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A True Blood-ish Halloween!

Updated on September 10, 2012

Decorations & Costumes for your True Blood Halloween!

If you love True Blood on HBO and vampires, this is the place for you to find just what you need to have a bloody, great time at your True Blood Halloween Themed Party on October 31st.

Have fun this Halloween and see how you can stimulate the economy by spending lots of money on Expensive Bloody Vampire Halloween decorations and True Bloodish costumes.

My goal is to find the most expensive items for you to purchase, so if you have a huge wallet that is waiting to be emptied, then scroll on down! These products are guaranteed to suck your bloody wallet dry--or not!

Red Contacts in the image above can be found by clicking here.
Remember: You Get What You Pay For!

Listen to Bad Things--TrueBlood Theme Song.

This video also has the lyrics to this theme song. Enjoy the music while you browse thru my True Blood-ish lens.

TrueBlood Music Soundtrack

Perfect music for your TrueBlood Party.

Amazon has even more music from TrueBlood seasons that you can order.

True Blood (Music From The Hbo® Original Series) [Deluxe]
True Blood (Music From The Hbo® Original Series) [Deluxe]

Contains the title theme music that has become a classic.


True Food fit for a Vampire:

Find links to recipes and ideas here--

Of course, the first place you should visit to find Vampire Food is on Pinterest. I did just that and created my own boards for a TrueBlood party. So here are the links to my board:

Mickie_G's TrueBlood Party Food for Vampires on Pinterest

True Blood Drinks and Bites (click to purchase it!) image from Amazon.

The best Sookie Halloween costume ever? - I think Sookie was best when she worked at Merlotte's.

Yes, Sookie looks smashing in a strappy sundress, but she is classic when seen in a Merlotte's tee. Her brother, Jason, is also a looker in a BonTemps Football tee. I have found one on Amazon and put the link below. Keep scrolling.

Bon Temps Football from flickr user knster
Bon Temps Football from flickr user knster

Buy a Bon Temps Football Shirt for your Jason:

Buy the Jason Tee by clicking: Bon Temps Football Tee Shirts on Amazon

Then cut off the sleeves and trim the neck with a tiny "v". (What a waste of money if you do that!) By the way, Sookie wore a shirt just like this one in 2010 season of True Blood, so a girl can wear this shirt to your party, too. I purchased a BonTemps Football tee for my son-in-law a few years ago. He loved it. It is a classic grey with red lettering so this shirt looks wonderful with blue jeans. I guess what I am trying to say is that this shirt is more than just a costume, it is a shirt to wear many, many times.

photo credit: knster via photopin cc

Do You Need Viking Eric to come to your True Blood-ish Halloween Event?

Vampire Eric Northman was a viking before he was turned. Hey, when TrueBlood becomes passe, you can reuse the costume for a Viking Warrior Party.

skull bloody waterfall
skull bloody waterfall

Attract Vampires with a Skull Waterfall of Blood!

Another Bloody Halloween Decoration you can make:

If you have a really big budget, you can make a Bloody Waterfall as realistic as you like.

Visit Skull Waterfall to see how you can make a bloody waterfall for your party.

Image from the "Rocky Mountain Haunters"

More costumes for a True Blood Halloween: - Give Vampire Bite Tattoos as party favors.

One cannot have a real True Blood Halloween without a Pam or Bill.

As a fun thing to prove that your guests attended a True Blood Party, you could consider giving away "bites" in the form of tattoos. The link is provided below.

Blood Vampiress Adult Costume - Medium/Large
Blood Vampiress Adult Costume - Medium/Large

Oh, my! Pam as a Fangtasia hostess.

Cinema Secrets Blood Gel, 1 oz
Cinema Secrets Blood Gel, 1 oz

However, Bill does look good in nothing but blood.


2014 saw the death of TrueBlood. Do you believe the series will ever die? I was sorry to see Charlaine Harris' book series come to an end, but it was time. Sookie deserves to have a happy ever after life.

Share your opinion about the series and let us know when/if you are having a party.

Feel free to put a link in your comment. No spam allowed; only TrueBlood.

Saying goodbye to TrueBlood? - When is your party?

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