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Games and Toys for 3 Year Olds

Updated on October 19, 2015

What type of toy are you looking for?

What type of toy are you looking for?

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Best Toys for 3 year olds

3 year olds love toys and there is an endless list to choose from for their birthdays, Easter, and Christmas. A three year old boy and a three year old girl typically play with the same type of toys, although, the colors of the toys may be different. Pink, Yellow, and Green toys for girls. Purple, Blue, and Green toys for boys.

The best toys at this age help them teach a skill, whether it be a motor skill like a riding toy or building blocks, or a game to teach them numbers, letters, or how to read.

Here are some of the toys and games my kids had at this age.

Building Toys - Lego Duplo Blocks

I love legos as an adult, and kids love lego duplo blocks. Lego is one of those toys that allow kids to be creative, teaches them to follow directions, and for toddlers, allows them to refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Putting the blocks together is easy once they get the hang of it, and they will build the most awesome things. Instead of buying duplo new, look for them on ebay and in garage sales for a major discount.

Educational Toys - ABCs and 123s

3 year olds are like sponges, they learn anything you put in front of them. The more you can do at this age to teach them about numbers and letters, the better students and readers they will become in their school years. The trick to an educational toy is that it also has to be fun. For example, if they like dinosaurs, find a puzzle with ABCs that also incorporates dinosaurs.

Sports toys

A ball and a bat is all a boy needs to play baseball and a girl needs to play softball. Or how about a golf club and golf ball set. Either way, teach them hand and eye coordination now, and they will excel at sports later. If you are looking to train the next Tiger Woods, make sure to keep it fun, which will in turn make them love the game and continue playing into their adult years.


This is way too cliche, but girls do love dolls. 3 year old girls are not ready for Barbies yet, but they do love doll and stroller sets. Be careful with anything that automatically cries or whines or you may be watching yourself through your daughter.

Music Toys

Music is another great idea for 3 year olds. They love singing and dancing to all different kinds of songs. They most of all love playing instruments, the louder the better. The most popular are drums, xylophones, and anything else they can bang on.


There are many games for a three year old. However, my favorites still are Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Candyland is a color matching game that teaches kids to play by the rules and learn their colors at the same time - love the double yellow. Chutes and Ladders is a counting game which is the beginning to everything math, science, and engineering.

Computer Games for 3 year olds

One of the things I was glad I did with my kids at a young age is teach them how to use a computer. The Jumpstart games are awesome at teaching the kids to use the computer while entertaining them. Point and click games and other activities provide spatial awareness and hand and eye coordination. Of course, do not make your computer or tablet the babysitter, otherwise, you will end with inactive kids.

What do you tink is the best toy for a 3 year old?

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