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Trick or Treat Safety Gear

Updated on September 15, 2012

Halloween Safety

This lens will explore the things to look out for so and your children can enjoy a safe and happy Halloween. Mostly items discussed will focus around trick or treating gear and safety. Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Flashlight

Trick or Treating is always a fun night and time of year. However this is the time of year where the days are getting shorter. Some people like to go Trick or Treating early and some late after dark. Either way a flashlight is a good idea for both yourself and your crew. It lights the way on someones property and helps you to keep track of everyone. It is also good visible sign for cars to see when you are crossing or others in case there is ever trouble. Even if it not a Halloween themed flashlight like below, it is always good to have one on hand walking outside at night!

Visibility for Cars and Street Safety Review

Now is a good time of year to reinforce street safety. I would recommend everyone trick or treating to wear some type of reflecting badge like the item below. This is especially true if your costume is made out of very dark colors. This will allow cars to see you and to react. When you have groups of children walking there is always a risk of horse play and someone accidentally stepping into the street, but at least with one of these on cars will be able to see you and react. It is a good time to go over looking both ways before crossing, crossing at intersections or designated cross walks, holding hands of an adult, and for children to walk on the inside of the sidewalk as far away from the street as possible.

What Time Will you Trick or Treat?

Will You Trick or Treat before dusk or after dusk?

Pet Safety

This is again something to consider, when being out and about on the sidewalk with many people and pets and on others property. Just be aware some pets could react differently from a person dressed in normal clothes to someone dressed to the hilt in a great costume. If you have a pet on a leash just be aware of this and make sure you keep an extra eye on them. If you are Trick or Treating at someones house who has pets just be aware of this and take some extra precaution with distance and care. I hope Everyone has a Happy and Healthy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!

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