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True Blood Halloween make-over

Updated on May 22, 2011

Add more horror to Halloween with True Blood

HALLOWEEN is just 4 days to go. It is traditionally celebrated as a trick-or-treat day, in colder parts of the world which would be dark all day, at this time of the year. Darkness naturally invited bad spirits and during Halloween, people dress up in scary costumes to keep away from the ghostly creatures and to welcome their well-wishing ancestors. However, despite all the changes that a modern life-style can do on a traditional festival, the tradition of wearing scary clothes has been preserved no matter whether it is used to wade off spirits or as an entertaining show-off at a fun party.We will be expecting more scary things in season 4 of True Blood.So check out the True Blood Season 4 site for more info on witches which will be the main thing of season 4 :)

The moment you think of a scary show-off, nothing can be trendier than a "True Blood Costume".

Dress up like a spooky Sookie

My friend is an ardent fan of Sookie and he was very particular in gifting his girl friend with Sookie's costumes for Halloween. He first planned to get a tight white Tee with a round, low neck along with a tight divided-skirt.He planned to paint the Merlotte emblem in the side to give a personalized look. But something that was in Sookie was missing. Whether they were overtly tight or a bit shapeless. It was then we decided to get a ready made Sookie costume. First thing, it suited perfectly. The shirt was not too lengthy and decently exposed the body's curvature, the way it does for Sookie.

Sookie's watch

I caught hold of a watch which resembled the one which Sookie wears often. If at all you have the some watch with a round golden-colored dial, you can just get a good brown strap for it.

Sookie's hair

Do not compromise Sookie's hair for your economic principles. The best part of Sookie's costume is that your money doesn't go a waste after Halloween. You can use everything even after the festival. Just get smooth blond wig. You can leave your hair to flow or just put a simple side-knot like Sookie.

The making of a spooky Sookie

Now coming to the most important part. Creating that horrifying effect on Sookie. You fang bites to paste it on yourself near the neck or wherever you want. Nowadays, they also come as a tattoo to stay temporarily on your body.

The bloody lips

Make sure that you don your lipstick a bit louder so that your lips get projected better. Lip glosses are very important. You don't really have to take care in putting your lipstick neat, as that would create a much more crude effect.

Making your own blood

If you wanna bring the effect of the true blood poster, where a drop of blood would drip from Sookie's red lips, you can do it with this artificial blood. Ofcourse the drop will stay on your lips only for a photograph. Nevertheless you can spill drops around your neck. They are non-toxic and you can make them edible too!!!


  • Get corn syrup from your departmental store.
  • MIx water and corn syrup in ratio 1:3.
  • Add the red food color to it and stir well until you get the desired red color.
  • You can stop with this if you don't mind the taste.
  • But if you wanna horrify people by the fact that you love to drink blood, continue reading.
  • I read it in a site and liked it too!
  • Just add some cocoa powder to the solution. You will see the blood chnging from transaprent red to opaque.
  • To thicken, add some more flour. 
  • To make it thinner, add water.

Enjoy the taste of the false blood!!!


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