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Turbo Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies - Party With the Fastest Snail in Town

Updated on June 26, 2013

Who want's to be the fastest snail? Turbo!

What boy (and girl) wouldn't want a Turbo birthday party?

When I was a kid, after every rainy day me and my friends would go out and search for snails. We would each pick up one and would paint their houses with colors. We placed them on the racetrack we draw with the chalk and cheer for our selected champion to get to the finsh line the first. You can imagine it sometimes took quite a while. Oh and we would actually remove the colors from their houses after the race.

It was about time someone brought snail races to the big screen!

Party Invitations (Part of Free Party Kit) - Every party needs a proper invite!

You can buy the invites but I honestly think the free printable ones (and they are an official freebie) look way better (not to mention you will be saving a few dollars which you can then deposit to your new shoes fond, I know I would)

Cupcake Toppers - Aren't they adorable? (Also a part of Party Kit)

Cupcakes have become even more popular than cakes at birthday parties. I love them because they are easier to serve to kids - they feel more comfortable (and enjoy it much more) eating their cake with hands than with a fork and trust me, things do get a lot less messy with cupcakes.

Anyway, the freebie party kit also includes a set of printable cupcake toppers (8 designs), you will have to cut them out yourself and glue them on toothpicks (or lollipop sticks).

The kit also includes thank you notes and name cards.

Turbo Party Supplies - Racing snails on the table

Combine official Turbo party supplies with freebies and you will have a lovely themed party.

Turbo the Movie Party Dinner Plates - 8 count by Hallmark
Turbo the Movie Party Dinner Plates - 8 count by Hallmark

I really like the design they have chosen for this theme, the picture is so clear and captures the characers nicely. There's also a red design available so if you have mixed company you could get both so that the girls get red plates and the boys blue ones.

Turbo the Movie Party Cups ~ 8 Count
Turbo the Movie Party Cups ~ 8 Count

Sipping all the delicious drinks out of these will bring smiles to the little faces.

Turbo Cone Hats (8)
Turbo Cone Hats (8)

While I usually am not as keen on party hats when it comes to this theme I do think they are quite adorable. They will turn every kid into a racing snail.

Turbo the Movie Party Lunch Napkin - 16 count
Turbo the Movie Party Lunch Napkin - 16 count

If you get these before the party, you can use them to make some decorations using mod podge. You could also make a pinata decorated with these napkins.


Give Your Guests A Drivers License - Ask them to bring photos!

This is yet another cute idea you can utilize at the party (and it's free).

Turbo Cake Ideas - Make a snail cake!

This is how my cake making process usually starts. I am a very visual person so instead of writing things down I usually draw them (you should see my notebooks from school - doodle, doodle, doodle, text, doodle...).

Anyway I have planned quite a few parties but I have never, ever before made a snail shaped cake and as far as I know you can't get a cake pan shaped like a snail. So I hope my Turbo cake idea will look as I think it should look when finished. Looks easy on paper =).

Turbo Board Game - Free Print at Home Game

I admit to being a bit obsessed with board games so I was really happy when I found this freebie! I think this will be fun at a birthday party. The game is designed for up to 6 players but you can easily play with more. This printable includes everything you need, the board, the figurines and even a dice you can assemble (I do prefer my dices though).

The game is a soft mix of Snakes and Ladders and Ludo. Players take turns moving along the race track by rolling the dice utilizing any boosts and penalties they might land on. If you land on another snail, he or she is bumped back one space (you can also alter this and bump it all back to the start - we did this and it was super fun).

Other Turbo Games and Activities!

Lets party in style

I think painting snail shells would make a fun activity - the girls could make necklaces. You can get empty snail shells on eBay though you will pay quite a hefty sum for them (I was really surprised when I saw the prices, if you live in an area where there's a lot of snails you might want to consider opening a snail house business lol).

If you checked the free printables (I linked to them under cupcake toppers and board game) you saw there's a lot more free goodies you can utilize at the party - there are lots of coloring pages, dot to dot's, 3d puzzles, mazes and more. You can use these at the party or you can pack them in favor bags (more money for a new pair of shoes ;).

Find the snails!

Before the party hide a few dozen snail houses or toys around the house. Let the kids search for them. The kid who finds the most snails gets a small reward.

Pin the House on Turbo

Pin the tail on the donkey, Turbo style. I think this would be great! You will need two pictures of turbo - the before and after. Use the before picture, where he has a normal shell and put it on the wall. Have the kids try to pin the other (cooler) house on top of that one.

Tag race

Well any racing game will be fun for this party.

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