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Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 16, 2014

“To infinity and beyond!” A child might wish this on their age at this fun Toy Story themed birthday party!

Round up the toys and all of the kiddos, and get ready for a party that is approved by the Sheriff himself!


Although toys might have a special way of spreading the word about the upcoming party, it is still necessary to send out invitations.

No need to venture out to the party store, though, as you will find everything you need online for a price comparable to what you would spend at the party store. The best part is, these invites are customized just for you so no more filling in the blank! Not only a gas saver, but a time saver, too!

Websites such as Etsy have a wide selection to choose from. This invite design from MayPartyPrintables is unique, adorable and only $6.99! You will get unlimited access to a high-resolution digital file which means you can print as many as you need!


Need some Toy Story party ideas for decorations? No problem! The color scheme will depend on which character the party is centered around, but let’s say it’s Woody or Jessie. Red, yellow, blue and brown tends to work very well; ropes and cow print are a must! Also, an alternative color scheme that works well is blue, green and white.

Let’s round up a few decoration ideas:

  • Barrel of monkeys: These little guys are easy to make from poster boards and look great hanging from the ceiling! You can also make garland out of these by using an adhesive.

  • Buzz Lightyear’s rocket: Also easy to make with poster boards, and a great wall cover! Situate is behind the snack table, or suspend it from a high ceiling.

  • Toy story dolls/plushies/action figures: Not only will these be great party game prizes, but they are an essential decoration to have at the party! You can’t have a Toy Story party without the toys!



Okay, so the toys won’t get hungry, but kids seemingly have bottomless stomachs! This calls for great food, and a lot of it!

The toys are busy working on the party and won’t have time to help with the food, so try these easy Toy Story party ideas:

  • Pizza Planet pizza bar: Who doesn’t love pizza? And if you’re a Toy Story fan, then you’re very familiar with Pizza Planet. Have a few different types of pizzas out, and be sure that you make an “official” Pizza Planet sign for above the table!

  • Mr. Potato Head fries: Set out a large plate of fries and have both Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head nearby. Mr. Potato head should be turned around with fries coming out of his storage compartment!

  • Martian cookies: Some type of sweet treat is a must, and cookies usually hit the spot! Have cookies frosted to look like the martians!

  • Buzz’s moon juice: Take a favorite punch, add sprite for some fizz, and chunks of fresh fruit such as kiwi and blueberries. Delicious and sweet with a little twist of healthy!

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When it comes to birthday parties, games are a must. When it comes to a Toy Story birthday party, awesome games are a must.

Keep your guests happy with these fun Toy Story party ideas:

  • Mr. Potato Head Scramble: But a few Mr. Potato heads for the party and scramble them all up. Each child will start unscrambling them at the same time. The actual winner gets the prize you choose, but the best part is each child takes home the Mr. Potato head so everyone wins!

  • Army men in a jar: Guess the number of Army men in the jar. Winner takes all!

  • Woody’s Bullseye roundup: Make a lasso and set up a stick horse “Bullseye” so that it is standing straight up, and watch as the kids try to lasso Bullseye. Each child gets three tries. Whoever has the most successful tries is the winner!



All good things must comes to an end, but it doesn’t have to be a sad ending! Send your guests home with something to smile about!

You can decorate gift bags to look like many of the Toy Story characters and fill them with fun and yummy treats, which is something that every kid will enjoy!

Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations


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