 guest party pack that includes: plates, cups, napkins and table cover.

Or you can decide to purchase plates, cups, and tablecloth separately if you you are having fewer guests

One of the best deals is probably the Toy Story 3 Deluxe Party Kit because it includes pretty much everything you need in one neat little package. The deluxe party kit includes 16 of each of the following:

Plates, Lunch Napkins, Paper Cups, Plastic Tablecover (54x102), Plastic Royal Blue Forks, Spoons and Knives, Toy Story 3 Invitations, Toy Story 3 Blowouts, Toy Story 3 Banner, 2 Blue Star Centerpieces, 20 Kiwi Balloons, 1 Royal Blue Curling Ribbon (66ft), 1 Royal Blue Crepe Streamer (81ft) 1 Kiwi Crepe Streamer (81ft), 24 Assorted Candy Stripe Birthday Candles.

The Toy Story Alien Cone hats will be a huge hit as opposed to boring old birthday hats (comes in sets of 4) and a few fancy Toy Story Balloons will get your child's guests right in the party mood!

Toy Story Birthday Party - Cake Toppers and Cake Ideas

Here are some wonderful options for Toy Story cake toppers.

if you are looking for nice and easy there are edible cake images you can simply put on a flat layer cake that will bring Toy Story to life.

My personal favorite is the Buzz Flying Petite Cake Topper. The decorations on the cake look simple enough to make on your own, but also very impressive when finished.

There are even a couple of Toy Story cake toppers that have 3D figures that the birthday girl or birthday boy can play with after the cake is gone. The Woody licensed topper even comes with the brown fence pieces

Wilton has a great Buzz Lightyear Cake Pan for the more creative of cake makers, but if you would prefer super-simple you can easily make cupcakes for guests and top them off with Toy Story rings on top that guests will get to keep with their favorite Toy Story characters on them.

Toy Story Birthday Party - Toy Story Favors and Gift Bags

Disney Toy Story has gotten pretty creative with their favor options and goody bags as well.

The Buzz Lightyear Favor Boxes are the perfect way to wrap up party favors and don't be surprised if the younger guests have more fun playing with the box itself.

There are also Woody and Buzz Sky Dive figures that kids can throw up in the air and watch sail back down.

Hallmark has a 48 piece Toy Story Favor value set that will cover up to 8 guests at one time. The set includes: 8 treat sacks plus 8 plastic springs, 8 activity sheets, 8 kaleidoscopes, 8 jumbo stickers and 8 backpack clips.

A Toy Story art set that guests can bring home and play with or a Buzz Lightyear Foam Flyer which is safe, harmless and entertaining is also a good choice.

Then of coarse there are some old time favorites favors such as Toy Story tatoos or sticker sets.

Toy Story Birthday Party - Summer Party Ideas

Summer is a great time to have a Toy Story party because Disney has come out with a bunch of products that can be used outdoors with water.

There is the Toy Story Water Slide that will keep kids slipping and sliding while keeping cool at the same time.

There are also Toy Story Pool Dive sticks that can be used in the swimming pool. You can have competitions to see who can get all three from the bottom the fastest - the winner gets a prize!

See who can keep the Toy Story beach ball in the air the longest to win or have kids keep cool by running under the Buzz Lightyear Rocket Blast Sprinkler.

There is a more expensive Toy Story 3D slip and slide that includes going through Buzz's rocket ship, but this is an item your own children can play with all summer.

There are also water guns available that kids can play with for hours.

Toy Story Birthday Party - Indoor Party Ideas

Toy Story Birthday parties can be just as fun indoors as well.

What better way to play "hot potato" then with a Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head figure?

Another fun thing to try is to have guest make their own Mr. Potato Heads using real potatoes. You can supply fun items that they can stick in their potato, have them draw funny faces on them with markers or purchase a Mr. Potato Head Silly Suitcase which comes with a bunch of parts that can be used by at least 3 or 4 children at once.

Musical chairs can be played indoors with Toy Story themed music played on a cd or casette player or you can play the Freeze game where kids can dance around but have to freeze right where they are when the music stops. Whoever makes it to the end wins a prize.

Purchase a Toy Story art set for each guest. Each of these sets retail for around $6.00 a piece and are well worth the price. You can use them during your party to keep little ones drawing and happy and then have each guest take theirs home as the perfect unique Toy Story Party Favor.


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