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Eco-Friendly Trick or Treat Bags

Updated on October 4, 2014

This Year Get a Canvas Trick or Treat Tote Bag for Halloween

This year go Trick or Treating in Style and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Get yourself or your little trick-or-treater a strong and reusable Halloween themed tote bag constructed of canvas, cloth, fabric or felt.

A goodie bag like this won't break under the weight of all those candies and other goodies. Plus you will be able to use your Trick or Treat Bag for years to come.

Consider other ways to use these bags through out the year like for your groceries, beach items, whatever. Just because there's a Halloween theme doesn't mean it's for Halloween only

Large Skull And Crossbones Trick-Or-Treat Tote Bags - Set of One Dozen Bags

Perfect for Trick or Treating, Halloween Parties and Pirate Gatherings.

Each black polyester bag with the symbol of the skull and cross bones measures 16 1/2 Inches.

One Dozen Trick or Treat Totes with Skull and Crossbones

One Dozen Black Canvas Tote Bags

You can give these bags out to kids at a Halloween Party and then the kids will have them for Trick or Treating. The plain black bags can be embellished, embroidered and decorated with a variety of art supplies and paints.

* Comes with 12 black canvas tote bags

* Each measures approx. 12" x 12"

Black Canvas Tote Bags - One Dozen

Fabric Jack O' Lantern Tote Bag

This tote is 7 by 7 inches and has a jack-o-lantern imprint on each side

* made of hand washable woven polyester

* in orange with black handles

Hershey's Pillowcase for Trick or Treat

Herseys TRICK or TREAT Pillowcase with Orange Herseys Kisses for Halloween doubles as a TREAT Sack!

* Measures 20" x 30" (Fits Standard Sized Pillows)

* Machine Wash

Jute Trick-Or-Treat Totes Bag with Spider

This Halloween theme tote with spider and "Trick or Treat" wording is made of jute

* comes with dividers to protect either bottles or baguettes for picnicking when not being used for Halloween treats

* Measures 12-inch length by 16-inch width by 7-inch height

Trick or Treat Tote in White with Halloween Art

This durable canvas tote bag with a Boo tag and lots of room for candy has an image that was designed by artist Mary Lake Thompson

* Measures 19 x 15.5 inches

* Lot's of room for lot's of candy!

* Cool enough to use throughout the year

I Hope You've Found the Trick or Treat Bag to Hold Your Halloween Goodies

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