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Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas

Updated on September 2, 2012

Are You Planning a Toy Story 3 Birthday or Premiere Party?

We loved Toy Story 1 and 2 at our house, and we can't wait to check out Toy Story 3 when it hits theaters this summer! My son had a Toy Story party when he was little, but they didn't have as much fun stuff as I see coming out for this new movie.

I have found tons of fun Toy Story 3 party fun, since my son's to old for a Toy Story party this time around I thought I'd share my findings with everyone else. I found everything you need to plan a fabulous party from invitations and cake toppers, to postage and decorations.

The first two Toy Story movies are being re-released this spring, so you can even base your party on one of the classic Toy Story movies if you don't want to wait for the new movie to come out.

To Order:

Toy Story 3 Deluxe Party Pack

Kit Includes: 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 3-D glasses, 16 napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), star confetti and cake candles.

Toy Story 3 Party Favor Box

Favor Box Includes: Toy Story 3 foam glider*, a Toy Story 3 sticker sheet*, a Toy Story 3 backpack clip*, a Toy Story 3 blowout* and a laser spinner.

Featured Toy Story 3 Party Decorations

Toy Story 3 Party Danglers Decorations
Toy Story 3 Party Danglers Decorations

Dangle these from the ceiling, or from the deck if you're having an outside party.

They're a great way to add all your favorite Toy Story 3 characters to the party decorations.


Toy Story Cake Idea

Toy Story 3 Trailer

Toy Story 3 Peas in a Pod Cupcake Idea

Sweet Pea Cupcake Topper
Sweet Pea Cupcake Topper

One of the new characters in Toy Story 3 is Peas in a Pod. If you want to incorporate this character in your birthday party, here is a really cute cupcake topper I created. It's not hard to make, and you can add little faces to the peas if you'd like.

Click here for the complete instructions: Peas in a Pod Cupcake Topper

Toy Story 3 Cupcake Toppers

Toy Story Cupcake Rings - 12ct
Toy Story Cupcake Rings - 12ct

Cupcakes are oh so popular for birthday parties these days, and oh so easy to make. Use one of these fun cupcake toppers, and make it even easier. Just bake and ice your cupcakes, then add the edible toppers, or rings to the top, and your done.

You'll have super cute Toy Story cupcakes without the fuss or the cost of a cake!

Cupcakes are also easy to serve. You don't have to cut the cake, just hand out a cupcake to each kid, and you're done.

Toy Story 3 character poster
Toy Story 3 character poster

Toy Story 3 Movie Synopsis

Toy Story 3 begins with Andy going off to college, and his beloved toys being dumped at a daycare center.

When they first arrive Buzz, Woody and the gang are a little excited for their next new adventure, and for all the great new toys they meet.

They soon discover all is not as it seems, and everyone is not as friendly as they first pretend to be. Buzz and Woody have to come up with a plan to spring themselves and the rest of Andy's toys from the daycare center, and to get everyone safely back to Andy's room.

Order the poster pictured above: Toy Story 3 Original Movie Poster

Toy Story Wall Sticker Decorations

Use them to decorate for your party, give them out as party favors, or decorate your bedroom.

Fun Toy Story 3 Party Activity and Favor Idea

Disney Toy Story Pillowcase Art
Disney Toy Story Pillowcase Art

Let the kids color their own Toy Story 3 pillowcase. This is even more fun if you're having a slumber party! After the party the kids can take them home for a party favor. Double duty, party favor and party activity!


Toy Story 3 Posters

Posters make great party decorations, and later you can use them to decorate your room!

Toy Story 3 character poster Woody Buzz T Rex Hamm
Toy Story 3 character poster Woody Buzz T Rex Hamm

Toy Story 3 Characters

Here are the voices for all the characters in Toy Story 3, some are old favorites, and some are brand new!

Tom Hanks~ Woody

Tim Allen ~ Buzz Lightyear

Michael Keaton ~ Ken

Joan Cusack ~ Jessie the Cowgirl

Timothy Dalton ~ Mr. Pricklepants

John Ratzenberger ~ Hamm

R. Lee Ermey ~ Sergeant

Cheech Marin ~ Lenny

Whoopi Goldberg ~ Stretch the Octopus

Bonnie Hunt ~ Dolly

Wallace Shawn ~ Rex

Jodi Benson~ Barbie

Ned Beatty ~ Lots-O Bear

Laurie Metcalf ~ Mrs. Davis

John Morris ~ Andy Davis

Beatrice Miller ~ Molly Davis

Frank Welker ~ RC

Don Rickles ~ Mr. Potato Head

Estelle Harris ~ Mrs. Potato Head

Blake Clark ~ Slinky Dog

Lou Romano ~ Peter

Charles Adler ~ Wheezy

Jeff Pidgeon ~ Squeeze Toy Aliens

Toy Story 3 Character Poster

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Are You Planning A Toy Story 3 Movie Party?

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