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Pink Trucks for Girls

Updated on April 14, 2014

Even Girls like to play with toy trucks!

Girls love trucks as much as boys, but they almost always add a little pink! When my now grown daughter was a tiny tot, she loved playing with trucks and playing with toys that were normally classified as being for boys. Nothing is wrong with that. Thirty years later, it is easy to find "boy" toys for little girls. It is also getting easier to find an Easy Bake Oven oven that is designed for a boy (as in NOT pink)!

My grand-daughter is smiling in the image here because she finally got the John Deere gator to herself. Note that all the stuffed animals she loaded for a ride are pink. See what I mean about girls loving trucks?

photo credit: Mickie_G - all rights reserved.

Green Toys Designed a Dump Truck for Girls - As pink and purple as a "green" eco-friendly truck can get!

This toy dump truck for a girl is made in the USA by "Green Toys" from recycled plastic milk containers. Little girls can haul and dump everything from pretend diamonds or even real rocks in this pink "green" truck. There are no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings. Green's trucks are made without metal axles or other parts so this truck can go into the dishwasher. This also means the truck will not rust! The dump truck was even a winner of the B. Eco Chic Best Toys of 2012.

My granddaughter has one of these "green trucks" and I love the feel of the materials it is made from.

Source: The Best Toy Trucks for Toddlers and

Green Toys Dump Truck, Pink
Green Toys Dump Truck, Pink

Recommended for little girls 24 months and older.


Guide to the Best Eco-Friendly Toys

Click B. Eco-chic 2012 Toy Guide to learn more!

Pink "Green Toys" Tool Set for Girls - Tools that every young girl could use

One of my grand-daughters loves to "help" grandpa in his workshop. These pink tools are a good idea for a gift for next Christmas. No, her birthday is in August, and these toy tools would be a really good present.

Recommended for girls from 24 months to 15 years. Of course, it would be a stretch trying to think of ways a 15 year old could use these toy tools. Maybe the box could hold scarves or makeup when the tools are long gone.

Need a Pink Ride On for your little girl?

The John Deer Gator that my grandchildren own (and I know they love and abuse to this very day!) only comes in green. If you must have something that is pink, then scroll down to see an Amazon generated list of pink battery operated ride on toys for your little girl.

More Toy Reviews by Mickie_G - I only show toys that I would purchase for my own grandchildren.

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Are you as excited as I am that there are trucks and construction site toys that even a girl could love and cherish? I remember how much trouble I had finding a girl big wheel in the early 1980s for my child. We ended up getting her a black and yellow big wheel that was designed for little boys. Luckily she did not care and wore the first one out and we had to buy her another one. Girls can be just as tough on toys as little boys. It is so nice that in today's world, it is ok to have pink and purple toys that are just for a girl who loves getting down and dirty with the rest of the kids on the block.

Would your little girls like the pink truck and other stuff I found? - Girl toys are just plain fun.

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